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Star Wars: The Old Republic – State of the Game

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Star Wars: The Old Republic – State of the Game
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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11.07.2012 , 03:30 AM | #161
Thankyou for finally giving APAC servers a response to their population issues, its been a long time coming, but we're glad we finally know.
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11.07.2012 , 03:30 AM | #162
All I really want to know is ANY information on SGRA. We were told that they would be in game within the year, but the end of the year is quickly coming. Can we still expect them before January?

Given the history of the topic, I doubt you can answer anything, but I'll ask anyway.
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11.07.2012 , 03:32 AM | #163
[QUOTE=Urael;5374278] forced me back to World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft which is such a noobish game
U are comparing swtor with wow have u gone mad
+ they have said they are trying to improve the buggs and the problems so be patient

No one wants to know u went on World of Warcraft No one care !!!!

And as far as the graphic problem is concerned use this link

It will increase your fps until they are improving it Enjoy !!!

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11.07.2012 , 03:49 AM | #164
Quote: Originally Posted by Uber_the_Goober View Post
Do you guys (all of you, not just some of you, but everyone who is involved with the game) play it? Who are your characters? I imagine you couldn't tell us because you'd get mobbed in game with /whispers about pet issues. But then again, who's to say you can't just run a flashpoint, tell the group you're a dev, looking for issues with THAT flashpoint, and let them show you outright the specific things that they see on a daily basis and have them show you? You'll get a taste for class performance pretty quickly that way also.
I personally don't want them to go say 'hi i'm a dev and come to play with you', i'd rather have these cool situations like i experienced in wow, where you are doing a dungeon or a raid and suddenly something weird happens, and a dev pops in, doing some funny stuff etc, maybe setting a challenge for that goup, a dev interaction ingame can be so much fun like that time where we were turned into leper gnomes dancing all the way to the lich king lolz, suddenly he started spawning hordes of 'hoggers'
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11.07.2012 , 03:52 AM | #165
My subscription is running out and the game is already uninstalled. When browsing Massively I learnt that SWTOR Executive Producer released "state of the game" and thought to myself: "Maybe they will finally say something true". Not that I care about this game anymore (I moved to much greener pastures) but it always strucks me that they try to repeat the same LIE again and again.

I won’t get to everything all at once, but I’ll try to hit some of the big ones, and talk about these topics as openly as I can.
And here I thought I would hear something SINCERE. God, was I wrong.

I’ve devoted my life to MMOs and the people that play them, and have some cool tattoos to prove it:
Aren't tattoos with failed games logos like old girlfriend tattoos?

1. Our game is awesome. People love it and want to play it.
It is OK for a while. When you go deeper it fails on many levels. It is obvious that during those meetings something else happened than everyone saying "the game is awesome". EA bosses told you: "The game is underperforming, we won't pour anymore money to it, go free-to-play and Jeff you will be controlling the damage".

2. The subscription requirement was driving away huge numbers of people who do not want to commit to paying monthly.
You underestimate the IQ of human species.

3. The frequency of our Game Updates was way too slow. People were leaving because we were not releasing new content fast enough to keep up with the pace at which it was being consumed.
Whoaaaa, a TRUE statement, well done. Partially true because that was not the only reason.

People leave for a lot of reasons
Probably. Who cares? People see the results and the results are layoffs and less people to work on the game. Doesn't sound very promising for the future.

We employ hundreds of QA professionals to ensure that our game is high quality, but sometimes bugs get through.
LOL. I mean, seriously??? It would be enough to hire 16 QA testers to find the Denova bug and Warzone 7/8 backfill bug.

Hundreds are really not needed. You should spend those vast resources you spend on QA elswere. /sarcasm off

Topic #3: Oceanic populations. Are we doing anything about them?
Never concerened me but I have seen what is your modus operandi with server populations and basically I can sum it up as "keeping your head in your ***".

To sum up - I don't see a point to those state-of-the-games because they don't give people hope the game can be better. They confirm you will deny the problems and spin what really happened. I don't know where it will lead you but I'm guessing not to a good place since it hasn't work for couple of months now.

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11.07.2012 , 04:03 AM | #166
Thank you Jeff for writing this. I appreciate the state of the game series.

However, I'm going to second others in that I believe F2P won't solve your problems. Personally I am not even thinking twice whether or not to continue subbing, because of the limitations of the F2P account. I will either sub, or I will leave completely. I suspect I'm not alone in that.

I have noticed the game improving, although extremely slowly. I hope you can keep going and reach the state that WoW had where the sheer amount of content was enough to keep people interested, even if it was linear content.

I hope you would pay more attention to little things too, as opposed to only the next operation.

My little list of things I hope get fixed:
- crafting window filters for searching recipes are buggy and useless. You should also add a search by name feature there, so its easy to confirm whether or not you have certain schematic/recipe before buying it off GTM. Better yet, add that check into galactic market itself.

- in the galactic market, it should be possible to filter what the crafting schematics produce, as in, the level and difficulty of the item in the schematic etc. Otherwise trying to find a schematic that you don't already own from the sea of recipes that the market search considers equal is a royal pain.

- please add new customizable gear APPEARANCES. Changing non-customizable gear into customizable feels like a band-aid. While somewhat nice, it doesn't help my inquisitor since inquisitor doesn't have properly good-looking gear PERIOD. I want new gear that I DON'T HAVE TO grind endgame hardmode operations to get. And I do hope you did fire the artist behind the endgame gear.

- Add more craftable gear that companions can wear. Several of the otherwise decent looking gear that my synthweaver can craft for example is locked to a class, meaning companions cant wear it.

- There are long-standing graphical bugs that still make me angry whenever I see them. Such as the "sitting in the air" glitch when you fly to a different star system aboard your own ship (I suspect that t here is a non-visible sitting animation that's taking place offscreen when the player activates the starmap, and if he exits the starmap or activates travel to another system before that animation is finished, the character will end up at a random place or something. The other annoying bug that has been herre forever is the companion lightsaber glitch, where the companions put a lightsaber to their belt without deactivating it. This happens at least aboard the personal ship.
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11.07.2012 , 04:04 AM | #167
Ok, I want to take this piece by piece. Many have sited much of what I'm about to say, so I will be brief on such things.

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and finally have the opportunity to get it started.
Please, don't insult my intelligence. As my Father used to say, "If you really wanted to do it, you would have found the time." In between leveling 10 toons to 50, being GL of two guilds and maintaining their websites, working a full time job, and raising two special needs children on my own, I still find time to blog.

Topic #2. The subscription requirement was driving away huge numbers of people who do not want to commit to paying monthly.
As many have noted, it's not the cost, but the cost to value ratio. I'm sure many of those who left still have subs to other games. I know I do.

Topic #1: Staff: Why are some developers leaving The Old Republic™? How will the game be affected?
I've found a handful of these at best. Many times they are mixed in with other subjects, most notably Topic #2.

Topic #2: Bugs: How does testing work? Why do bugs get through? Why did Game Update 1.4 have so many of them? What are we doing to improve the process?
Posted dozens, if not hundreds of times. Should have been number one. The response:
As a side note, we finally got a lock on the last of the major issues from Game Update 1.4 and appreciate your patience with that one.
leads me to ask: So you got the lock, when are you going to fix it? I hope you didn't mean to imply that it was fixed. It's not.

Topic #3: Oceanic populations. Are we doing anything about them?
That was an obvious response. And as an issue, I have seen in twice on non-server specific forums. The other two at least were all over the General and Customer Service ones.

So in summation, you really didn't research this all that much. It's evident that someone is just blowing smoke up your skirt somewhere in the chain of command. Failing to realize that this game is nothing more than a single player game with a multiplayer option has cost you. Many of the people who left, did so because they realized that. The subscription cost was just their inarticulate response to your questions.

The game was rushed out the door, as evidenced in the progressively declining quality issues in each successive planet. The latest request on what we would like to see in the game, moddable gear, is nothing more than a ploy to find out what we would be willing to spend our money on in the CCM. Before that, the Cathar. A race that will probably be able to be purchased as well.

I have no problem supporting a game when it earns it. Being a Star Wars fan and understanding that this game is(for all intents and purposes) in a public beta test state is all that keeps me going. Not these half-baked responses to community ire.

For your next blog, I suggest that once your staff collates the data of the Forum "Hot Topics", you go and look yourself. It doesn't take much time to speed read some postings to glean from them the veracity of their claims. Maybe even throw a thought out there from time to time, just to let us know you are watching. Just as I have come to know many of these people who post regularly, you might too. It's easier to be real when you know someone.

To this last point, pay particular attention:

Put yourselves in our shoes from time to time.

It's something my old boss made me do. He made me sit down and be the customer. He made me listen, watch, and experience what the customer does. In this, he asked me, "Is this how you want to be treated?" Consider that the next time you are out having dinner, or going to the store, taking the car in to be serviced, whatever services you do. Then take your responses and paraphrase them to align with the poor service rendered. Then think on that.

Is that how you want to be treated?

It's amazing how loud a dollar can be.
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11.07.2012 , 04:09 AM | #168
Add me to the list of people who want to know the hows, whys, and whens of Same Gender Romance Arcs.

I have kept my subscription open to SWTOR, but I am mostly playing RIFT at the moment. Why is this? It is a combination of factors, the lack of communication regarding SGRAs being one of them.

Right now, my problem with SWTOR is that I am not a raider or a PvPer, and I have two characters at level 50. Aside from grinding dailies (which is not my idea of a fun time), there really isn't much for me to do at the top end, and I'm put off levelling any more alts because I just can't take levelling through the non-class quest missions a third time. I suppose I could just play the other side through to 50, but I have a Republic level 40-some alt, and many quests feel like re-coloured and re-badged missions from the Empire side.

Also, I'm put off by the idea that in levelling my three main characters as far as I have, I may well have missed out on SGRA with them when they're finally introduced. This also effects my desire to level more alts, I am worried that if I level any more characters any higher than I already have them (most of my alts are in their 20s, some are lower on account of the new character slots that were more recently added), they, too, will miss out. So I'm in a stalemate right now as far as play is concerned.

Another concern is the population state of the Oceanic servers. I was always dubious about the idea of locally hosted servers for the Oceanic community (especially when they weren't available when the game first went live in December 2011), and while I love my sub 50ms ping times to the current servers, I'm pretty sure that the solution to this problem will only come when we're folded back into the US server farms. I do not want to be merged into the RP and PvP servers, because I know if I were an RPer or a PvPer, I'd want to keep my server type - I would have rolled on those servers because I wanted to RP or PvP, and the fact of the matter is - if anyone's being stripped of their server types in such a merge, it will be the non-(pure)PvE servers. I am also dubious about the idea of a single locally hosted super server - I doubt it would be worth the amount of money Telstra would try to squeeze out of EA/Bioware to run it. (If the Oceanic servers had been available when the game released in December 2011, we might not be having the population issues now, as we'd have pretty much all rolled on them right at the start, and not ended up being split by the separate release in March.)

Then we come to the lack of variety in levelling content, which I touched on when I talked about SGRA above. I am an alt-o-holic, and when this problem is combined with the lack of communication regarding SGRA content - it's very frustrating for me to keep playing. (Here's a hint as to why I'm playing RIFT right now - RIFT has multiple levelling paths for both factions, and they aren't just copy-paster versions of the other side's missions (except in neutral areas, of course)).
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11.07.2012 , 04:10 AM | #169
so I've been in on the consumer side of the business for 12 years now. also starting with daoc.
were you the person that thought buffbots were a fine idea because everyone had to pay 2 subscribtions in order to compete ?
do you realize I did not touch warhammer because I never wanted to touch a mythic product after that ?

with free to play, well that might also not be for me. I am going to have a close look at what you do.
daoc, ea, the industrie has a reputation for exploiting more than they are entitled to. compared to a baker, he makes a bread and earns a fair price for that bread. what you always are trying to do is to exploit more than you are entitled to and betray your customers where ever you can.
dont get me wrong. earn your money, make a living and profit but don't cheat.

the bugs: don'T you have a PR guy that can correct you on the ******** you wrote here. there is no army of QA'ers. you can't afford it and the bugs are the result. how on earth can someone not notice all the bugs with 1.4. how can someone not notice that the gunslinger sounds of the ability he uses the most are a mess, how can the army of QA'ers not notice in weeks what one person notices in 5 minutes.

then the bugs persist for another few weeks without even being acknowledged as such. I still ask myself whether the charged burst change was intentional.

and last but not least: not delivering enough content in a themepark mmo is a newbie mistake mr-twelve-years-in-business. blizzard was surprised about the pace at which the consumers finish content 6 years ago, you simply arent allowed to be surprised in 2012 if you had made your math.
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11.07.2012 , 04:19 AM | #170
Dear Mr. Hickman,

As a first thought, someone at Bioware MUST finally realize, that the company needs it's policies regarding communication changed. Most people in the community feel that even when a Bioware representatives talk, they say next to nothing. Being so secretive has had a huge negative impact on the game, and still does.

Pre-launch we were so hyped up, but knew so little about the game. The huge blanks were simply filled by our imagination. So when we found out that Bioware went a different way then what we thought was the only logical one, we were really upset, and people started leaving.

Now, we never really know what is happening. We know there will be a new race, planet sometime this year, we have known this since summer, with no ETA. People were expecting HK and the rest with 1.4 because of this type of communication. We don't know what kind of work your developers are doing on the engine, where are they now, what kind of problems are they facing.

There are some project I've been following for years that are absolutely open. We know what the separate people are working on, where are they at, what will they work on next. And the communities are way more forgiving and patient. It's like heaven and hell.

The perceprion of the game is not only influenced by what is happening in-game.

And some major problems that I personally would like you to talk about:

1: Massive performance issues since launch. Why isn't TOR using the power graphics cards and multi-core CPU-s provide? Why aren't you supporting DX11, and are you working on a 64bit client? The fact that people have to use a 3rd party app (SWTOR Unleashed) to get somewhat proper performance is a huge shame on Bioware.

2: What is the state of things people have been begging for since launch? Like chat bubbles. Hood-toggle. Why -not even in the cartel shop - won't Jedi finally get some hood-down versions of the jedi robes/armor, if the hood toggle is for some weird reason beyond your programmers capabilities? This question has never been answered, we got hints that the art pipeline has to be changed for that... if it does, your art guys made some terrible choices. But never a word on simple hood down versions of the in-game robes. (low level, because playing a JK this way simply sucks)

3: What happened right before the big beta weekend? There were so much more armor models in game, that were simply removed before launch. They did not clip, nor have any other issues, and looked super cool. Why were they removed, when are we getting them back? Please see this thread:
Huge, huge shame Bioware.

4: I'm against Dual spec, but many want it. Any update on that?

5: Any plans to make the game play less linear?

The perception of the game will remain bad after F2P if you don't change some policies. Policies are not the LAW. And frankly, if you want to be open, you will sit down, and in about an hour answer all of the questions - properly !!! - that we have since the Launch of the game.