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Khem Val Affection Bug ?

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Khem Val Affection Bug ?

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11.02.2012 , 02:35 PM | #1
I only just started noticing this, but I seem to always get 1 fewer points with Khem Val than Iím supposed to for completing a quest. When the npc/quest-giver dialogue shows I will gain 17 affection, I only get 16 upon quest completion. No matter how many points Iím supposed to get, I always get 1 fewer. If Iím to gain 77, I only get 76.

I ďpurchasedĒ the legacy bonus to increase affection gain from completing quests by 30%. Thirty percent of the base 17 affection is 5.1. You would expect to get 22 affection, right? I only get 19. Best I can understand is it calculates 10% of the base 17 affection and rounds down. Do that 3 times and I should get 20 affection. But I only get 19.

How weird is that? Meh, Khemís a bit of a jerk anyway. I'll probably sacrifice him in the next dark ritual I find, or inprison hiim back on Korriban. In the mean time, I took away his customization so he's stuck in his naked white skin. Take that, affection hold-out!