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Setting up programmable keys

Duckydalegend's Avatar

11.09.2012 , 02:41 PM | #1
I've recently got the Cyborg V7 gaming keyboard and installed it etc. I've gone in preferences and seen in key bindings you can set the keys up how you want them but C1-C12 won't pick when I click on particular selections (EG: I click companion bar slot 7 and press C1 for example and it doesn't bind).

Please advise on how to set up binding and all that

Merouk's Avatar

11.09.2012 , 03:29 PM | #2
I have a Logitech programmable keyboard. The idea is this:

- The game won't understand the C keys whatever they are.
- The game WILL understand complex keypresses like ctrl-alt-shift-F2, and will differentiate between numpad numbers and regular numbers.
- Although ctrl-alt-shift-F2 is hard to press on a normal keyboard, it's a simple matter to use the Logitech keyboard utility (or whatever utility program you have that came with your keyboard) to bind it to C1.

So, in the game, in the Preferences-Keybinds section, I've assigned the first ability bar to keys 1 through 0, - and +, second bar to CTRL - numbers, third bar to Ctrl-Shift-numbers, and fourth bar to Alt-shift-numbers. And then I exited the game and I went into the Logitech utility and programmed C1 - C12 to ctrl-shift-numbers and C13 - C24 to Alt-shift-numbers.

So now I have 2 toolbars available on the programmable keys, one bar on the numpad, and one bar on the regular numbers. When I press C1 on the keyboard, the keyboard sends Ctrl-Shift-1, and the game understands Ctrl-Shift-1 and activates the first ability on the left toolbar. But you have to configure SWTOR to have your toolbars react to ctrl-alt-shift- combinations, and then configure your keyboard to send those combinations when you press your C keys.

You can also modify the SWTOR UI, if you go into the Interface Designer, so that the ability bars don't look like bars, but look like the 3x4 blocks of keys that you have on your keyboard. That way you can easily see when your keys come out of cooldown.

EDIT: If you can also set profiles within your keyboard utility program, you will have to set up a profile that has the keys programmed how you want them, and save it as SWTOR-Profile. Have it activate when you start "swtor.exe", and deactivate when you go back to Windows. That way you can have specific keys for each of the games you play.