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Ranked Kick Ball [Republic Faction]

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Ranked Kick Ball [Republic Faction]

tizeren's Avatar

11.04.2012 , 09:35 PM | #11
Dizeren will join in... i promise to be a perfect gentlemen as i fire pull someone

alexsamma's Avatar

11.04.2012 , 10:23 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by tizeren View Post
Dizeren will join in... i promise to be a perfect gentlemen as i fire pull someone
I will be there on Friday night, and am willing to participate in (almost) anything that helps Ranked PvP grow on our server, on either side.

ziggytrix's Avatar

11.04.2012 , 11:09 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Sindol View Post
On another note, to any who want to participate and are afraid that the Empire players will rain on our parade. I would have words with any of the Empire players that would consider doing such a thing. It may not change the outcome or prevent them from doing it, but if the Empire wants another Ranked Team besides Game Genie to form up, then it would behoove them not to interfere with Republic Ranked Kick Ball.
I would sincerely hope that wouldn't happen. Kickball is a great way to improve your skills and is the only way solo PvPers get to try ranked. It's inherently more balanced than real ranked matches (assuming team captains do a good job of picking). I love it so much, and it would just piss me off to hear anyone was screwing it up for everyone else!

Cuinlan's Avatar

11.05.2012 , 04:28 AM | #14
Also would like to join on Joonah.

ML_DoubleTap's Avatar

11.05.2012 , 08:17 AM | #15
I'm out of town this Friday, but will look forward to this in the future!

Sindol's Avatar

11.05.2012 , 05:15 PM | #16
Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I will be in touch on Friday!

pebkacd's Avatar

11.05.2012 , 06:25 PM | #17
Anyone ever thought about a Republic and Empire Ranked PUG night? Use the Teamspeak or Mumble server of the hosting guild. The kickball nights I have been involved in have dwindled after 4 or 5 games so it may be a way to keep the games flowing longer. Just a thought.

Sindol's Avatar

11.05.2012 , 10:34 PM | #18
It becomes more difficult to balance when involving Empire and Republic in my opinion.

Simply because there is just a larger Empire presence in Ranked right now. If it turns into a purely PUG style Ranked night then Empire will dominate as they've done in the past due to more Imperial players being exposed to Ranked and true 8v8 PvP.

Just my thoughts. I'm not saying no, I'm just saying it sounds like a recipe for discouraged Republic players who haven't been put into Ranked yet. It would be more beneficial for them to play with their own Faction and talk about strategies and things of that nature in a Voice Chat while focusing on basic Ranked fundamentals without stressing the players out too much.

Also, 4-5 Ranked matches in one night is more than enough for me. Especially if they are some of the longer Ranked matches.

Ronaya's Avatar

11.06.2012 , 11:24 AM | #19
I'll join on Roean (scoundrel healer) or Phayah (kinetic hybrid). Keira'athena said he'd bring his awesome vanguard if its not Friday.

Sindol's Avatar

11.09.2012 , 02:47 PM | #20
Just a reminder that today is Friday and Ranked Kickball is scheduled on the Republic side of the house!!! PST if you're interested!