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Here is my observations as to why we are having lag and a possible fix

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Here is my observations as to why we are having lag and a possible fix

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11.05.2012 , 11:06 AM | #1
Yesterday while playing on alderaan I was getting what everyone is complaining about: lag, ability hesitation, and the red x. There were around 70 people on the planet me included. What I did was switch instances to where there were only 8 including me and all my issues DISAPEARED! The game ran beautifully no issues at all.

So from what I have noticed this means it is you and not us that is the problem. I say this because you keep asking for information from us, I am no techie so I don't know if anything people are giving you are pointing you to the problem. Since you guys implemented the new super servers these have been your issues.

So from what I have observed your servers can't handle to amount of people playing on a particular planet. I was playing on alderaan with 70 others and getting issues then switch to the instance with 8 and the issues went away. I believe you need to change how many people can be in an instance (suggestion try 50 if that doesn't work do 40, 30... etc.) This may fix your problem. You will also have to take away that silly 30 minute wait on switching instances why you have timer on this I don't understand. Since chat is connected to all instance I don't see why this would be bad people could still ask for help and switch instances to help each other. (Guild Wars 1 did which worked nicely)