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Launcher window outline

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Belb's Avatar

11.09.2012 , 06:06 AM | #1

When I open the launcher and then opens another program (e.g. browser) and the browser is in the foreground, the launcher windows borders is drawn on top of the foreground window. It is only the window outline that bleeds through.

Windows 8 64-bit, Nvidia GeForce 570. Reinstalled latest drivers (clean install option). Did not see this issue on Win7 64-bit (opgraded to Win8 a week ago). Reinstalled game after Windows upgrade.

I tried running FixLauncher. It fixes the problem, but then the launcher autoupdates and the problem reappears.

Any idea as to the cause of this cosmetic issue?

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11.09.2012 , 07:33 AM | #2 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Greetings Belb,

Could you please try minimizing all of the open windows, then opening the launcher and after this tabbing back to the window you were working with? This workaround seems work in most cases and the outline of the launcher does not appear.

Please come back to us if you have any further questions.

Beruthien| BioWare Customer Service Forum Support

Belb's Avatar

11.09.2012 , 11:01 AM | #3
Workaround did not work.
As I wrote, the error is cosmetic. I can always minimize launcher to make problem go away.
If you are aware of the problem and no solution presently is known, that is fine. I am sure you guys have more important issues to look into.

Thanks - and have a nice weekend .