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How assassine is this !?

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11.08.2012 , 11:53 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by DPCummerbund View Post
And, does anyone think the devs really read the forums? I wouldn't be surprised if the Community Managers read some of them, and perhaps point the actual devs toward some of the posts, but I would assume (and hope) that the actual devs were too busy... devving... to spend their valuable time on here.
it's a poor use of developer resources for them to be spending time in the general forum. That is community supports job... to keep tabs on what is being said and to gather and collect player concerns and then pass them up to the developer team for review. Developers spending time in the PTS forum during patch cycles.... which they actually do a good use of their time.

People that keep whining and QQing because the developers are not in the forum hanging on their every nuanced metabolic body function is just silly.
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11.08.2012 , 12:00 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by Banegio View Post
There are always Heriocs in bonus area. Just like any other Heriocs on the planet, they are optional. you don't need to do the Herioc in order to complete the "Bonus Series" quest.
i think u misread, it was a bonus for a world quest, but stage 3 requires 4 people. I remember this and like most others had to drop because you have to catch someone on the exact same part as you.

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11.08.2012 , 12:03 PM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by possumcatcher View Post
Anywyas, thanks to me misspelling the word "asinine" I got a posting that could have been 1 page long to 3 pages long!!! Maybe still going!!! I am sure the devs read these posts and a post that is one page long, won't get noticed, but when they got a post that is several pages long, they notice, they read and they consider, even if I don't hear a thing from them.
It's still 1 page to me. I also set my viewing options to show more posts per page.

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11.09.2012 , 03:33 PM | #34
Quote: Originally Posted by Darth_Urtani View Post
I love it when people on the internet focus on a spelling error.
Me too. It gives me hope that the general public will eventually have a greater understanding of the English language.

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11.09.2012 , 04:21 PM | #35
He is talking about the Republic bonus series on Blamora. the final part you have to kill two elites in a heroic 4 area. The reward for the quest is not worth the time and effort of finishing it. you get some credits, exp and 3 coms thats it.
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11.10.2012 , 09:47 AM | #36
agree with the op on this one.

if i knew the last part required a group i would never have started it. some classes might be able to solo him but getting to him can be problematic depending which route you take. i skipped this one every time, shrugged it off and just moved on. every mmo has such quests where you just have to do this. it is only when there are too many that it becomes a issue.

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11.10.2012 , 10:00 AM | #37
I think some people here are forgetting that this is an mmo. That means some parts will require teamwork with other people. It doesn't shock me that there's a chain of quests that ends with a heroic.

I get the whole hard to find help bit, but you could always join a guild and ask guildmates. You can also take the time to make friends while you level, so that you have people to turn to for things like this.

Then there's the option of asking someone on the fleet. When I'm not raiding and such, random low levels that I've never seen before whisper me asking for help. And 90% of the time I oblige them, even if it's for a few heroics or a class quest. I'm sure that I'm not the only one on the game who's willing to help out fellow players, no matter who they're.

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11.10.2012 , 06:14 PM | #38
Quote: Originally Posted by shadowrouge View Post
He is talking about the Republic bonus series on Blamora. the final part you have to kill two elites in a heroic 4 area.
Ah. I thought he meant Imp. I must have done this a couple weeks ago with my sentinel since I finished the Bonus Series. It was tedious but I don't recall anything difficult enough to require a group. I also don't remember having to go into a Heroic 4 area but that doesn't mean I doubt the OP- it just means that I'm jaded about having to do that kind of thing, probably said a few choice words, accepted that I'd likely wipe a couple times, then waded on in

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11.11.2012 , 12:11 AM | #39
I've done this "Heroic 4" with two players and companions before. If you both play smart it isn't too difficult to complete with just 2 people.

That being said, the multiplayer Heroics are a game design intended to push players towards group play. While the game is easily played solo to 50 and beyond, to get the full intent of an MMO you are going to have to group up at some time or miss out on large portions of the game, especially at end game.

If you don't want to do it, fine. You got the experience for the 1st and 2nd stage and you can either abandon the 3rd or you can hold on to it and go back to it when you are capable of soloing it.

My first few characters I would do every single Heroic just for the gear but I eventually started to skip the Heroics while leveling up new characters because they just weren't necessary any longer. You don't miss out on much except for Social Points and some gear/credits/experience but not so much that it gimps your leveling experience.

These missions will always exist in any MMO. If you don't want to do them you don't have to but don't expect any MMO to remove them just because you think they are asinine.
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