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11.10.2012 , 11:13 AM | #1
Hi, names Sene. I`m doing lots of PvP on ToFN server, i`m healing and killing.
Below`s gona be some videos from my point of view, some talking bout things (my opinions) and the future, perhaps.
About the videos: i`m posting on tube an unedited videos of wzs i`m at. There is nothing cut, if there is then then either i forgot to switch the rec button on or i crashed in process (very rear). About the music in videos: if there is music then either i was listening radio or it was playing in bgs.

The first is the rage jug video. What`s inside: skillz, very fast gameplay, lots of camera turnings (sry, thats how i play), massacre, vicious acid pool, one sided huttball. Why watch dat: full potential and all the power of the rage spec unleashed, lots of buttons involved.

Second vids of the healing sorcerer. Whats inside: 1 video is voidstar when i struggle to survive and reanimate allyes. We lost and it was a very enjoyable match. 2 is voidstar with nice music and some fine moments. 3 is hutball with more struggle. 4 is alderaan. All the games implements medium pace, lots of running, maneuvers and healz, its not about how to heal yet how to survive Why watch: survival lessons, lots of buttons, sexy character.

Third is tank hybrid jug Whats inside: huttball with game changing turns 2 times. Jug is immortal/vengence hybrid with DD oriented, optimised gear. Why watch: if ure a tank and just bought wh war leader set.

Last vid is a fun one playing sorc hybrid lightning/madness Whats inside: knowledge! The hybrid spec skillz is not how u dps or whatever, yet how u use everything it has. And it has it all, offense, defense, utility, cc, damage, unlimited force pool, survivability, but the most thing is - its a really fun fast paced spec. Fun music implemented. Sorc in a bm set, not optimised and w\o augments. Disconnected in the rec process so video not full. Why watch: for fun.

Now for the talk:
Sorc bubble cc`ing everything - not op. It was implemented for sorcs to be competitive in rwz. Not op because of the force costs, so if spaming too much u run out of force. And sorc is squishy, so focus sorc.
Sorc healer - if u goin full heal in the heal tree - pve only. In pvp if ure standing - ure dead. Stand only when highly necessary or apropriate. For pvp - hybrid only, with bubble. Also, sorc healer is not for healz, its for the utility. Stay alive, bubble mates, survive, heal while goin, use purge cuz it will heal aswell, slow enemies all the time and dps if have resources.And always interrupt enemies, ur wasting best interrupt in the game if u dont.
Operative lethality (3rd skill tree) - not a fun spec to play solo yet probly best defensive spec in the game. Highly underestimated. Probly be really good in rwz do defend the healers.
Rage spec and cc - there is lots of cc in the game, everyone knows that. So why? Because wz`s is small. With the current game mechanics, in the competitive rwz match the one side that takes the 2 turrets in the alderan wins with 99%. Novare coast - almost the same. In fact, there is not enough cc`s right now to recapture the point or there is not enough damage to wipe the team entirely. As for the rage spec - it is necessary spec with current mechanics, in pve - good for large group of mobs, in pvp rwz - for aoe.
My future predictions - either mythic will increase the lock time on doors or decrease the time to kill. Adding new cc`s - very doubtfull. Also te rage spec will live with big aoe dmg but will be reconstructed later step by step. With pve and pvp living close together it will be really tough to reconstruct one and not to brake another, so mb mythic will try to seperate both, for example by implementic rdy to go (premade, not customysable) builds for pve and
pvp. Doubtfull, that kills individuality.
That is all for nao. Humbly thank you for youre time, sry for da bad english.