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Resolve Thread #1 Billion

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Resolve Thread #1 Billion

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11.06.2012 , 11:53 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by JackNader View Post
So I should have added "continuously" to the end of that sentence.. shoot me. 20 second aoe knockback with a root.. please. Sorcs can also spec into that too btw. Fat lot of good it does them too when they'll just be leaped too, rooted and stunned to death.
What you should've done was not make **** up.

I can't believe i have to argue the point here. This community has had to deal with stunlock deaths for almost a year. How many people have unsubed over this? How many threads have been posted on this BB concerning it? How many times have we heard people complain they can't play their character because they are being stunned to death.
People did not unsub over stuns. They unsubbed because

1. BW lied about RWZ in 1.2, and 400,000 people quit around that time
2. They got rid of world pvp.
3. Nothing to do end game.
4. Craptacular class balances. Mainly the nerfs to dps sage and commandos.

As for healers being unkillable with my changes.. NO. I've explained in great detail the problem with bioware's healing mechanics in previous threads. I warned people what would happen if bioware continues to push gear upgrades without entering an offset mechanic. Heals do FULL healing.. They bypass armor completely and heal for the full amount. Every time bioware releases new gear they increase the damage, healing, armor and hit points. It doesn't take a genius to work out that damage is being offset by the armor and hit points at least marginally but heals have NOTHING to offset it. Bioware implemented a half assed fix back in 1.2 when they reduced the pvp healing rate through expertise. My god why is this **** so hard for people to understand? Healing got a kick in the teeth in 1.2. It worked but all they did was kick the can down the road. The resolve system should have nothing to do with being able to kill healers. The fact that it presently does should speak volumes. You can't have a headache without an underlying cause.
Heals do not do full healing. Expertise only eats into part of the trauma debuff. Holy crap man, are you a troll? I find it funny you're saying healing has nothing to offset it so it will be too strong, but then you see threads on the forums complaining about too much damage. LOLS.

Quite frankly I can kill healers fine when they are not guarded and I'm taunted. Granted my DPS character is min/maxed and I run the highest "sustained" single target burst spec in the game. Other classes are not so fortunate. So again don't pass the buck onto the resolve changes and cry you won't be able to kill healers when clearly it's biowares healing mechanics that are flawed.
You must be playing against bad healers then. I have both a commando and sage healer and before I quit several months ago, I was on the best rep pvp guild (quite possibly the best on server), and there was no one that can solo kill me. They might shut me down so I couldn't heal teammate, but they couldn't kill me so it was a stalemate, and frankly that is what it should be.

Reverting the 1.4 changes back to what they were will achieve NOTHING. Not a damn thing. People complained bitterly about the system before. I can't believe I keep reading this statement. Do you people have goldfish syndrome or something? At least Bioware had enough foresight to realize their resolve system was failing and decided to do something about it. Granted they messed it up further but at least they tried!
Only bads complained about the resolve system being broken before 1.4. Nobody was had a high rating in RWZs complained about it being broken.

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11.07.2012 , 12:18 AM | #32
**** man. Unbelievable.

Every time bioware puts out new gear it increases MAIN stat, ARMOR, HIT points.

Guess what heals are based off! That's right MAIN stat. Guess what Damage is based off. That's right MAIN stat.
Damage is naturally reduced by the players armor. But oh wait Bioware also buffs hitpoints and armor to offset the increase in damage due to main stat. What's offsetting heals? If you say damage or trauma I will reach through this monitor and slap your *** so bad. Heals are increasing in potency at a rate faster than damage. This is fact. It's not *********** debatable and yet here you are debating it. .

Why the hell do you think bioware altered the expertise healing mechanic in 1.2 in the first place! Why do you think the healing component is half of what the damage stat is? So what's occured since 1.2. They brought out augments for everything, Elite war hero gear, etc etc. Did the trauma debuff increase to compensate for the gear upgrades? No. Was the healing expertise stat reduced again? No.

Seriously smashmonkey.. Just stop posting.

"before I quit several months ago" Are you saying you don't even play this game anymore? Holy **** man. ****!

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11.13.2012 , 03:21 AM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by JackNader View Post
Second point..

How is changing all the 4second stuns to ranged knockdowns unfair? ALL classes who have an ability that fits this description would change. Right now the biggest offenders for causing stunlocked players are the 4 second hard stuns. Sure we could simply remove these stuns completely from the game but if we did that how would we interrupt HD, ravage, ambush etc? This is why I elected to change the ability to a ranged knockdown. In fact debilitate would go from a 4m range to a 10m range so it is to a snipers advantage. Hell, the range of those abilities could be set back to 30m and even have a slow mechanic attached to them.
Why the hell would I want a 1,5 sec knockdown, when I got it on Hidden Strike already + I cant do anything while theyre knocked down, why you may ask...because the GCD is lame. I like my 30 sec cd stun

an Operative who likes the resolve and stuns as it is!
Iam Dog / Bishwhet
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11.13.2012 , 06:05 AM | #34
Who said it would respected global cooldown? As an operative would you like to be able to knockdown a shrouded sin? I sure would on my operative

And btw if people must have their stuns then they would use the exact same mechanic as a mez where they build resolve per second stunned. The amount of resolve they build would be a lot. 300 per second.