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Not able to Set up a Subscription

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Not able to Set up a Subscription

serventis's Avatar

12.19.2011 , 10:42 PM | #1
Ive been unable to set up a Subscription every time i try i receive a Error "We're sorry, but we can't perform transactions to this credit card. Please load a different one"

The Card is Valid has money in it and my Bank Branch said there is nothing wrong with the account, i opened a Ticket about this 2 days ago and have yet to receive a answer and now that there is only 2 days left until my account becomes Deactivated i have become increasingly Worried, i also know there a few other people that are also having this issue and i ask that Bioware respond with the EXACT reason why it isnt accepting my card so i can attempt to fix the situation.

Before people start saying use Paypal I dont trust them ive lost money with them before and wont use them again.
If you reply with TLDR you shouldnt be replying at all.