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My first ever rage quit

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12.17.2012 , 10:30 AM | #71
Quote: Originally Posted by Missandei View Post
The simple rule for GF KP SM PuGing is to ask at the start how many of them know how to do a Puzzle at fabricator. If less than 3-4 people say «I know» - i quit.

err.. And how you will save the DPS and Healer from eating charges that way? You actually making Lorik to throw charges in all directions all over the room?
Most safest way to avoid charges for you AND your PUG group is to hide behind the Kolto Tank.
You are indeed right about the best method to avoid charges from Lorrick but if tank runs in a circle DPS and healer are not exactly immobile statues they can adjust, too
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12.17.2012 , 12:08 PM | #72
Quote: Originally Posted by Ephesia View Post
You are indeed right about the best method to avoid charges from Lorrick but if tank runs in a circle DPS and healer are not exactly immobile statues they can adjust, too
We are talking about PuGs in first place..
And even in a solid group, some healers can feel themselves more comfortable at the steady places to make their channellings.. so with some ranged classes aswell..

It is more safe to just hide behind Kolto Tank and to not expose the group for Lorick's charges.. Let the Kolto Tank eat all the charges.
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12.19.2012 , 12:52 AM | #73
Quote: Originally Posted by Missandei View Post
We are talking about PuGs in first place..
And even in a solid group, some healers can feel themselves more comfortable at the steady places to make their channellings.. so with some ranged classes aswell..

It is more safe to just hide behind Kolto Tank and to not expose the group for Lorick's charges.. Let the Kolto Tank eat all the charges.
It is safer, yes, but it is entirely possible to run to the left, without making Lorik throw the satchel charges all over the room. I usually run to his left as he starts throwing. That way he usually misses me, and won't hit anyone else. Then before he throws the second batch, I run back to his right, so he never turns against the others.
Works like a charm, and usually I only get hit by one or two, unless I forget about it in a tired haze or because of lag.

Though hiding behind the Kolto Tank is indeed a safer bet.
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12.19.2012 , 02:43 PM | #74
I only time joined a group find on my PT tank to do EV SM and *** queued me as DPS instead. I got in the habit of looking at the role check boxes before starting because of this. Turns out 5 of the 8 group members were tanks which was a bit surprising considering how few tanks queue up. I thought about leaving right then but decided to give it a chance. I used my field respec to change to DPS and put on the few pieces of DPS gear I had on me. To my surprise we started blazing through the operation without much hassle.

The most memorable fights there were the pylon fight and council fights. With the pylons, we had one of the tanks d/c while heading there. The one actual DPS and a healer came with me to start clearing up trash while everyone else stood around. One of the tanks at north decided to start us early since he saw some of us at south. 3 tanks and a healer at north, 2 DPS and a healer at south... that was something. I ended up tanking in my DPS spec but we did it, was certainly different. The d/c'ed tank comes back and we continue on.

At the council chamber I thought to myself "This is where we hit a wall" because I didn't think some of the tanks could down the DPS bosses before enraging... but I was wrong, we one shot it. It wasn't much longer before we downed Soa and were done. It was a group with people queued for wrong roles, many were undergeared, and a couple people had never even run it before. It was quite unconventional and had the most potential for rage quitting but I'm glad I stayed because it was one of the most fun and interesting runs I ever had!

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12.19.2012 , 05:40 PM | #75
My last rage quit happened today. Did HM fe myself as a tank in almost full collumi and healer with 12k hp in almost all green. got wiped at first bounty hunter boss 2 times i realized it will take a while so i continued for next boss (2 robots) got wiped 3times in a row... healer always ended up healing me when i had hp pool of 10-15% never healed me above 2k... i just wrote "i dont have time for this" and i quit.

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12.19.2012 , 07:39 PM | #76
Quote: Originally Posted by cozzysa View Post
Been there as well, that's why I never use the gf for kp. The headache and frustration aren't worth the bh comms.
Thanks for reminding me why I don't tank for non-guildies. I offer my kudos to the OP for his gentlemanly behavior and to all the posts to this thread I salute you sirs. I ran so much group finder that I got burned out from the same antics. Voice over group is so useful and should be part of this game. I can tank dumb but I can't fix stupid. I am all for helping newplayers out. But I am burned, and I decided to talk with my guildmaster and told him I am burned from raiding. That I have no interest in it anymore, so I retired as a guild main tank. Yeah, I am burned for tanking for guildmembers. That might be considered a new one. Before the replys come, I will put a disclaimer. I really like the people in my guild its just I have tanked too much for them. Been through all content too much to help the newest 50's get their feet wet.
It isn't rage quiting- I guess I would call it passive quiting.
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12.20.2012 , 06:56 AM | #77
Okay, first I would like to commend the OP for the patience displayed for the PuG groups as most people nowadays are all "Me me me, now now now" and basically giving new player zero chance to learn. With that said, however, here is a few tips which you can be a successful PuG leader without doing anything fancy. Now, before I do, the disclaimer I am going to say is: This may not work on all occasion as there are "exceptions" who are just creatures of pure spite/ignorance/stubborn/apathetic to be convinced to succeed. Also, these tips works best when loot rules are Master Looter and the setting is an Operation.

1. Before the group even start pulling the first trash pack, make this one single point clear: "IF YOU WANT LOOT, THEN DON'T DO STUPID STUFF". Then outline what you consider as "stupid stuff" so everyone is clear. This will generally discourage "Gung-ho" DPS trying to pad their non-existing meters. Or tanks/heals trying to show off their ego by biting off more than they can handle.

2. When explaining fights, treat your audience like idiots. I mean it. Explain the mechanic in the most simplistic way possible. Keep your sentences short, clear and concise. Don't EVER type out the entire fight in one single wall of text. Chances are people will just risk winging it than try to read through it. After done explaining, ask if the new people understood what you said and FORCE them to answer you ("If you don't answer in any way, I won't pull/we won't start). Reason behind this is, people have very short attention span online. This applies to all ages, all ethnicity and genders. If you can't explain the needed mechanic in 1-2 min, chances are your audience will space you out. Also not everyone has English as their dominant language.

3. Tying into #2 from above. With each boss ALWAYS ask your group if everyone understands the fight. Remind your group that it is OKAY to NOT know the fight, and that speaking up will not get them kicked. Most of the people try to "blend" in and pretend that they know what they are doing because they had experienced situation where they spoke up and it affected them negatively. Generally, when I say I won't kick people just because they don't know the fight, I usually get 4-5 people say they don't immediately after. You can further reinforce #3 with elements from #1 saying "If I catch you screwing up on the most obvious mechanic and you didn't say you were new; you don't get loot"

4. Always verbally reward your group to keep your group's morale high. Humans are animals and animals like to be rewarded. If your group performs brilliantly, let them know that, a group with high morale are more likely to focus more and perform better. If they are not, tell them that too. I prefer to point out mistakes as bluntly as possible and not sugarcoat stuff. That way your group at least know you mean business and in charge and that you are not going to willingly lead them to wipe fest.

5. (Bonus) Know tips and tricks of other classes that are not apparent in "everyday" use, particularly new players who are just entering mass group play situations. For examples, some Commandos do not know they have a in-combat rez, interrupt ability (Distracting round) or a CC (Concussive Round) or Guardians who do know they can leap to FRIENDLY targets via Guardian Leap, Shadow/Scoundrels can do in-combat stealth+normal rez, Sages can pull friendly targets to their position via Rescue, Sentinels not knowing about Rebuke/Pacify/Guarded by the Force/ Inspiration/Transcendence/Valorous Call or Gunslingers not knowing about Flourish Shots and Scrambling Field (Raid wide 10m 30% dmg reduction "bubble").

By following these 5 points above, I had led countless seemingly hopeless PuGs to success and had gotten numerous "Hey good raid leading, that was my first time clearing [insert Operation here]" or similar whispers. This has been always been my personal motto "If you can't carry the team to success by yourself, then you are simply not good enough".

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12.20.2012 , 07:07 AM | #78
To the OP;

Unfortunately, it's Years of those things happening to me on lots of different MMO's that slowly, and surely moulded me into an Elitist.

I now am a Nazi with Pug groups. If I ever need to do a Pug, I make sure I lead it, so I can say who we do and don't take on board.

I feel that players that refuse to listen and be aware of themselves when they DECIDE to do GROUP operations, they don't deserve other people's time.

Unfortunately, I've found that having very little patience with these kind of players, may be unfriendly or unpolite, but It sure saves a MASSIVE ammount of time.
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12.21.2012 , 02:26 AM | #79
Just had a Run like this in KP, the problem was not the tank but a OP healer and his guildmate MDPS. The MDPS knew what he was doing, and was nice enough to explain to the new people we even had a first time tank (but he was geared).

The problem we had was the OP healer would pull, would stand in colored circles. It got so bad I started pulling him out of the circles on my sorc (he was spending all his time healing himself instead of moveing out of the stuff and healing the tank.

The thing that caused me to quit was on the Droid myself and the mdps were working the puzzle we told everyone to stay off the belt as we would burn left than middle than back to left. The OP healer kept standing under the middle burn spot. I pulled him out twice (lucky my CD was nearly the same as out timing). After the third wipe because of this as we all come back he yells at me for pulling him. I whisper his guild mate asking if the guy was serious are just stupid? the reply was stupid, I walked. Guess the whole group quit because the OP healer was complaining on general chat in fleet telling everyone he was going to report me for harresment because I was pulling him during a SM OP. Needless to say he is on my ignore list on all toons.

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12.24.2012 , 07:29 PM | #80
What is up with PUGs this week? Ive rage quit multiple times today across 4 level 50 characters trying to finish the HM daily.

Had a PUG with 2 15k health healers(one of the DPS commandos was in healing stance the entire time). I was only ever healed when my health dropped below 30%(I was the tank and held aggro on everything). Almost died to the pack in front of the first cutscene door in Kaon. Rage quit.

Had a PUG with 3 people between 12-14k health. the hell do people still have under 15k health with free recruit/tionese? Rage quit.

Accepted an already-in-progress Ilum with another DPS. I knew the first pack would start to aggro if the FP takes too long, so I stayed at the transporter and mentioned this to the group. But nope, the clueless DPS that arrived with me aggroed them and got me killed. Rage quit.

Ended up in a fresh Battlefield for Ilum. I told them right at the start to hug the rails and follow me(I went slow). Two didn't listen and died from the exaust zone. Had to kill the first pack because they took too long. Still feeling patient, I kept going. Instead of following me, the clueless tank kept following the rails ALL THE WAY TO THE END. He jumped off, then ran through 3 packs to get to where I was standing. Rage quit.

Next up, Taral V. A DPS dropped out right at the start. I stopped before the first non-skippable pack because I know that pack respawns fast and our 4th member wouldn't be able to get passed it alone. Our healer and DPS kept going without me. Not only did they get past the first non-skippable pack, but ended up aggroing the mini-boss just up ahead. Our new 4th member arrived just in time to watch the other derps die. Still feeling patient, I pressed on. After the first boss, our derpy DPS and healer managed to aggro 3 skippable packs... at the same damn time. Somehow we lived and I pressed on. We went around the building that held the 2nd boss, but our derpy DPS was at it again. Rage quit.

I hate the holidays.