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My first ever rage quit

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11.16.2012 , 04:52 PM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperGrunt View Post
Had one while I was leveling that didn't even have anything in the off-hand slot.
Just to be nice, and to save myself some work (as I was the Healer), I had one that I had just finished for my tank companion, who used the same stats as him, so I traded it to him and he still didn't equip it.
HAHAAHAAHA Been there. Was doing a HMFP FE, I think, Tank had 13K HP, so inspected. He had level mainly level 49 gear and no implants. I had just made a pair for my wookiee and gave them to him for free. He tanked me and said he could really use some for his healer, so I gave him the pair I made for Risha. His HP never went up during the entire flash point. However dps was overgeared so it wasn't that big a deal and we finished with only him dying a couple times getting fluged off the side of a couple platforms. Saw him the next day on the fleet, his HP was about 15K HP, but considering the gear he had got and the implants I gave him that seemed low, so i inspected. He was wearing the implants alright, not sure how much good the cunning was doing him, but he did have the impants on and didn't just sell them on GTN.

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12.16.2012 , 03:16 PM | #62
Hey guys I just had to come back to this thread and share my most recent experience.
So as you know we now get a full set of tionese gear upon reaching 50. So yesterday qued on my guardian DPS and got Esseles. Now I thought yay it will prob be relatively quick but I was sadly mistaken. You see the tank was actually a Guardian but you see for a while he was speced DPS and only recently decided to tank so he came in tionese gear but wasn't even in tanking form. I had to train this guy the basic things about tanking he even didn't know what guard is and was wondering why I kept stealing agro off him. That's not all, see we had a sage come I as heals but the thing was she wasn't healing...I asked her why she didn't drop her Aoe and she says oh because I'm speced in damage and heals. At this point I was about to rage quit, but the commando that was with us manged to sustain enough dps with me that we downed all the bosses but not after being in that instance for over 90mins. Anyway that's my little story.
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Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
As theUndead mentioned, I can't exactly spell out all of our policies in depth, but that should hopefully cover your concerns.

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12.16.2012 , 04:24 PM | #63
Quote: Originally Posted by chimex View Post
You know, I actually really enjoyed your tale. Yes, I've been there too, to my dismay!

No, Romance arcs at all, would be fine by me.

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12.16.2012 , 04:52 PM | #64
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperGrunt View Post
Had one while I was leveling that didn't even have anything in the off-hand slot.
Just to be nice, and to save myself some work (as I was the Healer), I had one that I had just finished for my tank companion, who used the same stats as him, so I traded it to him and he still didn't equip it.
Well, that could be because you couldn't see his off-hand. I've noticed a few times that when I inspect people (say, a tank) they don't have an off-hand equipped. But then when I ask them about it, they reply that they do have something, and link it in the chat.
Even had Marauders seemingly with only one weapon equipped, judging by their character screen, but who obviously had an off-hand saber (as I saw they swinging two lightsabers). Swinging two lightsabers while only having one equipped is a feat.
So that could've just been a bug.

I have also seen my fair share of bad tanks/dps/healers. Been a bad tank once, myself, but only for the first few trash mobs before I learned how to tank better.
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12.16.2012 , 05:31 PM | #65
Just to clear one little thing up, a lot of times the inspect screen doesn't show that there is anything in the offhand slot when there is indeed something there , entertaining thread otherwise hehe

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12.16.2012 , 06:50 PM | #66
I did KP sm today through LFG tool to get the bh comms on my tank this morning and almost rage quitted, we had a guardian dps in soresu(tanking stance) with tanking gear and a fresh shadow tank never done the op before. The fight against the first boss went ok thanks to the other guys( nice healing and dps)

But things went downhill when we came accros Jarg and Sorno. My team was on Jarg and the shadow's on Sorno. I had the guardian who kept taking aggro (I hadn't checked his stance at that time) and the other tank kept pulling Jarg as well thanks to aoe taunt. Basically I had an uphill fight to keep aggro kept losing it but managed to avoid a disaster. Thanks to our excellent healers we pulled through

Then we came across foreman crusher, all agreed that I would main tank it. During that fight the shadow tank kept aoe taunting close to foreman crusher ,normally this wouldn't be a problem however the dps guardian put shield on me basically it was hell to keep aggro. Somehow we managed to pull through thanks again to our healers

At that point I decided to check the guardian his gear and stance(mind you I came off a night shift, so was a bit tired) and told him to change stance. I had to ask him twice before he finally did.

Ofcourse he and the shadowtank were the first guys to either run into the rooms and pull or break cc's when we eventually did that. Wiped a few times thanks to that Don't think we didn't warned them, me and a few other guys explicit told them to be carefull.

Then came the fight against the fabricator, the guardian had reverted back to his tanking stance without me knowing it, someone started the fight while I was trying to explain the fight against the other tank. So another uphill struggle for me to keep aggro and keep fabricator in place. Once more we managed to get through the fight without wiping but it was so messy another kuddos to the healers here

Of course after this fight the dps stormed into the next room without waiting....wipe ofcourse

After this the shadowtank left, we managed to find a replacement but he kept us waiting, so after 10 min we told him to join or leave. He left so we finally downed Karagga with 7( not really a problem) instead of 8. But I came close to quitting thanks to a few players not knowing their class and role. What bothers me the most is that I even told them what to do but being ignored by them. Then again it wouldn't have been fair to the others to leave who were doing amazing to get us through the op.

So yes I can sympathise with the OP, but untill now never rage quited.

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12.16.2012 , 08:20 PM | #67
Gotta say this is an entertaining thread.

On topic, it drives me NUTS on my corruption Sorc when people break cc's, so I can definitely sympathize with you guys lol.
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12.16.2012 , 08:51 PM | #68
Quote: Originally Posted by Beltane View Post
I had to rage quit a storymode Foundry last night...

Conversation went like this:

tank: hi never been put as a tank before might need extra heals
me: do you have tank gear?
tank: i don't know
me: do you have taunts?
tank: no im not tank spec
me: you can uncheck yourself as a tank before queueing if you aren't a tank. i don't think we can do this without a tank
tank: i'm the tank
me: but you said you're not a tank
tank: let's go

*tank proceeds to not hold agro on the first trash fight and I immediately die*


After I was rezzed I stuck with it all the way up til HK. On the way there the tank was lecturing me about the foundry's mechanics and telling me "not to draw agro" and "don't get one shot by HK or we're all screwed." I told him healers draw agro by default so he needs to get them off of me, which was met by "I'm not tank spec." I also told him the only way I could get oneshot on HK is if he bugs, so to make sure to kill all the adds when they spawn and stop attacking HK, since lots of people seem to agree that not killing the adds tends to sometimes cause HK to bug outside of the core (not to mention having 4 adds to deal with when he's released instead of 2).

I'm sure everyone can guess what happened. DPS and tank are all on HK all the time. They would kill one DPS while still hitting HK and ignore the other one completely. I stunned it, and it was still up when the next one spawned. I stunned it too, and the first one came off stun. So, I was being shot nonstop and having to repeatedly chainheal myself while repeatedly going "adds?? Kill the adds???" in group.

Even so, I was keeping the group up despite being DPSed the whole way through... and then, guess what! They suddenly get 4 adds spawned and HK gets stuck outside the core and oneshots a DPS. I die shortly after from the FOUR ADDS shooting me. Tank proceeds to freak out in group about how he told me not to draw agro and die since I'm the healer. Oh, and he's one of those people that repeatedly begs for heals during a fight. "HEAL ME" "DYING HELP" "HEAL PLEASE"

I just left... I was too tired and didn't want a ban over what I was thinking at the time.
haha, wow. I have to say, I 'accidentally' tanked the foundry recently, too. Totally forgot to uncheck the tank role in the group finder and didn't check my role when I clicked ready and was surprised to find another two DPS than me. Though no one in my group seemed to mind and we cleared the fp without any problem whatsoever. And I only put my defence stance after HK.

today I tanked the foundry again, because some friends of mine, 2 DPS, wanted to do it with me and even though I explained them to attack the adds first, jump out of the spit, to destroy the corners and everything (..since they both only did black talon.. with me.. previously), they uh, did neither and we wiped at HK. Luckily we beat him at the second try and again I am very grateful that we had such a great heal. It's unbelievable how important they are and that they can even support a dps specced tank.
Oh and yesterday I was doing hammer station with my sorc.. the tank had 1500 HP LESS than me and we wiped like 6 times at the boss. Though I'm impressed that nobody rage quitted and we tried again and again and again (and we switched the tank to the marauder dps) and we finally did it.

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12.17.2012 , 08:46 AM | #69
I haven't tried queuing up for SM ops yet. I'm a Tank though and I main tank for my guild in ops. I have to say I've been in that situation in WoW many times as a healer, DPS and Tank (on three different characters). That seems to be a common trait though about queuing. I'm not sure many people take the time to look for a few strats online. Google is your friend and that's how we found the strats for the op fights.

Kudos to you for sticking it out that long and trying to help people out. I get the feeling that those people weren't willing to read the chat window. honestly, I put party and ops cchats in a separate tab so I can see the directions and not all the spam.

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12.17.2012 , 09:59 AM | #70
The simple rule for GF KP SM PuGing is to ask at the start how many of them know how to do a Puzzle at fabricator. If less than 3-4 people say «I know» - i quit.

And what i like most being a Shadow, that i dont die during the Creeper droids. After the boss fights I always stay behind and watch how people run into the room. lol.. I have had NO PuG group yet that not wiped at creepers at least once.. lol.. This happens even if i continuously spam «DONT GO INTO THE NEXT ROOM» like 10 times or more... someone always go.. lol..
I simply go out of combat if things went «funny»..

Quote: Originally Posted by Taiketo View Post
Just run in a circle to the left. As the tank, you'll never eat bombs that way.
err.. And how you will save the DPS and Healer from eating charges that way? You actually making Lorik to throw charges in all directions all over the room?
Most safest way to avoid charges for you AND your PUG group is to hide behind the Kolto Tank.

btw, Shadow (both Tank or DPS) can cleanse himself if he occasionally stepped in green aoe stuff..
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