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Role Play Guildmasters of The Ebon Hawk: An Open Letter

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Role Play Guildmasters of The Ebon Hawk: An Open Letter

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12.19.2011 , 11:00 PM | #1
Bare with my parody. I figured I would start this off on a light note.

Men and Women of The Ebon Hawk!

I see in your eyes the same worries of being overshadowed of these 'rp super servers'. A day may come, when our courage to promote our server fails, when we forsake this server and break all bonds of in character fellowship, but it is not this day. An hour of disappointment and server transfers when the age of Ebon Hawk comes crashing down, but it is not this day! This day, we role play! By all that you hold dear of this good server, I bid you stand, Men and Women of The Ebon Hawk. For Frodo!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

I wanted to begin this letter thanking you for taking the time to look this over. Without collaboration, we will fail as a relevant rp server in no time. In my experience, most guilds tend not to talk with each other enough. If this were to change, you can only imagine the level of immersion we can achieve when putting together dynamic cross-guild role play.

As a guild leader, I understand there is always a level a concern with the health of the server we play on. The talk of Super Servers on Lord Adraas and Jung-Ma definitely worried me. This being said, we can seize the opportunity to collaborate and work together now. We can set a standard of role play where people will be drawn to The Ebon Hawk.

Contact me. Let us all work together to make The Ebon Hawk the best rp server available. Contact me in-game as Scylus (Galactic Republic), or on skype (sid.straub). I trust with some work we can make this server a great one.
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