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[Republic] Insight

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11.12.2012 , 02:04 PM | #1
Insight is an end-game focused guild on the Republic side of the Progenitor. We are a group of determined players who want to tackle the hardest possible challenges available.

Current open spots:
Last update: 16th of April, 2013
  • Progression group: Closed
  • Second ops group: One healer of any class
  • Player vs Player: Open (all jobs)

We always consider exceptional applications even if we are not actively recruiting. We recruit based on player skills and personality.

Insight's Old Republic Operations

End game PvE operations are our top priority. We currently raid three times per week (from 20 to 23 on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays), with more raids during progression.

We expect our members to have deep knowledge of their own class and the challenges they are facing, but we do not expect them to spend every waking minute in the game. However we would like to see each operation member be able to attend every operation each week.

We also have a handful of people who are serious about PvP. We do play together from time to time and team up with other guilds for rated and non-rated PvP action.

While we are not a role-playing guild, we do expect all our members to respect the rules of the server. We do encourage everyone to role-play and attend events should such opportunities arise. We also have activity in other games, such as World of Warcraft and often play online multiplayer games with each other.

Contact Info

If you have any questions, whisper one of our officers in game. The current officers are Resh'dayn and Verne.

For more information and application form, visit our web site at

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04.15.2013 , 06:19 PM | #2
Updated on 16.4.2013! Now recruiting a healer for our second operations group.
Verne (The Progenitor)