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What should my DPS be before starting hardmodes?

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What should my DPS be before starting hardmodes?

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11.02.2012 , 12:12 PM | #11
I have to agree. I recently joined a guild but I met them through GF HM FP. The group I was with was very considerate and when they saw I actually knew the mechanics they spent less time worrying about me eventhough I was a little undergeared. Got a lot of helpful tips and now am part of the guild that was running. They have even helped me gear up to almost all Exotech and Columi gear(lvl 56 mods). There are a lot of considerate players out there who understand that to get the better gear you need to do the HM FP's. But there are also a lot of d***'s out there who could care less and are only looking to do the FP in record time and get the BH comms. It is hard to find players like that, but you come across them every now and then. These people make the experience so much more fun. Especially when they are trying to help you. I just need a Columi or BH chest piece and then I can start tackling ops with them and get even better gear. Keep at it. There are those players out there who do understand and will help you out.

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11.04.2012 , 08:26 AM | #12
I'm "that guy" who wants to skip the entire zone and who calls people out on it when they do stupid stuff. I hate it when people pull needless trash, break CC's, don't peel me when I play heals. And I *will* call people an idiot.

There's one exception: when people just admit they're new to a particular instance, SW:TOR or MMO's in general. In fact I highly encourage it - I make a difference between unknowing and just plain straight up stupid. Don't know the boss mechanics yet? Don't know where to skip?

Tell your group.

I will usually go out of my way to explain everything in detail. In fact, most people do. Just tell people, and don't pull anything (yes, even as a tank, you can always AoE taunt if necessary - usually you don't even have to have aggro). Follow the rest and you'll automatically see where to skip stuff and how mechanics work. In contrast to popular belief, people are not complete *****holes when someone messes up on something. People get angry when someone appears to mess up for no particular reason other than having more free time than gray matter.

Case in point: I ran Cademimu yesterday on my Operative. DPS-specced because healing sucks at that level. Assassin tank, and another Assassin DPS. Sorc healer. You'd think with three people who can stealth you wouldn't have to pull everything. Yet, the sorcerer did. Explicitly. With AOE. Breaking three sleeps in the mean time.

Well okay, I got agitated and asked him not to attack anything, just in case he was new or something. We did fine until the first boss, where I told him to kite the add around. He stood there being a derp, not healing at all, even after the stun wore off. We got him to 2k health before everyone died. He kept standing there running around, not doing that last shot. This happened twice.

Look, most people aren't appalled if someone is unclear on mechanics or which of the dozen of places you can skip or whatever. Most mess up on almost a daily basis on something. That's fine. But please, for the love of god, don't be like the person above. Most people have no issue taking a few extra minutes getting you acquainted with a particular instance, as long as you don't go out on your own ignoring everything people are trying to teach you.

Oh, and this is more something aimed at the general population, not specifically towards the OP. OP: get a set of Recruit gear, and you'll be more than fine. Hell, with the current people that overgear everything you could head on straight to EV/KP storymode for that matter.
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11.05.2012 , 10:05 AM | #13
Get your free recruit gear and you're set for HM FPs and if you've got a good group who know what they're doing, you can run EV SM without too much trouble to get yourself some more columi. I've run operations with people in recruit gear on hardmode, and it was a struggle but we managed to kill Soa. Of course, once we were semi rakata geared, story mode KP was a cinch and we columi'd the rest of our gear out before taking on the other HM operations.
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11.05.2012 , 06:36 PM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by Galbatorrix View Post
Hi, I have a level 50 Assault Vanguard and I want to start DPSing Hardmodes. I've just been doing dailies in an attempt to get ready. Currently, on the level 50 training dummies, I'm in the 800-900 DPS range. Is that good enough to start? I don't want to be a detriment to the group.
There's people in full BH gear who have trouble facerolling this dps hence the the dummy test requirements for HM ops, For a fresh 50 800-900 is perfectly fine and you definitely won't be fighting the enrage timers until LI HM at least, anyone who says otherwise doesn't know what they are talking about.
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11.07.2012 , 07:49 AM | #15
If you are in a guild that does regular raids, ask if you can jump in EV HM with them. I was a fresh sniper and ran one with my guild and ended up in almost full rakata on day one of being 50.....was quite nice not having to worry about columni comes for myself

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11.07.2012 , 08:00 AM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by uniz View Post
first off i am assuming you are meaning fp hard modes and not ops.

sadly the way the hard modes are running now since the lfd came out is a race with over geared players to get bh coms. anyone they feel is under geared to them now is considered a "speed bump" and will be subject to many poor etiquette issues they have learned from other mmos whether or not such player can actually do the content. be prepared to deal with these.

to answer your question though from using a parse number wouldn't be possible and is one of many reasons why many people don't want parses in the game.( for example 900 is ok but 875 isn't is a idiotic measuring tool which most wow clone players learned to use.) in other words numbers alone are meaningless but rather what gear you have and how you play is more of a indication. way before the easement of endgame gear players would do just what you are doing to enter into the hard modes. that is run the dailies and go into the first few in the levels of difficulty tier one hms. such hms are t 5, man prison, and false imp. the rest will be more dependent on the others in your group. if you are "paired" into a group of over geared players you can do any of the first tier hard modes. if you are "paired" with a average or lower geared dps you will have a hard time doing those not named. for the love of god don't even think of doing lost island.

if you ever get into a t 5 group ask them if you can kill the last boss and the "droid" to help you gear up. these are skipped by most groups now.

make sure you pick up the hm weekly and daily also. they are located in the pve area where you get your hm/op gear at.

hopefully this helps you some, put on your running shoes and have some fun.

edit: what server are you on? if it is shadowlands i would be able to run some hms with you. considerate players are hard to find now days.
Hehh last week I did a pug LI HM... managed with the same group up until the last boss (even though I noticed the tank being geared enough but sometimes ignorant for tactics). There we wiped like 4 times, as I couldn't consistently keep the group up due to tank eating 4 satchels every time at least. So he rage quits, I ask my guild mate to help us out. We manage just fine for a while, but the dps was too low (had a merc and a sniper, not ideal), so we wipe again like 3 times. Then we really politely asked the sniper to leave because it was obvious that his dps was the bottleneck. A new dps arrives and we killed the boss. This is just to demonstrate that even though tactics are important, and the sniper wasn't really screwing up anything, gear matters for LI HM.

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11.08.2012 , 01:51 PM | #17
Get your Mk-2 gear and queue up. I'm one of those over geared try to get through as fast as possible guys but I'm always willing to slow down for people that need gear, experience or whatever. I've only come across bad people in groups once in a while. that being said, while you are waiting forever in the queue for a pop since you are DPS, do the dailies so you can get the comms for Rakata earpieces/implants and Campaign relics.
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