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Life Aboard the Thunderclap

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11.06.2012 , 01:05 PM | #1
First off, thanks to all the readers of Life of Lieutenant Pierce. Second, thanks to bright_ephemera's Overcoming Adviercity for inspiring me to write a trooper-related story! So: down to business. This is a trooper story that spans post-Ord Mantell to post-Corellia. Like bright_ephemera's mine will have a (very few) scenes from the actual story; so spoilers will be mandatory. Be ye warned! Also, the chapters will likely be shorter than those in Life of Lieutenant Pierce.

Chapter 1:
Left Behind at the Fleet

T7-O1=bored // Jedi=left T7 behind.”

Aric Jorgan looked down at the yellow-and-gray droid, as well as the other two waiting in line for the shuttle to Coruscant. One was a shaggy-haired man with scars over his face and neck. He had a rifle that looked lethal, yet old-fashioned. The other was a Trandoshan with a vibrosword.

“I know what you mean, little guy,” the Cathar replied. “The Lieutenant got the pass to the Esseles, but that stupid bouncer wouldn’t let me aboard. ‘No ticket, no pass’ he said.”

The shaggy man nodded. “Yeah. I mean, I don’t even know how my boss procured a ticket to the thing!”

Jorgan raised an eyebrow. “Huh?”

The man seemed nervous. “Ah, nothing. I’m Corso Riggs. You?”

Lieutenant–no, “Sergeant Aric Jorgan,” he said, gritting his sharp teeth.

“Am Qyzen Fess,” the Trandoshan rumbled. “Was also left to travel on small shuttle while Jedi took big transport.”

Jorgan frowned. “Did we somehow become teamed up with the four most famous people in the galaxy?”

“Infamous, maybe,” Corso muttered.



* * *

By the time the shuttle landed on Coruscant, Jorgan was highly suspicious of Corso’s boss. Corso had repeatedly deflected questions about his identity, and his occupation.

“Where are they?” Jorgan wondered. “Esseles should have gotten here hours before us.”

Corso shrugged. “Let’s check the HoloNet.”

He pulled out a datapad and keyed in a frequency. T7-O1 and Qyzen Fess came in close.

“…Imperials attacked the Republic vessel known as the Esseles in an attempt to capture ambassador Vyn Asara. A lieutenant in the famous Havoc Squad, as well as two Jedi and an unknown quantity, a freelancer, repelled the attack. More to come after…”

Corso deactivated the datapad.

“Freelancer?” Jorgan asked. “Gunrunner?”

Corso nodded. “Sometimes.”

Soon, a shuttle from the Esseles landed. Prudii seemed utterly embarrassed to see Jorgan, though he seemed to have come out of the battle for the better. The two Jedi looked like they could be related, but one had far darker hair than the other. And Corso’s boss was a male Mirialan with a brown-orange jacket and a pair of pistols in quick-draw holsters.

“Looks like I’m out of here,” Jorgan said. “See you around, Corso.”

The other man nodded. “Certainly.”

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11.06.2012 , 02:07 PM | #2
Just a heads up, you may want to have a line of blank space between paragraphs. It makes things easier to read ^^
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11.06.2012 , 02:10 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by imnotawitch View Post
Just a heads up, you may want to have a line of blank space between paragraphs. It makes things easier to read ^^
Will do.

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11.06.2012 , 02:16 PM | #4
Ooh, now I can read it!

I love the idea of the companions being left behind while their bosses take the Esseles. Might be interesting to do a similar short for the imps. Then again... Khem+Kaliyo+Mako+Vette... Would there be any survivors?
"Those who dance are considered insane by those who can't hear the music."- George Carlin
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11.07.2012 , 03:31 PM | #5
Chapter 2:
Get Off My Lawn!

Jorgan and Prudii had just returned from the Old Galactic Market when Senate Security captain Dak Alteka called them to a meeting in the Senate plaza’s cantina, just below the tower.

“Better not keep a captain waiting,” Jorgan said.

Prudii and Jorgan walked into the cantina and Jorgan was surprised to see Corso Riggs leaning on the bar, alongside the Mirialan.

“Dankin,” Prudii said. “What’s going on?”

Jorgan tilted his head. “You know him?”

Prudii nodded. “Yeah, a guy I knew back in the Academy. It’s his brother.”

Jorgan nodded to Dankin.

“What’s going on?” Dankin asked.

“We were asked to meet someone here,” Prudii replied.

“Me too,” Dankin said.

Captain Alteka walked in, his Senate security armor perfectly polished and his rifle slung over his shoulder.

“Gentlemen,” he said. “We’re facing a problem and we figured the heroes of the Esseles would be the ones to fix it.”

“What about the Jedi?” Dankin asked.

“They’re busy,” Alteka replied. “One is helping with a kidnapping at the spaceport and the other is dealing with a very sick Jedi Master.”

“What’s the op?” Prudii asked.

“War protestors, a group calling themselves the ‘True Republic,’ are mounting a very large protest in the Senate plaza.”

Jorgan shifted his feet awkwardly. Prudii had “helped” one of the True Republic’s members, a girl named Spirakris Zarem; acquire a parcel of Senate documents. Respectful of freedom of speech, Prudii had given her agricultural documents, instead.

“What are they doing?” Dankin asked.

“Nothing much,” replied Alteka. “But Chancellor Janarus is passing through, and we think they may get to him. Our guards are busy preparing his escort, so we want you four to clear out the plaza.”

“We can’t exactly shoot ‘em with heavy blasters, sir,” Prudii noted.

“Of course,” Alteka agreed. “Which is why you will be supplied with riot blasters. Push the group back to at least the speeder pad, if not loading them onto taxis away from the plaza, then give me the signal it’s all clear on the comlink.”

Prudii nodded. “Will do, sir.”

* * *

Jorgan finished charging his riot rifle and looked out of the Senate tower’s doors. Prudii and Corso loaded their own rifles, but Dankin armed himself with only a small stun pistol.

“Let’s go,” Prudii said.

Jorgan followed him out, and as the people saw the familiar white armor of Republic soldiers, roars of cheering and booing simultaneously rose from the crowd.

“Senatorial lackeys!” some said.

“Heroes!” others called. “Our true patriots!”

It almost made Jorgan feel bad about what was going to happen. Prudii hadn’t been able to convince the armory to give them full helmets yet, so he was forced to yell rather than project his voice with a helmet’s speaker.

“Listen up!” he said. “We understand your concerns and will gladly take time to listen to them in time! But now is not that time! There is more than one crisis at hand right now, and having the Republic’s own people dissenting is not helpful!”

Some people began to leave the crown, and Jorgan gave them a silent salute. They were the ones who truly had the Republic’s best interests at heart.

Others surged forward. Prudii nodded, and Jorgan and Corso each fired at a single person, intentionally missing. That sent several more people running, but others only got madder.

Prudii opened up his rifle on the ground in front of them. That made them surge forward, so they had to begin stunning people. Jorgan winced as his bolts found target after target. Prudii had a look of equal discomfort on his face, and Corso looked a little queasy. Only Dankin kept his face a mask of neutrality.

Finally, the people began to realize that Prudii was not kidding. Slowly, the crowds dispersed, and a few medics ran from the tower to help with the stunned.

“Captain Alteka,” Prudii said into his comlink. “Mission accomplished.”

“Good job,” Alteka replied.

“We’d better report to Garza,” Jorgan said. “She’ll be piping mad we made her wait this long, but hopefully she’ll understand. Let’s hurry.”

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11.08.2012 , 12:26 PM | #6
Coruscant Trooper spoilers!

Chapter 3:
The Sewers

Well, Jorgan thought, I did want a helmet.

Only this wasn’t exactly what he had imagined. It was not the full-faced, T-visor helmet of the Republic troops he’d seen on Ord Mantell and in other places. It was an ugly thing, at least twenty years old–the style of Coruscant Security during the beginning of the Great Galactic War.

It was more of a hat than helmet; it was black and short-brimmed, with goggles on top and purple trim around the edges that Jorgan had painted orange to match his armor. The purple still showed through, though.

Prudii’s was better, but not much. It was at least white, though. Sleek and pointed in the back, it had a large visor that covered the eyes and upper nose, but it was bulky and unwieldy.

“Where are the helmets you see in the history vids?” he asked. “The ones heroes like Colonel Jace Malcom or Tavus–pre-betrayal–wore?”

“Higher priority squads,” Prudii replied. “Not for a rookie lieutenant and a former lieutenant from a sniper squad trying to rebuild what was once the Republic’s best team.”

Jorgan inclined his head. “Good point, I guess. But how does this–” he gestured to his helmet, “–protect me at all?”

Prudii shrugged. “I don’t know, but hey. It has a comlink bud, so don’t complain.”

“Shh!” Jorgan suddenly said. “I hear voices.”

They were in an underground part of Coruscant known as The Works, hunting former Havoc Squad CO Jek Kardan, hoping he could tell them where Tavus and the others were.

Prudii drew his pistol and motioned for Jorgan to enter the room. Drawing his rifle, Jorgan nodded and entered, weapon raised. Prudii flashed around the corner, pistol raised. Kardan was speaking to a squad of Imperial troops.

“Still alive, huh?” Kardan asked. “You really should’ve gotten out of this while you were ahead, soldier.” He turned. “Now you’re a risk to Tavus and my people. So. Havoc Squad or not, I’m gonna have to kill you.”

“Really care about Tavus and the others?” Prudii challenged. “Why’d you let them defect, then?”

“I’ve made my choice. Tavus, Wraith, Needles, Gearbox, Fuse…they’re like my children,” Kardan said. “And I abandoned them. I resigned and let them fight alone.” He shook his head. “Just to make a point. They need me now more than ever. I’m not going to abandon them. Not this time.”

“The Imperials are the enemy!” shouted Prudii. “You aren’t one of them, Kardan.”

“I read your file, Kardan,” Jorgan added. “I saw what you’ve done. You, you were a hero. You have not betrayed the Republic yet. You don’t have to.”

“The Republic came just as close to killing me as the Empire ever did,” Kardan replied. Then, he continued sadly, “As far as I’m concerned, everyone’s my enemy.” He backed away a step. “I know you’re trying to get into my head, soldier, and it isn’t going to work.”

“No, sir,” Prudii responded. “I’m just talking, one soldier to another.”

“What do we have to talk about?” Kardan asked honestly. “Our objectives are completely at odds. I’m trying to keep my people alive, and you’re trying to kill them. That’s all there is to it, soldier.”

“I served with them, too. I want to bring them in alive.”

“Well, you’ve certainly taken your time trying to kill me.”

Jorgan was actually beginning to feel a glimmer of hope that Kardan would surrender.

“You’ve already compromised the relay,” said Kardan. “Even if we take you out, it’s only a matter of time before Garza has this place slagged for a klick in every direction.” He stepped forward. “And by now, Garza will know where every one of the defectors’ bases are. They’ll be tethered banthas, cut off from each other and all–”

One of the Imperials finally had enough. “Excuse me sir, but shouldn’t we be–”

Ignoring him, Kardan continued. “The Imperials might help, but it won’t be much. They’ll all be left to die.”

“Tavus and the others, they’ll follow your lead,” said Prudii. “If you turn yourself in…well, maybe they will, too.”

“Can’t believe it’s come to this,” Kardan said to himself.

The Imperial seemed alarmed now. “Sir?”

“All right, soldier, I’ll go along with this,” said Kardan. “But if you harm a single one of my people, you’ll be dead within a day. Understood?”

“You’ve got my word on it, Kardan.”

Kardan nodded. “Then let’s get on with this.”

The Imperial soldier snapped, “I can’t let you go into enemy custody alive, Kardan.”

Jorgan retrained his rifle on the soldier.

“Are you still here?” Kardan asked. “The op’s over, people. Finished. Mission failed. So get out of here while you’ve still got legs to carry you.”

“You leave me no choice, sir.” The Imperial loaded his rifle. “Open fire, men!”

“Take-take-take!” Prudii said.

“Taking the shot!” Jorgan replied.

Jorgan shot the loudmouth Imperial in the chest, while Prudii shot one with his pistol before quickly holstering it and drawing his rifle. The other two Imps, seeing their companions go down, turned to take cover, and Jorgan and Prudii shot them down.

“Mission accomplished,” Jorgan said.

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11.09.2012 , 01:59 PM | #7
Chapter 4:
The Thunderclap

As Jorgan boarded their new, top-of-the-line BT-7 Thunderclap, he felt a little thrill rush through him. A gold protocol model droid walked up to Prudii, but Jorgan paid it no mind as he wandered through the ship.

There was a small but well-stocked armory, with enough rifles to stock a full six-man squad and then some, and a few backup suits of armor. No helmets, unfortunately.

When Prudii finally pulled himself away from the protocol unit, he activated the holocom and requested permission to leave Coruscant.

They were on their way.

* * *

After the mission to rescue the Senator, Wraith slipped through their grasp. Jorgan kicked himself for that; he could’ve gotten to Wraith while Prudii saved the Senator.

But it couldn’t be helped.

Now they were sitting docked at Carrick Station, waiting for Garza to decode the info and give them the locations of the traitors.

In their time off, Prudii had been summoned to help with an internal crisis, something about a Republic weapon called Hammer. Jorgan didn’t like being left behind, but it had to be a small team, and they had recruited the still-rising stars: the heroes of the Esseles.

When Prudii returned, he tossed a large, round object at Jorgan. Jorgan caught it and looked down. It was a Republic soldier’s helmet–a real one, like he’d seen in the vids.

“Sir?” he asked.

“After my help in the Hammer Station incident, the Republic saw fit to supply us with these,” Prudii replied.

Jorgan saw that Prudii was holding a helmet of his own under his arm. Jorgan gave him a feral grin and tossed his stupid hat to the ground, slamming his helmet down over his head and enjoying the feeling of being overwhelmed by the HUD.

* * *

Jorgan sat in the main hold of the Thunderclap and watched as Prudii conversed with Garza. She had decrypted the info–Taris and Nar Shaddaa were their first targets.

“Great,” Jorgan said when Garza closed the line. “Let’s go.”

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11.10.2012 , 11:56 AM | #8
Chapter 5:
Slogging Through the Swamps

Jorgan was thankful for his new helmet now more than ever. Taris stank–stank bad–and the helmet at least filtered out some of it. Prudii didn’t seem to be affected, but he’d been quiet since they’d met Sergeant Dorne.

“So what do you think of Dorne?” he asked.

“Trying not to,” Prudii replied.

Jorgan grinned under his helmet. Bingo. “Pretty girl,” Jorgan said. “For a human.”

Prudii tilted his head. “I prefer women of my own species.”

“When was the last time you saw another Zabrak?” Jorgan asked. “Come on, you can’t be picky in the army.”

“Odds are we’ll never see her again after we leave Taris,” Prudii said. “I don’t want to get involved.”

“Like you didn’t 'get involved' with Jaxo?” Jorgan asked sarcastically.

Prudii nodded, deadpan. “Exactly.”

So that was what was bothering him. Jorgan guessed he wasn't one for short-term relationships, which was exactly what his fling with Jaxo had been.

Out of nowhere leapt three rakghouls, poisoned claws extending. Jorgan fired three times into one’s brain, then whirled and knocked another against the head. Prudii had the third down, and quickly executed it with a blast to the head.

“Third attack in five minutes,” Prudii said. “Stay alert.”

Jorgan nodded, deciding to drop the subject of Dorne, for now. He knew Prudii would open up when he wanted.

They found the location of the final missing recon squad, and it didn’t look pretty. Jorgan frowned and saw a strange purple wave cross his visor.

“Stealthed enemy!” he said.

He and Prudii swept the area with fire. Several pirates uncloaked and opened fire on them, but their armor absorbed the shots. They quickly killed the rest of the pirates.

While Prudii contacted Dorne so she could triangulate the coordinates of Needles’ base, Jorgan swept the area for more pirates. He kept his rifle up, in case rakghouls leapt from the shadows again.

“Got it,” Prudii said. “Come on.”

He’d already shut down his holocommunicator. Jorgan nodded and followed, but kept his rifle out to keep safe from any more raks.

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11.11.2012 , 01:51 PM | #9
Comments and suggestions are welcome!

Chapter 6:
The New Girl

Jorgan welcomed Dorne to the crew with all the congratulation she deserved. He was glad to have someone else in the crew, especially someone of her skills.

Though Needles was dead, Havoc Squad was not yet ready to leave Taris. Captain Childress of Taris’ regiment had requested Havoc’s help in finding an old Republic mystery: the Endar Spire. In addition, an emergency had been posted on the HoloNet, stating that Mandalorians had stolen several Republic warheads.

That must’ve struck a chord with Prudii like it did with Jorgan, with the memory of the ZR-57 and Ord Mantell still fresh. Prudii had agreed to fight through the Mandalorians.

“I know a little about the Mandalorians,” said Jorgan as the three members of Havoc Squad watched the camp below. “They did attack my homeworld three hundred years ago, after all. But I’ve always been curious. Prudii is a Mandalorian name, right?”

Prudii nodded hesitantly. “It’s a story for another time, though. For now, we need to get those missiles back.”

“Strategy, lieutenant?” asked Dorne. But with her accent, it was ‘leftenant.’

“I’ll rush in head-on, while you and Jorgan sweep around from either angle. We take out the guards and recover the missiles, then leave before the Mandalorians call reinforcements.”

Jorgan nodded. “I’ll go left, unless you have an argument, Dorne?”

Even though she was wearing a helmet, he could see she did not understand his small joke.

“Why would direction be a preference?” she asked.

Prudii barked out a laugh. “It’ll be good to have you around, Dorne.”

Then he charged. Jorgan leapt to his feet and rushed left, firing on the Mandalorian guards on that flank. His rifle caught one in the chest, but his armor deflected it. Jorgan fired again, hitting his throat. That pierced it.

Dorne was shooting on the right side, her pistol piercing the men with lethal precision between slits in the armor. Prudii bashed the foremost Mando in the head, knocking him out. Jorgan blasted another in the chin.

“Good job,” Prudii said. “Missiles, now.”

The three members of Havoc Squad approached the warheads beside a Mandalorian dropship. As Prudii accessed the missiles, Jorgan thought he heard a faint whine. He whirled in time to see a Mandalorian landing. This one was blocky, and he looked like the clan’s warlord.

Jorgan shouted a warning, and Prudii and Elara whirled. The three of them opened fire on the warlord as one. The Mando pulled a vibrosword and charged at Prudii. Jorgan raised his rifle to his eye and blasted the Mandalorian, but the armor was better made than his troops’.

Prudii got in closer and slammed his rifle into the warlord’s head, while Dorne sprayed him with a carbonite stream. The warlord fell, and Prudii finished him off with a shot to the head.

“Good work, Sergeant,” Jorgan said.

“Thank you, Sergeant,” replied Dorne.

* * *

Jorgan charged into the Endar Spire, blasting pirates and guarding the slicers as they hacked the computer. More pirates rappelled from the ducts of the ships, and Prudii caught one before he left his cord.

Jorgan watched as Dorne shot one pirate in an artery. The pirate fell and began to bleed out. Jorgan finished him with a clean shot.

“We got it,” the slicer said. “We can return to Captain Childress.”

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11.12.2012 , 03:33 PM | #10
Chapter 7:
The Smuggler's Moon

Jorgan and Prudii left the cantina from meeting with Jonas Balkar, an SIS agent who was going to help them find M1-4X, the prototype war droid that seemed to be Garza’s pet project.

Sitting at the back of the cantina, Dorne saw them exit and took her cue. She stood and walked over to meet them.

“So?” she asked.

“Bank robber,” Jorgan said wryly.

Though Dorne was not one hundred percent certain why he found this funny, she figured it had something to do with the seeming commonplace crime on Nar Shaddaa being busted by a group like Havoc Squad.

Dorne shrugged and smiled. “Well, then let’s play CorSec.”

Surprised, Prudii and Jorgan paused before erupting in laughter. Dorne joined them, glad to finally show them her less strict side.

* * *

Dorne scowled as she blasted the last of the ex-Republic forces. Prudii’s holocom was already beeping, probably Balkar checking in on them. She wasn’t particularly interested in hearing this, so she walked outside the bank and knelt, seeing a rend in the ground Forex had made in his and Captain Andrik’s escape.

It was heading toward the speeder pad.

“Blast,” she said.

“What?” Jorgan asked.

Surprised, Dorne looked up as he exited the bank. She shook her head and motioned to the mechanical footprint.

“They’re leaving this sector,” she said.

“We’ll find them,” he assured her.

“Andrik is good,” Prudii said as he walked out. “But Balkar’s working on it. Come on.”

* * *

Dorne walked backwards out of the lounge, her pistol still trained on the Imperials inside. They had a location for Andrik, but even so the gray uniform she’d once loved now made her nervous.

“You all right?” Prudii asked.

“Just gives me bad memories,” she replied. “But I’ll stay focused on the mission.”

She holstered her pistol. Jorgan glanced back at the lounge, but the doors slammed shut. Dorne wondered what Jorgan was thinking.

“Here we come, Andrik,” said Prudii.