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Life Aboard the Thunderclap

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11.12.2012 , 03:58 PM | #11
This thread reminds me of how much I would like to go make another trooper

The helmet thing...that was funny. Those stupid goggles!!
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
Fan Fiction: My Name is Solomon Crae The Man in the Box

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11.13.2012 , 12:37 PM | #12
Chapter 8:

“A wondrous ship!” Forex exclaimed. “Simply wonderful!”

Smiling, Jorgan took off his helmet and threw it over on his bunk. He loved the thing, but he was getting a little tired of being in armor. Taking off his plated suit, he walked into the refresher and took a quick shower.

He got dressed again, but not in armor. He put on his orange dress uniform he hadn’t worn since Ord Mantell.

As he exited the ‘fresher, Forex approached him and looked him over.

“Sergeant,” he said in puzzlement. “You appear to have liquid leaking from your fur.”

Jorgan chuckled. “No, Forex, I just showered. It’s just water.”

“Ah.” Forex tilted his head. “I, myself, could use and oil bath.”

“I don’t think Prudii planned to have a droid in the squad. I’ll talk to him about getting an oil bath installed, though.

“What about me?” the protocol droid whined.

“Shut up,” Jorgan replied. “You’re not a part of this squad, officially.”

“Sorry, Sergeant.”

Jorgan walked away as Forex and Seetoo began to chat in binary. He entered the cockpit, where Prudii was sitting at the captain’s chair. Elara was sitting on his right, plotting a course.

“Where are we going?” Jorgan asked.

“The Republic fleet,” Prudii replied. “We just got a call from command. A clan of Mandalorians captured a Republic vessel called Allusis. They want me to get it back.”

“Let me guess: heroes of the Esseles?” asked Jorgan.

“I have downloaded records of that battle!” Forex announced. He moved quietly for such a big droid. “You did exemplary work, sir!”

“Uh, thanks.” Prudii frowned. “You’re right, Jorgan, they got in contact with Dankin and the Jedi. We’re leaving as soon as we can get to the Fleet.”

“What about us?” Jorgan asked.

“There’s a lot to do aboard Carrick Station, or Telos or Gav Daragon. The mission shouldn’t take more than a day, total.”

Jorgan considered. “All right.”

* * *

Dorne followed Jorgan and Forex to the viewing terminal aboard Carrick Station. Through Prudii’s armor cam, they could view the mission. Forex was like a child, eager to watch his hero in action. Dorne smiled a little. Other than against him, Forex had not seen Prudii in action.

The armor cam showed the group landing on the deck of the Allusis. A squad of Mandalorians and their pets attacked. Prudii executed one of the rabid animals with a shot to the throat, while the Jedi leapt in with their lightsabers to battle the Mandos.

Dankin, the smuggler, took cover and fired at intervals when the Mandalorians were focused on the others. It was a somewhat cowardly tactic, but it was efficient.

Dorne noticed that a few others had approached. A small astromech droid with a girl in Jedi robes, a Trandoshan and an aristocratic-looking man, and a shaggy-haired man with a Wookiee were now intent on the screen.

“Corso,” Jorgan said. “Who’s the Wookiee?”

“Oh, Jorgan!” the shaggy man replied. “Well, this here’s Bowdaar. Bowdaar, meet Sergeant Jorgan.”

The Wookiee rumbled. The aristocratic man walked up to Dorne and bowed deeply at the waist.

“My lady,” he said. “An honor to meet one of our own armed forces.”

Sweetly, she replied, “Thank you, and this armed forces lady can dissect you in ten different ways if you even think about making a move.”

The man blinked. “Apologies. My name is Theran Cedrax. Yours?”

“Sergeant Elara Dorne,” she replied. “Now, if you will excuse me, I am trying to watch my leftenant in combat.”

She returned her gaze to the viewscreen. Prudii and the others had advanced through a hangar and were currently sabotaging the missile bay. As they advanced, a team of Imperials landed–a pair of Sith Lords, a bounty hunter, and an Intelligence agent.

Prudii engaged the agent in close combat, swiftly defeating him. Meanwhile, Dankin cut down the bounty hunter in a stream of fire while the Jedi dueled the Sith Lords.

“Astonishing!” Forex exclaimed. “He took out a known Intelligence operative in shorter time than it took to kill one of the Mandalorians!”

Jorgan chuckled.

The girl with the droid spoke up. “Come on, Master.”

Dorne turned her attention to the girl. “Your Master: the one with the dark hair?”

She nodded. “Yes. I’m Kira Carsen, pleased to meet you.”

“Elara Dorne. Good to meet you, Padawan.”

The strike team entered the chamber where the Mandalorian leader, Mavrix Varad, waited. The darker-haired Jedi leapt in with his lightsaber whirling, and Prudii followed up with a stream of rifle fire. The other Jedi remained behind, using the Force to throw chunks of the ship at Varad, while Dankin blasted at him from under cover.

“They got him!” Corso said.

Indeed, Varad seemed in retreat, holding a blaster wound in his side. The Jedi leapt at him again, and the Mandalorian landed a massive punch under the man’s chin.

Kira gasped.

“That=going to leave a mark,” her droid noted.

Prudii came behind the Mandalorian and blasted him with an electric bolt from his rifle. Varad shook violently as the volts of electricity passed through his armor.

The dark-haired Jedi quickly finished him off with a stab to the blaster wound that had been previously incurred.

“They did it!” cheered Kira.

Dorne pumped a silent fist in the air, Jorgan gave a quiet congratulation to Prudii, and Forex began shouting loud exultations.

“Well done, indeed,” Cedrax said.

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11.14.2012 , 02:33 PM | #13
Chapter 9:

Jorgan already hated this world, and they’d been here less than an hour. On the bright side, their target here was Fuse, and he seemed more than willing to surrender.

First one we’ve captured alive, he thought.

He and Prudii left the governor’s office and walked into the blistering heat of Tatooine’s twin suns.

“Nice to have an easy op for once,” Jorgan said.

“Good point,” Prudii agreed. “You know, maybe it’s speciesism, but Fuse never seemed the traitor type to me, you know?”

“True,” Jorgan agreed. “But then, neither did Tavus.”

“Maybe he’ll come along quietly, too,” Dorne said, and she sounded hopeful.

“It doesn’t matter,” Forex boldly declared. “If he does not, we will still catch him, alive or dead.”

“I promised Kardan alive,” Prudii replied.

“You promised that for all of them,” Jorgan noted. “Needles is dead. Probably Kardan doesn’t care about Andrik, but Tavus did so you never know.”

“Garza said Kardan and Needles never got along anyway,” Prudii replied. “He hasn’t tried to escape or kill himself yet, so we can hope. Plus if we bring in Fuse alive, it’ll boost our rep with him. And Garza.”

Jorgan nodded. “Where to first, sir?”

“First, we hit the desert and find Fuse–you and me, Jorgan. Meanwhile, Dorne and Forex, read up on Alderaan, see what you can find out about the situation there.”

Dorne nodded. “Yes, leftenant.”

* * *

Jorgan and Prudii entered the Imperial outpost. There was a pair of guards inside.

“Take-take-take!” Prudii said.

Jorgan sniped one in the chest, and Prudii took the other in the gut. As the guards dropped, they charged in. Jorgan turned on his helmet’s audio scanners. He detected five…six footfalls.

“Six guards,” he said.

Prudii nodded. “Go.”

“Taking the shot,” Jorgan said.

He raised his rifle and blasted one guard in the head. Then he blasted another in the back before he could turn. Prudii took one in the knee, and then the head as he fell.

The other three took cover and fired on them. Jorgan jumped aside as a blaster bolt grazed his shoulder plate. Prudii opened fire with a volley of grenades from his rifle.

The explosion killed one of the guards; another was thrown into a console, breaking his back, and the third made a run for it. Jorgan cut him down with a quick burst shot.

Jorgan and Prudii stepped into the room and saw Fuse. He was standing behind a purple force field, his face downcast as he contemplated quietly.

“Lieutenant!” he exclaimed, seeing Prudii. “You made it in time–Gorik just called for a full-scale evacuation. He’s already at the hangar at the back of the base, overseeing the evacuation–and he has the bomb designs with him.” He sighed. “Please, you have to get to the landing area and stop Gorik before he escapes with my bomb design!”

Jorgan was surprised. Fuse had never been a coward, but he’d never been a fighter, either. He had been the odd man out, the behind-the-scenes soldier. He’d manned up. Jorgan, despite himself, was impressed.

Prudii shook his head. “What, you want me to just leave you here?”

“I’m, uh, I’m clearly not going anywhere, Lieutenant.” Fuse had a wry look on his face. “After you’ve taken down Gorik, you can–”

Suddenly, there was the blast of a klaxon.

“Warning! Warning!” said an automated voice. “Self destruct sequence initialized! All personnel must evacuate to the hangar immediately. This is not a drill! Countdown sequence initialized! Warning! Warning! Facility detonation imminent!”

Well, that put a damper on things, Jorgan decided. Fuse seemed to think so, too, because he put a hand to his head.

“Oh, no. We’re too late,” Fuse rambled. “The entire base, it–it’s going to be vaporized, we…we are out of time.”

“No way!” Prudii replied. “There’s got to be a way to shut down that self destruct sequence, you read me?”

Jorgan was impressed. In an instant, Fuse had gone to being a prisoner to one of Prudii’s soldiers.

“You…you’d have to go to the command center,” said Fuse, “in order to cancel the detonation. Y–you could even unlock my cell from there.” Fuse crossed his arms. “But…by the time you reach the command center and stop the explosion, Gorik will have escaped with my bomb design–that can’t happen.”

Jorgan considered. They could free Fuse and complete their objective, and Garza and Kardan would be happy enough. But Garza would chew their hide for missing the chance to get the bomb designs, while Kardan would probably kill them all for failing to rescue Fuse.

“No,” said Prudii. “I can stop the explosion and get Gorik if I can move fast enough.”

“No, you…you have to leave me,” Fuse said. “By the time you cancel the self destruct, Gorik will be long gone. Please, there isn’t time to argue. It’s down to me or the bomb design and, well…there’s only one good choice there.”

Jorgan, despite his continuing anger at the traitors, felt a surge of sadness and pity for the man. Clearly he realized what he’d done was wrong and wanted to atone for it.

“I’ve made my choice,” Prudii said. “I’m going to get you out of here.”

“Forget about me!” Fuse snapped. “Stop Gorik and keep the Empire from getting my bomb design! That’s all that matters.”

“Listen to me,” Prudii said. “I. Am. Getting. You. Out of here.”

“Please, Lieutenant!” Fuse pleaded. “Don’t let Gorik escape just for me. Please, don’t do it.”

Prudii sprinted off, surprising Jorgan. He turned and followed Prudii, who ran up to the command console and quickly began to end the self-destruct. It occurred to Jorgan that he could go after Gorik alone, and he started to turn for the hangar when he head the rumble of a shuttle’s engines.

“He’s gone,” Jorgan said.

* * *

Prudii and Jorgan returned Fuse to the Republic’s custody and joined Elara and Forex aboard the Thunderclap. As Jorgan had expected, they got a pat on the back for saving Fuse, followed by a reprimand for not stopping Gorik.

Then they were off to Alderaan. As the ship entered hyperspace, Jorgan went to the mess. He pulled a pre-wrapped nerf burger from the cooler and took a bite out of it, letting the flavor roll across his tongue.

He had stuff to think about–mainly the Deadeyes. He’d heard about them, recently, and it wasn’t good news. The Imps had captured them. He wondered if he should tell Prudii.

But no, they were already bound for Alderaan. This could wait until after Tavus and the others were gone for good. Worrying about his old friends would not help them stop the traitors.

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11.15.2012 , 06:05 PM | #14
Chapter 10:
The False King

Jorgan, Dorne, Forex, and Prudii exited the ship and walked out into a war zone. Jorgan twisted his body as a missile slashed through the air. It hit the spaceport but did little damage.

Prudii pulled out his rifle. “Take-take-take!”

Jorgan opened fire, taking out a soldier in gaudy red and blue armor. Each of the soldiers was in the same armor–probably Alderaan’s Imperial-aligned faction.

Prudii led the squad through the battlefield to House Organa. When they arrived, troopers in blue House Organa armor, as well as several Republic soldiers, opened fire on the Imperial-aligned Alderaanians chasing them.

“Sir!” said a Republic lieutenant. “Good to see Havoc Squad on Alderaan, sir.”

Prudii nodded. “Good to see you, Lieutenant. I need to see the Baron’s prisoner.”

“In House Organa,” the lieutenant said. “That way.”

“Thanks,” Prudii replied.

* * *

Gearbox was eliminated. Another one of the Havoc traitors down, and now it was just down to Wraith and Tavus. Jorgan was eager to get on with it, but unfortunately, Prudii had already agreed to help Houses Organa and Panteer take down Bouris Ulgo, the upstart kind of Alderaan.

Kneeling outside House Ulgo, Jorgan watched the entrance. The door appeared to be guarded by only two of Ulgo’s soldiers, but Jorgan scanned the area with his HUD and saw three more hiding atop the massive entrance.

“You see ‘em, right, Lieutenant?” he asked.

“Affirmative,” Prudii replied. “You’re the squad’s ex-sniper. Dorne, Forex, and I will charge in and pretend not to see them. You take them down as they drop.”

“Yes, sir.”

* * *

Dorne charged in behind Prudii and Forex, firing her sidearm, cutting down the first guard. The other fired at them, only to be blasted by Forex’s rocket launcher. As the three hidden guards dropped, Jorgan took one out while he was still in the air.

Prudii cut down the other two as they hit the ground. Dorne holstered her pistol and looked around.

“Clear, leftenant,” she said.

Prudii nodded. Jorgan ran to catch up, slinging his rifle over his shoulder. Forex’s missile launcher lowered.

“Let’s go,” Prudii said.

He looked at Dorne as he said it, and she had to fight not to blush, thankful she had a helmet on. He was not a bad looker, for a Zabrak. And he was a great leader…she shook herself mentally. He was a commanding officer, and romances like that ended badly.

“Yes, sir,” the three members of Havoc Squad said.

* * *

Dorne ducked under the crisscrossing rifle fire from Ulgo’s four bodyguards. Prudii twisted and blasted one of them, as did Jorgan. Forex stood still and let the blaster bolts bounce from his armor. Dorne quickly killed the last two.

“Disable the shield, now!” Prudii ordered.

Grabbing a missile launcher, Dorne sprinted over to one of the generators. Forex didn’t need a rocket launcher; he had two mounted on his back, Dorne thought wryly.

She blasted the generator and then threw aside the empty launcher as a squad of Ulgo troops charged at her. Ducking behind the remains of the generator, she snapped of a series of shots that killed one of the Ulgos and kneecapped another. The third was dropped from a stray shot from Forex’s blasters.

“Get Bouris!” Prudii said over the helmet com.

Dorne returned to the throne, arriving at the same time as Prudii. Forex and Jorgan caught up a moment later. Bouris pulled out a pair of blasters and laid down a spray of fire on them.

Dorne ducked under the steps and then whirled and blasted one of Ulgo’s only remaining guards. Jorgan caught the other in the chest

Forex fired a barrage of missies at Bouris, and the king ducked. The missiles demolished the throne. Prudii leapt forward and ejected his knuckle-plate’s vibroblade, jabbing Ulgo in the gut. Ulgo gasped and fell to his knees.

“Impressive, sir.” Dorne beamed. “Very good.”

Jorgan nodded. “Let’s escort Ulgo back to the Panteers ASAP.”

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11.16.2012 , 04:40 PM | #15
Massive spoilers for Chapter 1 so this one's in spoiler tags.


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11.17.2012 , 12:27 PM | #16
Jorgan companion quest spoilers.

Chapter 12:
Time Off...Or Not

After arresting Tavus and putting him in with Kardan and Fuse, as well as promoting Prudii to captain, Garza told Havoc Squad to take some time off.

Prudii took the Thunderclap to Carrick Station, and Havoc Squad drank a few rounds in the cantina there, with the exception of Forex, who stood up on the terrace, since droids weren’t allowed in the cantina proper.

“Here’s to victory,” Prudii said.

“And exceptional commanders,” Dorne added.

“To…the Republic,” Jorgan said.

They toasted and drank. Dorne stood to go somewhere, and Jorgan took his opportunity.

“Sir,” he said. “I need to talk to you privately, next time we’re back on the Thunderclap. It’s about the Deadeyes.”

Prudii nodded. “Will do, Jorgan.”

Dorne returned and put a friendly arm around Prudii’s shoulder. Jorgan tilted his head. Maybe it was more than friendly.


* * *

Jorgan explained the Deadeyes situation in brief, after which Prudii told him they should contact SIS agent Jonas Balkar, and that he could help them.

Prudii piloted the Thunderclap to Nar Shaddaa and informed Dorne and Forex that they would be out for a while, something that Dorne seemed a little disappointed about.

More than friends, indeed, Jorgan thought.

He and Prudii entered Balkar’s old haunt. The man seemed pleased to see them.

“Captain!” he said. “Sergeant! What brings you to Nar Shaddaa?”

“Business,” Jorgan said. Then he glanced around and asked, “You got my message?”

Balkar nodded. “And…officially, I can’t say anything about the Deadeyes. They’re on a mission for Agent Zane…quite a crabby man, I might add.”

“Blast it, Balkar–” Jorgan started.

“Unofficially, though,” Balkar continued, “I would investigate Shadow Town. There’s been some strange stuff going down there…just to let you know, as a friend and all.”

Prudii smiled. “Thanks, Balkar.”

“Yeah,” Jorgan added. “Thanks.”

“One more thing,” Balkar said. “Zane finds out and I’m finished. Please don’t come back here.”

They took a speeder to Shadow Town and entered the prison Balkar had identified. Prudii motioned for Jorgan to enter. Raising his rifle, Jorgan took a step in. An Imperial nearly took his head off, and Jorgan returned fire. Prudii charged in and fired his own rifle.

When the Imperials were smoking corpses on the floor, Jorgan and Prudii approached one cellblock, and then the other.

“Blast!” Jorgan said. “They’re not in either one. We’d better check the mainframe.”

“We don’t have much time,” Prudii warned. “One of the Imps might’ve called for help. We can’t throw Balkar under the speeder like this.”

Jorgan nodded. “We’ll hurry.”

He hacked into the mainframe and found the file marked DEADEYES. He hacked into it but it was too encrypted for him to handle.

“We’ll have to take this to Balkar,” he said.

“He said we couldn’t compromise him,” Prudii reminded.

“We don’t have a choice,” Jorgan insisted.

* * *

They returned to Balkar’s hideout, and of course, Agent Zane was there, lecturing Balkar. When he saw Prudii and Jorgan enter, he turned his tirade on them, and Balkar’s face went white.

While Zane was yelling at Prudii, Balkar said to Jorgan, “I told you that you couldn’t compromise me!”

When Zane finally left, Balkar seemed both angry and deflated.

“Sorry, Balkar,” Prudii said. “Jorgan insisted.”

“I wouldn’t have if I’d known Zane was here,” Jorgan added. “Here. This datapad has the location of the Deadeyes on it. Can you track them down?”

Balkar took the datapad. “All I can do is give this to a guy I know, have him take a look. Zane’s on me too hard. Best I can do. Sorry.”

“Thanks anyway,” Prudii said. “Jorgan?”

“Yeah,” Jorgan said glumly. “Thanks.”

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11.18.2012 , 12:48 PM | #17
Chapter 13:
In Which Garza
Gets Involved

They returned to the ship and waited for Balkar’s contact to call, but they only got a warning message from Zane saying to leave the Deadeyes situation alone.

“Nerve of that man,” Jorgan hissed.

After that they decided to ask Garza for help. Jorgan explained the situation shortly, and Garza nodded.

“I’ll see what I can do,” she said. “It’s the least I could do for you after you brought down Tavus.”

As the holo disappeared, Jorgan said, “There. If Zane one-ups Garza, I’ll eat my rifle.”

* * *

Not long after, Garza came back to them with the information they needed.

“But before I tell you, you need to come to Coruscant,” she said. “You’re being pulled off your leave. There’s an emergency.”

Prudii nodded, all soldier again. “Yes, sir!”

* * *

When they arrived on Coruscant, Garza dropped a bombshell on Prudii: he had to pick a second in command. Jorgan felt his heart go cold. He had picked up the atmosphere between Dorne and Prudii–they were obviously in a relationship, even if they were keeping it secret. Prudii would likely pick her for the promotion.

But then Jorgan shook his head. No, that would be close to nepotism, and Prudii didn’t operate that way. He would pick his officer based on the most logical decision, and Jorgan would accept it, even if Prudii passed him up.

“I pick Jorgan,” Prudii said.

Jorgan smiled in gratitude. It felt good to be back, after his demotion.

“Now, onto your op,” Garza said. “An SIS agent has crashed on Tatooine, carrying vital Intel on Imperial weaponry. I want you to rescue him before the Empire gets him.”

Prudii saluted. “Ma’am.”

“Before you leave,” she added, “I’d like to speak to you and Lieutenant Jorgan in private, if you would, Captain.”

Prudii inclined his head, and Dorne and Forex exited her office.

“I’ve found the Deadeyes,” she said. “Torve, at least, and possibly a few more.”

“Where?” Jorgan asked.

“Tatooine,” she said with a smile. “Rescue the agent first, and then I’ll turn a blind eye if you happen to be a little late reporting back. Tatooine is a big desert, after all.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” Jorgan said with a salute.

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11.19.2012 , 07:30 PM | #18
Chapter 14:
Tatooine Again

To Dorne’s surprise, old Jonas Balkar was sitting in the hangar waiting for them when they arrived on Tatooine.

“Of all the–” she laughed. “What are the odds of meeting him again?”

Prudii chuckled. “Given my luck? Pretty good.”

Balkar saw them coming and stood. “Good to see you again, Captain. Glad Havoc could make it out for this one. Congratulations on the promotion, by the way. How does it feel to be so big and important?”

Dorne raised an eyebrow. Prudii responded, “The same old job, just with a new hat.” Then he looked back at Dorne and winked.

She felt a little red-faced. She and Prudii had, in private, declared their attraction for one another. She was just beginning to come out of her shell. He seemed intent to help her along.

Balkar was explaining the situation to Jorgan and Prudii. Forex was away from the squad–apparently he had discussed with Prudii the possibility of operating independently on search-and-destroy and assassination missions.

“We’ll handle it,” Prudii said. “Havoc Squad, move out!”

When they reached the spy’s ship, Dorne covered their flank. A pair of Imperial soldiers jumped from hiding spots and opened fire. Dorne snapped off a shot and cut down the first, and then caught the second in the shoulder.

“Move!” Prudii said.

They ran through the cave and into the small valley-like area. The spy’s ship was visible over a hill, but it was surrounded by Imperials and battle droids.

“Take-take-take!” Prudii ordered.

All three opened fire. Two droids went down, and one Imperial whirled only to take a shot in the chest. As he collapsed, two more Imperials turned, and Jorgan made short work of them.

Suddenly, a sniper bolt whizzed from the direction of the Imperial ship. Prudii dodged and whipped out his pistol, snapping off three bolts at the sniper before ducking under cover. Dorne and Jorgan followed.

Prudii pulled a frag grenade from his belt and chucked it at the sniper. Dorne saw the man try to stand, only to be blown over by the grenade.

“Let’s find our spy,” Prudii said.

“Over here!” the spy called.

Prudii rolled his eyes as a squad of Imps charged toward the spy. “So much for being under cover,” he muttered.

The three members of Havoc Squad stood and cut down the Imperials around the spy. Dorne holstered her pistol.

“Ah, that felt good,” the spy said. “You don’t know how many times I had to talk myself out of murdering that walking scum.”

Dorne looked down and realized the spy had put a bolt through the Imperials’ commanding officer. She coughed.

“More Imps could be on the way,” Prudii said. “We need to get you out of here before that happens.”

“You’re right–the ‘rescue team’ will be here any time now,” the spy agreed. “But…we can’t leave yet.”

Prudii motioned for Dorne to stand guard, while he and Jorgan followed the spy. She nodded, knelt, and trained her pistol on the cave. Through the comlink, she heard the conversation.

“I have to rig the ship to blow,” the spy said. “That should vape all the evidence of my little disappearing act. Can you cover me?”

“Make it fast,” Prudii said.

Imperials began moving out of the cave. Dorne lifted her pistol and blasted one with the accuracy of a sniper.

“Sir! Contact!” she said.

“Hurry,” Prudii said curtly.

Jorgan and Prudii ran over to Dorne’s position. As the Imps charged, the three of them opened fire. One of the Imps went down from a bolt to the head and another took a clean chest shot. The last two broke for cover, but Prudii and Dorne quickly cut them down.

“Timer’s set!” called the spy. “She’s ready to blow.”

“Move!” Prudii said.

Elara bolted, following Prudii and the spy out through the cave, with Jorgan covering their rear. When they made it outside, the spy put his hands on his knees and bent over.

“Whew,” he muttered. “What a rush.”

“Dorne,” Prudii said. “Get the spy back to Anchorhead. Jorgan and I have some business to take care of. Meet you on the Thunderclap.”

“Yes, sir.”

* * *

Jorgan and Prudii rode past the Imperial outpost with the utmost care. The Imp guards outside Mos Anek were armed to the teeth and there were too many for them to take. Jorgan saw the small base where Garza said the Deadeyes would be.

“There, sir.” He motioned to the base. “We should keep low.”

Prudii nodded. Using rocks and dunes as cover, they ran to the base. Outside, a squad of Imperials took notice of them and opened fire.

“Return fire!” Prudii said.

Jorgan shouldered his rifle and blasted one Imp in the chest, then another. In that time, Prudii had taken out the other three.

“Inside,” Prudii ordered.

As he entered, Jorgan saw three men sitting on the ground. One of them he instantly recognized, and he gave a feral grin.

“On your feet, soldiers,” he barked in mock rage.

“Lieutenant Jorgan?” Torve exclaimed. “What are you doing here?”

Torve stood and dusted off his uniform, even though he was technically a lieutenant, as well–the Deadeyes’ CO. The other two, a large human and a Sullustan, stood with him.

“We’re getting you out of here,” Jorgan said.

“I thought we’d have been out of here weeks ago,” Torve muttered. He saw Prudii. “Who’s this?”

“I’m Captain Prudii, Jorgan’s CO. But, wait–you knew someone was going to get you out?”

“That was part of the plan, wasn’t it?” Torve asked, confused.

Jorgan’s blood went cold. “What plan?”

“It’s all there in the mission outline. Didn’t Zane brief you?”

Jorgan’s blood went from cold to hot. “Zane?” he asked. “As in ‘Senior Agent’ Zane? Man’s been nothing but trouble for us!”

“So he didn’t–? Oh. Then I’m afraid to say anything more. SIS orders.”

“We just saved your life,” Prudii said. “Surely you can tell us something?”

“But we…” Torve sighed. “Okay. Look, we let ourselves get caught. Some kind of top secret SIS op.”

Jorgan crossed his arms, not revealing his anger.

Torve continued, “They implanted tracking devices in us. Plan was to follow us through Imperial space, find out where the Imps ship their POWs, and then come rescue us.”

“The fact that you’re still here proves how lame that plan was,” Prudii said bluntly.

“Tell that to Zane,” Torve said with a shrug. “He was the brains behind all this. No one anticipated the Imps would split us up, ship us to labor camps. Surprised the SIS didn’t spring us then.”

“Typical SIS!” Jorgan said angrily. “Should have known better than to trust those spooks.”

“Too good an opportunity,” Torve disagreed. “You know how many troops we have in those camps.”

“What if the Imperials had executed you?” asked Jorgan.

“Things wouldn’t have been so bad if SIS had held up their end of the bargain,” Prudii said in a calming voice.

Jorgan shrugged. “Got that right. A good soldier never leaves a man behind. We’ll have it out with SIS later. For now, sit tight. I’ll call for an evac, get you boys home.”

Torve nodded and led his men outside to await the shuttle. Jorgan glanced at Prudii.

“Well. They’re off. The SIS had better have a good reason for leaving those men behind.”

“Maybe Zane would care to enlighten us,” said Prudii.

“I’m sure he’ll have something to say about this rescue op of ours,” Jorgan agreed. “Anyway, we’ve done all we can for now. I’ll see about getting the rest of those coordinates decrypted.”

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11.19.2012 , 08:26 PM | #19
I have to say Jorgan's companion quests are some of the better ones in the game. They feel like they have some meaning, some weight.
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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Quote: Originally Posted by iamthehoyden View Post
I have to say Jorgan's companion quests are some of the better ones in the game. They feel like they have some meaning, some weight.
Indeed. (Not) looking forward to writing the final one.