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Is it just me, or does Containment give WAY too much resolve?

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Is it just me, or does Containment give WAY too much resolve?

TheAlopex's Avatar

11.06.2012 , 12:21 AM | #1
I thought mezzes (breaks on damage) gave resolve per second of the duration, which I read was 100 per second. Stuns give 200 per second. So if I were to break the mez right away, it should only cause 500 resolve by the end of the stun.

But it seems to me that every time I use it, no matter how early or late I break it, the resolve bar always goes up to almost full. Just using it on an enemy at half a resolve bar seems to fill it up to white, and then the subsequent on-damage stun will have no affect at all - it'll just give them longer immunity.

With Force Stun nerfed to complete uselessness, I was hoping Containment would serve as a replacement tool at 30m, but with the amount of resolve it seems to be causing (definitely more than 500 for an immediate break-and-stun), it just doesn't seem all that worth it.

Am I wrong on this? Do I just not understand resolve enough yet?

Altheran's Avatar

11.06.2012 , 07:26 AM | #2
Mezzes (and all CC anyway) give resolve for the full duration right at the beginning, so never you'll be able to build 500 resolve with Force lift (and this is ever less likely with Concealment).

If now it doesn't give full bar, thank BioWare, because before 1.4 patch, it was Force lift = 800 resolve, then Concealment = 400 resolve => build 1000+ resolve = full resolve bar.