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No Heals In PvP Bioware Hates Us

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No Heals In PvP Bioware Hates Us

Titanstroke's Avatar

11.10.2012 , 04:06 PM | #1
Hey folks, I am trying to gear up in PvP and I can tell you, I quit, Bioware gives out dps medals like crazy, here I am getting pounded stunned to death (oh we know that Bioware fixed that B.S. and generally getting targetted first and most) I am in a group which is trying to take a node and I am healing like crazy keeping people up and managing to keep the fight going to try and win it. We lose due to GEAR (yes fan boys and girls that is what wins in PvP, I know because I have a dps toon who has War Hero and she gets a ton of medals), I heal for over 280k and I get two medals for all of my aggravation with unfixed stun lock, no gear check or tiered War Zones so this is my response. Bioware must not want people to heal in PvP unless they were in the initial stuff and they already got all of their gear, so no healers should be going into PvP unless they have WH because either Bioware hates us or they can't figure out a way (although most games have and do) to reward the effort so we can get gear as fast as the dps or defending classes.

Example I was running with a Juggernaut and for putting his shield on me (which is really hard work) he got better than three times the number of medals than I got healing my tail off. That is just one example of the crap that healers are having to put up with, it takes 300k in heals to get 3 medals, when my dps classes get 300k in dps they have 12 or more. It takes healers to win, and I get lost of votes but very few medals, so until it is fixed, I think I will sit it out on the sidelines and so are a bunch of others with healers who are not in WH.

Oh and fan boys that means less dps and more deaths for you, so if you decide to flame please post up your toon names because they are going to die a lot. You then can have the fun I have been having although you will get more medals for it.
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11.10.2012 , 04:09 PM | #2
Dude you get kill credit when you heal people and they kill people...I have 0 trouble getting the minimum 8 medals every game. Yes, I don't get as many medals as classes with taunts, but at the same time, I get more than dps classes. It's really not hard to get the 2.5k dam medal or the killing blow medal either.

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11.10.2012 , 04:10 PM | #3
You get credit for kills of people you heal, maybe your healing the wrong people. sorry to hear you are so burned out.
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11.10.2012 , 04:10 PM | #4
tl;dr: I don't want to admit that others are better, so I will just blame it on the gear. I don't understand that pugs don't kill people going for their healers. I will also put a random number in the post to prove my point.


Titanstroke's Avatar

11.10.2012 , 04:43 PM | #5
Once you are marked as heals especially now, you are targetted so relentlessly that basically it is a stun fest, and that part is broken badly. That plus the geared people are getting into groups of 4 telling the other group of 4 to hit the button and we will get a group of 8 more than 80% of the time against pugs which really means very few kills so even healing folks I dont get medals and the dps and toons who guard me do. So if they are not getting kills but are getting a ton more medals then something is really screwed up badly.

My sage is mostly War Hero and I got paired with a group of 4 who missd their other 4 for a War Zone. I sat and played and we destroyed the pug group, I had 427k dps and 159k heals (part of my spec heals me when I drop HOTs or my aoe damage down) and after a while I got to feeling bad for the other group they are dying and the heals had 2 medals at the end of it and that healer was flat destroyed over and over again, stunned interrupted and trying to keep people up. I know they had two medals because I had them targetted once again at the end.

As far as playing with better toons, that is really elitist and not very doable when you are in mostly recruit/battlemaster mix the premades dont want you. When you get like my Sage the second after the first match if you are in there with a pre-made they invite you fast. So right now due to Bioware programming it really sucks for folks trying to get gear, the geared people bail out if they see more than one in the group and you wind up with pugs will all low gear people, there isnt a time penalty for bailing on a pvp match so they do it to find one that they can win easily.

And I will state it as a fact yes Gear is a decider, I can destroy a healer before they get out of all of their Recruit gear it takes two of us to take one down when they have the better gear and I can take down other classes one on one without a issue. Gear in this game is primary and if you dont have it you can be the best player in the game and you are going to be frustrated because even mediocre players are going to own you until you get it. They have made it more difficult for healers to gear up in PvP than any other class with the way they hand out the medals. I normally dont have the time to throw a huge heal in a WZ, you need to move fast from player to player and try to keep them all up.
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11.10.2012 , 04:50 PM | #6
gj ignoring everything i said.
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11.11.2012 , 03:35 AM | #7
I play a Recruit geared Scoundrel healer with 2 BM Relics and I usually get around 5-6 commendations per match, when we lose, namely:

-2,5k heal
-5k heal (I know some Scoundrel healers who can also get the 5k dmg medal if they pop a WZ adrenal)
-75k heal
-2,5k damage (I just cloak and hit someone with Shoot First)
-10 kills
-25 kills
-Various amount of objective-based medals (a.k.a Defender)

Additionally, I got the 300k healing medal more than once and I usually get the medal for delivering a killing a blow, too. (Just grenade someone who has very low HP.)

The only exception to this might be Huttball, where often people are more focused on objectives than fighting each other.If we lose in Huttball very quickly I might end up with 3-4 medals (2,5k heal, 5k heal, 2,5k damage and 75k heal).

I know I'm being targeted first and go down very fast if the enemy puts his mind to it, so I usually ask for a guard. If there is no tank, I ask one of the 4 or 5 Focus Guardians we usually get to please go Soresu and guard. They don't always heed my request but fortunately most people seem to realize the simple truth: no healer = no win.

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11.11.2012 , 03:50 AM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by aerilas View Post
gj ignoring everything i said.
Clearly, gear is op, and it's you who has missed the point. I mean, every on e in this game is stunned 4 liek half the game and every body is losing games because of it! Like, wth BW!

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11.11.2012 , 05:49 AM | #9
we need even LESS of these damn heals.

Premade teams with helaers are just impossible to deal with as random team. Way to unbalanced and its the damn heals that ruins the gameplay. You can spam attacks all day, but they always outheal you.

So retaarded system, make heals slower, smaller, or longer CD or even only once per combat, so we get same balance ingame.

PalihoJ's Avatar

11.11.2012 , 06:25 AM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by UncelSam View Post
we need even LESS of these damn heals.

Premade teams with helaers are just impossible to deal with as random team. Way to unbalanced and its the damn heals that ruins the gameplay. You can spam attacks all day, but they always outheal you.

So retaarded system, make heals slower, smaller, or longer CD or even only once per combat, so we get same balance ingame.

Thanks but I die enough in WZ as it is...with less healing potential the kill rate would increase so would the amount of time spent returning from the spawn point = very boring PvP.

I have 4 lvl 50s (2 DPS, 1 tank and 1 healer) and PvP nearly all of my game time on these, and although I am far from an experte IMHO the healing potential is about right, yes tanks do get badges quite easily and DPS well they DPS......I'm afraid you are going to have to get used to those WZ that come round now and again where as a healer there is nothing you can do, either due to stupid team mates not using ther own survival techniques or because the enemy just are better players or better geared. Quite often though you will be on the winning team owning an opponent.
The main issue for me is organised premades playing against Pugs, but that is only down to players grouping up and there isn't much the system can do to stop that unless you start queueing them seperately which wrecks the queue times.