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<APEX> Recruiting

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11.08.2012 , 04:01 PM | #1
We are an Empire Guild originally from the Namadii Corridor Server where we held server first records for first SM clear of EV and KP, first clear of HM EV and KP, and server first Nightmare clears (Including the Titles) of EV and KP, and first kills of every World Boss ranging from The First on Dromund Kaas to The Primal Destroyer. Right before the Server Mergers, our progression raid team fell apart and we moved to The Harbinger with 4 active raiders. We have rebuilt with all current content, with the exception of HM TfB, on farm mode and we hold the server record for first 16 man clear of TfB. We are currently looking for one more tank or healer geared for HM TfB or at least HM EC. If you're geared enough for HM EC, we can do a run and Campaign you out in about an hour and a half. With one more tank/healer we can give our current group far more freedom to take nights off or dust off an alt. Please contact any member of <APEX> in game or apply on our website. Best of luck to the Harbinger.
Kreaton, Atriss, May-hem, Silendus, and the rest of <APEX>