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11.07.2012 , 09:16 AM | #1
...more specifically, boundless ages vs dark radiance

Have any smugglers actually tested the difference? As a scoundrel-scrapper, I've been running with 2 boundless ages the past few months for maximum power. This morning though, I decided to run some tests. I was surprised to see better numbers from having the dark radiance on. I did 10 passes with each and used the exact same rotation on the WZ Training Dummy. Below are the results I got...

Boundless Ages
Avg: 26111
Min: 23263
Max: 29611

Dark Radiance
Avg: 27279
Min: 22673
Max: 30045

I also ran 5 passes with each, and threw vital shot into the mix. The idea was to have it ticking together with FR to increase the chance of a relic proc. Below are the results I got...

Boundless Ages
Avg: 25983
Min: 26187
Max: 35446

Dark Radiance
Avg: 27210
Min: 26746
Max: 36776

I'm curious as well about what the numbers look like for a DF gunslinger with shrap bomb and vital shot both ticking behind hemo blasts and wounding shots.

Do these numbers make sense to you? I'll probably run a few more tests when I get home from work.
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