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Force Serenity Deathbringers (Republic) are recruiting!

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Force Serenity Deathbringers (Republic) are recruiting!

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11.06.2012 , 02:21 PM | #1
Force Serenity Deathbringers are recruiting!

Faction - Republic

We are a friendly guild with players of all levels, ages and nationalities.
Our guild originally started out as a purely casual guild though, now some of the higher level players are keen to make progress in endgame and form up a 2nd ops team, in order to do this we need to recruit high level players who are interested in endgame content.

We still have many low level players who enjoy a great levelling experience, and our more experienced players are always on hand to help. Also we have a few players who exclusively play PVP, but we would like to encourage PVP’ers to join so we can participate in future guild PVP matches, ranked warzones etc…

We also do regular datacron & world boss hunts for fun and help gear new level 50’s to ops level gear so they can be included in any future ops runs.

We all have a good sense of humour and don’t take things too seriously, (it is a game after all!) but we do want to make progress in the game.
As for rules we will NOT! tolerate bullying, ************ and guild bank ninjas, anyone found pulling this sort of crap will be thrown in the rancor pit!

We have completed all HM flashpoints, ops progress is;

Story Mode

EV – 5/5
KP – 5/5
EC – 4/4
TFB – 3/5

Hard Mode

EV – 5/5
KP – 5/5
EC – 0/4
TFB – 0/5

We welcome all applications, and you can apply via the website;

Or in game by contacting our GM’s or officers via chat or mail;

GM – Breelo, Jayshad, Jayborg
Co GM – Snich, Jangles
Co GM – Welshqueen, Feralqueen
Co GM – Jarrih, Jarda, Livinlegend
Officers – Eleanorphi, Eleguard, Eastiano, Korbendallas, Spacechick

Hope to see any new applicants in game soon, Peace dudes!