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Games Changes for APAC

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11.06.2012 , 09:53 PM | #1
As the pitiful state of the APAC server population doesn't allow for many facets of this game to be enjoyed I think some changes are required in the Group Finder and Legacy systems.

Problem: Sub 50 Flash Point groups near impossible to create without advanced planning
Possible solutions:
  1. After 15 minutes where 2 or 3 players are queued for a FP the flashpoint will start with a (20 x Player Level) Presence bonus. This might allow the player to complete the FP with companions.
  2. Auto Level players to FP level to allow a wider range of players to play any flash point. Gear would also have to auto level for the player who receives it. THis system should be similar to what will happen with HK-51s gear
  3. Remove or drastically lower the cost of Legacy FP XP because without some other way to make FPs happen it's just a waste of credits.

Problem: Heroic Mission groups near impossible to create without advanced planning
Possible solutions:
  1. Reduce all Heroic 2s to normal areas, and all Heroic 4s to Heroic2s.
  2. Give same presence buff to any characters in a heroic area in a team with less than the required amount of players.
  3. Allow players to use more than one companion at a time.

I know these solutions would require a lot of programming, require a separate version of the game for APAC, and possibly be only temporary, but they would help alleviate some the low population problems on the APAC servers.
Some other options:
  • Only charge APAC players US $8 per month to play for the the inferior environment
  • Give all APAC players across the board credit/XP bonuses
  • Actually do something about the population problem, like . . . hmm . . . I don't know . . . . merge the servers like the vast majority of us want?

Of course I'm expecting nothing to be done, so I can only be pleasantly surprised at this point.
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