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░▒ The Army of Light ▒░ Top Progression Raiding [Republic]

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░▒ The Army of Light ▒░ Top Progression Raiding [Republic]

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11.04.2012 , 06:12 PM | #1
The Army of Light





"The Time is Always Right to do What is Right."
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Founded: February 2010
Leadership Structure: High Council lead by High General Jephos Mispir
Alignment: Galactic Republic
Imperial Alt Guild: The Army of Darkness
Style: Role-play (RP) | Player-vs.-Environment (PvE) | Player-vs.-Player (PvP)
Current Membership Size: 100+
Server: The Ebon Hawk (RP-PvE, US East)
Communication: Xat Chat Rooms | Private Ventrilo Server | Deluxe Forums
Age Group: Preferred 18+ (16 Minimum)
Time Zone: All Accepted (US East-Based)
Recruitment: Jedi Consulars | Jedi Knights | Smugglers | Troopers
Requirements: Maturity | Respect | Dignity | Loyalty

The Army of Light Trailer: Here
Fight On Trailer: Here
Sacrifice Trailer: Here
The Light Trailer: Here
Saving The Republic Trailer: Here
A New Army Trailer: Here
Reborn Trailer: Here
Valor Trailer: Here
War Trailer: Here

The Army of Light YouTube Channel


Ventrilo Server Information
Port: 8454
Password: Available Upon Request


O' Brave, ancient galaxy, that hath such soldiers in it...
Guardians of peace and justice...
Civilization begins with order, grows with liberty, and is defended through sacrifice...
Every generation has its challenges - its own battle to face...
Our ally is the Force - through the strength of the Force the shroud of evil holds no sway over us...
We have dedicated ourselves to rekindling the light of the Order - ours may be a smaller beacon, but it has been growing both in size and in brilliance...

We are like tempered steel, purposeful and razor-keen. Always we shall be in the front rank, a burning brand to our enemies, a brilliant fire to our friends. Ours is a restless life, and never shall we know peace, though we shall be blessed for the peace that we give to others. We shall take comfort in the fact that, though we stand tall and alone, others may take shelter in the Light we cast...



What is The Army of Light?
The Army of Light (AL) is an established guild for the Bioware title, Star Wars: The Old Republic (SW:TOR). It has a light Role-play (RP) atmosphere and focuses on both Player-vs.-Environment (PvE) and Player-vs.Player (PvP) in-game. The AL is open to all regardless of race, origin, belief, culture, religion, political affiliation, age, time zone, country, local area, gender, or experience. However, a strict dedication to the Republic and the guild are required for membership. Our host server in-game is The Ebon Hawk.

How was The Army of Light Founded?

The foundation began to fall into place in late January of 2010. Dissatisfied with poor leadership and environments lacking in both maturity and dedication, Master Jephos Mispir struck out to see where the Force would lead him. He began to understand the fundamental flaw within the Republic – the allowance and even welcoming of Imperials and practitioners of the Dark Side. Therefore, he began to recruit others to the cause - to assist him in creating a new Republic stronghold, free of the corruption and impurities that plagued so many others. Together they laid out the framework for what would ultimately become the guild, and shortly thereafter The Army of Light was officially established in February of 2010.

What does The Army of Light Offer?
The guild provides a sanctuary and a home for over 100 citizens of the Republic. Membership makes one a part of one the oldest, most established, and highly respected organizations in the entire SW:TOR community. In addition to the large support network of experienced administrators and Flag Officers that is available 24/7, the AL is hosted on a professionally purchased and maintained web domain that features full chat rooms, deluxe forums, and an interactive role-playing environment.

What other Features does The Army of Light Provide?
The AL maintains its privately owned Ventrilo client for voice communication, its own web forums, and periodically releases member-created guild materials. In addition, the AL coordinates social activities for members and allies designed to provide an enjoyable, stress-relieving, community-building atmosphere. These include game, trivia, and movie nights, chat room “DJs”, role-playing scenarios and story lines, and contests.

What does it mean that The Army of Light is a “Role-play” Guild?
This means that we, on occasion, choose to act as our in-game personas as opposed to only as individuals sitting at keyboards. The reason is so that we can more fully immerse ourselves in the Star Wars universe and better enjoy our time spent here by “living the fantasy” as opposed to simply playing a computer game. This philosophy affects everything from our behavior and language when interacting with one another to our titles and the guild chain of command. Besides, who’s never dreamt of being a lightsaber-wielding Jedi, an indomitable Trooper, or a dashing Smuggler?



What Type of Person is The Army of Light Seeking to Recruit?
The Army of Light is seeking those who are dedicated, mature, and willing to exclusively support the Galactic Republic and the guild. We do not wish to limit potential recruits before the actual application process is complete, there is a major requirement that must be met: maturity. This is a defining characteristics that all AL members must possess as immaturity is not tolerated. The Army of Light is an equal opportunity guild. We do not discriminate based on:

~ Belief | Religion
~ Political Affiliation
~ Time Zone | Country | Local Area
~ Race
~ Origin
~ Age 18+ preferred (16 minimum)
~ Gender

Are There any Other Requirements for Membership?
Members are to be of the highest personal character. A deep dedication to continuous learning, integrity, maturity, humility, and loyalty is mandatory for membership. No member may belong to any other guild while a member of The Army of Light, of either faction. Subscribers, Preferred, and Free-to-Play individuals are equally welcome. We wish to have only the finest gentlemen and ladies who embody respect and a sincere willingness to role-play as forthright and upstanding defenders of the Galactic Republic. We believe hard work, contributions to the guild and the greater good, maturity, selflessness, and activity should be rewarded. We strive to eliminate injustice, tyranny, evil and threats to our peace, security, virtue, and way of life.

How does one Apply for Membership to The Army of Light?

Click the ‘Apply Now’ tab at the top of our website. This will take you to a overview page which summarizes the guild and its policies, and includes a link to our online Application Center which is located on our Forums. Once in this place on our Forums, copy the application questions into a new thread. The title should simply be [your name]’s Application. Members of our Recruitment Council will then review it and typically respond to you in 48 to 72 hours or less. Applications are more likely to be approved if they are well thought out, not overly brief, and have proper grammar and spelling. While you wait, you are welcome to tour our forums and website further. Any member would be happy to answer any questions you may have -- so please feel free to ask! Please check back on your application thread for updates and/or additional instructions.



We are one people united for one cause: destruction of the Tyranny of the Sith Empire. Therefore, as a guild, we have decided to not let ourselves be divided by class, but to instead embrace one system in a show of solidarity. We are all soldiers.

High General






"Training to become a Jedi is not an easy challenge, and even if you succeed, it's a hard life."

What is The Army of Light Academy?
The AL is committed to education and continuous learning. The Academy has both a practical and a role-play benefit to it. Classes are held on a variety of subjects and are taught by experienced members and leaders of the guild. In this way, the members’ knowledge of the Star Wars universe is expanded, information valuable in-game is shared, members earn rank and prestige, and the AL community is strengthened. Running concurrently with the Academy are the guild’s Class and Mentorship programs, including the Jedi Master-Padawan system.



Who Leads The Army of Light?
The Army of Light is led by the guild’s High Council (HC) which is headed by High General Jephos Mispir, the guild's Founder. Most seats on the HC come with term limits and are filled by regularly scheduled, guild-wide elections. Class plays no part in eligibility for leadership and all members of sufficient rank, training, and capability are welcome to run for election.



General Requirements:
At The Army of Light, we have a few policies that must be followed. These policies contain Membership, Activity, Personal Codes of Conduct, Chat, and Forum Policies. All can be found listed on both our official website and our Forums. A few words that can easily sum up these guidelines are: maturity, respect, integrity, loyalty, and dedication.



Advice for Membership:
As a part of your experience with The Army of Light, you will be expected to be aware of the following expectations:
* Maturity - We desire our members to be dignified and respectful to all others and to themselves.
* Fun - Just because we have rules, doesn't mean you can't have fun. Fun is encouraged and its why we're here!
* Respect the Chain of Command - We also want our members to obey and follow orders conveyed by the leadership. When you join, you will receive more information on this and told and who your main superior officers are.
* Flexibility - We want our members to realize that they must start off at the lower ranks, then, earn their positions and work hard for them. We do not want members who join and immediately expect rank and privilege. We also want our members to accept and make the best of their ranks. We will give you what we feel is necessary. If we feel you are ready to be promoted, we will do so, but please, do not ask for a promotion or bemoan the rank of a fellow guild mate. Members must complete Officer Training to achieve a rank greater than Cadet.
* Opportunities - As a new addition, you will begin with the rank of 'Recruit'. However, that does not mean that opportunities for participation won't be immediate! New members are very welcome and encouraged to take part in guild events and operations.



How does Another Republic Guild form an Alliance with The Army of Light?

All Republic guilds may visit our Forums and fill out a Diplomatic request form there. You are also encouraged to speak with Ambassador General Mai Skyblade. While we do not expect our allies to be long-tenured or massive in size, or to share all of our policies, we do expect them to hold to a policy of "Mutual Defense" and to the principles of honor, respect, maturity, and personal dignity.


░▒ Thirteenth Legion ▒░



Where can Additional Answers be Found or what if there is a Technical issue?

Additional information can be found on our website and in our forums. You may also pose your question or concern to an Administrator. E-mail inquiries can be sent to


░▒ WE ARE.......... THE ARMY OF LIGHT! ▒░

░▒ JOIN US! ▒░

░▒ Master Jephos Mispir - The Eternal Order ▒░

DarthMascurse's Avatar

11.05.2012 , 08:45 AM | #2
Great Guild, full of awesome people!

Progression team and other raiding teams are serious about what they do and good at it. If you are really into endgame content and operations but can't find a team of people in your guild or otherwise to do the hardest operations or simply don't know how to gear yourself out or understand your role to its fullest extent this is the place for you!

We are ACTIVELY looking for players who want to become high-end raiders (as well as PvPers and RPers) and I highly encourage you to go to our website and fill out an application.

MasterStarknite's Avatar

11.05.2012 , 10:33 AM | #3
The Army of Light is one of the oldest most developed Guilds in the SW:TOR community. Not only do we have top tier Raiders, but we also have a B Team and a C Team for raiders below their levels. Also, a new PvP team that has just been formed is now under way and almost ready for launch!

Active, mature members are welcome here any time, so enlist now.
░▒ Lieutenant Tal Core Starknite- The Army of Light ▒░
░▒ "May The Force Be With You. Always." ▒░
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Azru_Holylight's Avatar

11.05.2012 , 11:09 AM | #4
Joining this guild has certainly allowed me to enjoy SWTOR more than I would have otherwise. I feel like I'm a part of something decent, and I enjoy the maturity and respect that we have for one another. I'm proud of the fact that our guild is full of skilled and friendly people. We have people involved in end-game raiding, player-vs-player, and role-playing aspects of the game.

We are always looking for friendly, mature, and active players to welcome into our community. If you're looking for a guild, and are tired of the drama and immaturity found so prevalently in MMO's, apply with us today!
General Ard'el Holylight The Army of Light
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Korvus_Starlight's Avatar

11.05.2012 , 11:44 AM | #5
I've been apart of the Army of Light for going on two years. I've been in since pre-launch and I wouldn't want to be in any other guild. I'm a part of Alpha Team, our guild's premiere raid team. We get through progression content faster than most and are always ready to hit the next challenge. No matter where you start out there is always room in our raid teams for skilled players. So if you enjoy hitting endgame content hard, join us.
░▒ General Korvus Starlight - The Army of Light ▒░
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Coddy's Avatar

11.05.2012 , 04:45 PM | #6
We're still in it!!
The Army of Light is still one of the oldest guilds in the game.
If you have an interest in raiding all the operations with an experienced and fair group,
fill out our application to sign up!!
"Jedi are knowledge, knowledge is power, power spreads fear, fear is an illusion, illusions are used by the Sith, Sith was Jedi." -Coddy Lightcloud
::Captain Jedi Knight Coddy Lightcloud, Mandalorian Jedi of The Army of Light::
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Azru_Holylight's Avatar

11.10.2012 , 11:52 PM | #7
Come and join the Army of Light and defend the Republic against its enemies! We are a guild which is centered around honor, respect, and maturity. We welcome anyone, and discriminate only against fools and trolls. We have an awesome community of selfless and devoted members who put the needs of the guild before personal gain. If you're wanting to be a part of something greater than yourself, sign up today! (link is in the signature)
General Ard'el Holylight The Army of Light
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RodgerW's Avatar

11.15.2012 , 05:18 PM | #8
The Army of Light is progression oriented with 2 separate progression teams and open operations (raids) for anyone else. We spend time helping new players progress through the levels also to get to operations as quickly as they want, or allow them to take their time and enjoy the content. Operations is our focus but RP and PvP is also of interest to many of our members. I don't RP very often but PvP every day. For many others it is the opposite. The guild and vent chat is light and fun - we avoid politics, religion and keep the language clean. If you want to do one on one discussions with guildies about politics and religion, plenty of people are interested but our open chat avoids topics that tend to cause stress. We play to relieve stress not to cause it.

So if you are looking for an Operations oriented guild that keeps it as light as possible while making progress and supports virtually every playstyle, look us up!

JerevFalar's Avatar

11.16.2012 , 05:08 PM | #9
The Army of Light is still seeking allies in our fight against the Empire!
Our main goal is to provide a quality community to our members, as well as establish the standard for end-game content completion. Our current members are all helpful and amiable individuals who not only provide insight, but also sharp wit. AL is not a group of push-overs however. We DO NOT tolerate discrimination based on race, gender, or religious belief, and only set a standard age to keep our guild's maturity level high.

There hasn't ever been more reason to sign up!
FTP is finally here, and for any newcomers it may be a little overwhelming to jump into an MMO for the first time without a group of people to show them the ropes, and The Army of Light is more than willing to fill that role. This is not to say that we don't desire grizzled ToR veterans though, as we take in our progression raid teams, and are always seeking out talented individuals to aid in that endeavor.

RawrItzRandom's Avatar

11.17.2012 , 09:37 AM | #10
Welcome to our two newest recruits!

Tiide and Ryan recently applied to the guild and were accepted within fifteen minutes of doing so! The Army of Light seeks to turn the tide of darkness washing over Republic space and with people like them we can reverse the course of this war.

Check out our website and apply through