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Me? I "Jedi Master" for a living. You?

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Me? I "Jedi Master" for a living. You?

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11.05.2012 , 12:48 PM | #1
I'd like to both suggest, and also collect some ideas in this thread, if you guys would indulge me.
After seeing half of my weekly Ops group "take a break" because "endgame is a bit thin" and discovering that all of the Ops groups in my guild are in the same boat...and many guilds across the mega-server are in the same ocean... I started thinking about the problem in a kind of meta way.

What do I do when I get off from work? Write computer games? Make stuff in Photoshop? Read books? Hang out with friends? Build things? Yes to all. And for a few hours on several evenings per week, I play Swtor.

So, what does my Lvl 50 Jedi Shadow do when he has down time? I mean, the guy has been given the title of Master by the council. He's in Campaign gear, working on Terror from Beyond now. But what else? Is his only purpose condensed down to a couple of hours of challenging raid content each week? Why does this Jedi Master seem to live on the Republic Fleet? Why doesn't he seem to have any kind of duties or responsibilities at all whatsoever from the Jedi Council? Does "Master" actually mean anything in the game?

I propose that Bioware develop an extra layer of statistics. This is a reasonable request because it essentially already happens every couple of months. But this layer of statistics would not simply be a new set of gear to obtain. It would exist in addition.

The concept is already well-established in role-playing games. In many, such as Kotor, statistics are not determined solely by the outfit one puts on in the morning. There's a set of "slots," as it were, for stats applied directly onto the character. This is *kind of* in TOR, via a few 1% buffs in the skill tree, but I'd argue that if there's room to keep bumping armor levels up, then why not this?

The trade-off would be that in order to gain those sorts of stats, you might engage in any manner of side activities that BW feels like doing to extend the game. Could be bounty quests, missions from the council, training exercises with get the idea. Just things that work sort of like the daily missions, only that have something to do with who my character is. Things that carry a bit of "what do I feel like doing."

Best part, balance-wise, is that for PvP, you can simply turn that "set" of stats off. So, no complaints from the PvPers that they now have to PvE to gain personal stats. Contrast that with armor, where every time a new PvE set rolls out, Bioware has to struggle with making sure PvE armor is not too optimal in PvP and vice-versa.

The addition of, essentially, careers to the game would give players a reason to step back onto other worlds, meet up with up-and-coming players, expand their characters, and gain a bit more "Star Wars" rather than "monster of the month."

What do we think?
I make useful, game-expanding suggestions.
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12.05.2012 , 09:49 AM | #2
A bit of a necro but I like where this idea is headed but I don't think additional buffs are the way to go for this. Maybe these "career" related quests can be available at all levels and provide people who play at odd hours(me) with a chance to gain social points. There could be quests that only involve npcs and quests that also involve one additional player(or maybe something like the priest's sermons in Wurm online). I would definitely like more small ingame things available to my specific class.

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12.05.2012 , 09:52 AM | #3
Ooh, social pts--that's good too!
I make useful, game-expanding suggestions.
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12.05.2012 , 01:24 PM | #4
Well it sounds interesting, but is not very specific. The datacrons could be said to be similar to this... even though a lot of players don't collect the set because it's time-consuming, it's quite a few datacrons and quite a boost to stats if you collect them all. Also similar is the ability to Augment your equipment (14 augments add up to quite a stat boost).

Is that essentially what you're talking about, is a page of Augment additions that would acitvate only while not in PvP? Perhaps it could even accept "virtual Augments" that are not limited to the crafted Augments, but rather through [WEEKLY] special missions you receive a 7-day "Mission Items" inventory item that can be dragged to your page of Augment additions. Which would open it up to including special abilities, not just stat increases. Perhaps Sage Healers could improve their Force Armor ability slightly, or add a 20-second +MovementSpeed buff to one of their special abilities that has a cooldown.
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12.05.2012 , 04:18 PM | #5
What about the idea of social points?

Also the type of missions I'm thinking of would involve things like a Jedi Master/Knight(doesnt need to be full fledged master) going back to Tython to teach a class and train/duel with padawans(this could include padawans controlled by other players). I'm sure that there are other class specific things that can be done and dont need to be huge quest chains, just small class specific things to do along with or after the class quests.

AggieElf's Avatar

05.20.2013 , 02:28 AM | #6
I know this is a necro-post, but I like this idea. For those of us who like RP-ing or immersion, this sounds like a fun and nott-game-breaking thing to include. if I'm going to grind dailies, I'd rather do it on something my character would actually do, rather than simply clear Makeb or Section X again.