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Information Request: Crashing to Desktop

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Information Request: Crashing to Desktop
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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12.18.2012 , 07:22 AM | #421
They probably won't...
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12.18.2012 , 08:47 AM | #422
Well I broke down and installed an old copy of Windows XP x64 and the CTD's are gone. Same hardware.

This goes to show that in 32 bit systems with the combo of 1 gig video cards this MMO client can not handle the limitation of the 32 bit achitechture. Sorry to say but you have to upgrade to a 64 bit Operating system or you will continue to get the crashes.

Played for 13 hours yesterday with NO crashes. Only the normal studdering you get when the swap file is 6-10 gigs. <-Still a mem leak but atleast windows shoves it to the swap file now.

Again, You have to have a 64 bit OS before this problem goes away. Bioware is not developing this software so All they are doing is passing the info to the HeroEngine guys. They have also admitted there is a mem leak in the cloud layers. Status of fix?? When they get around to it.

Last time I'll be posting in this to not clutter up the thread.

Good luck.

John Bigness
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12.18.2012 , 11:21 AM | #423
I'm sad to say that I cancelled my subscription this past week. I sited this thread, and Joveth Gonzalez's belittling and insulting post (12.05.2012 , 10:45 PM | #247 ) .
I have played since BETA, I have 5xL50 character's(so far), Legacy 40. I've played the game pretty much every single day since launch.
This issue had driven me crazy, and a video game, even one as fun as this, just isn't worth it.
The apparent lack of giving a S#!t displayed by a once sterling game designer has pretty much sealed the deal for me.
Bioware, feel free to send me an email once you have this thing fixed, I may re-sub.
Untill then, goodbye.

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12.18.2012 , 01:10 PM | #424
1. Name of server. Shadowlands
2. Name of character(s) affected. Belvor
3. Frequency of crashing – how many crashes, how often? 10-15 crashes a day. Was 12 crashes yesterday.
4. Any potentially helpful information about crash triggers, what you are doing before a crash, etc.
5. Your DXDiag in spoiler tags - I posted DXDiag info at end of this post.
6. Reliability Data:
crash 1

crash 2

crash 3

crash 4

crash 5

crash 6

crash 7

crash 8

crash 9

crash 10

crash 11

crash 12

7. Crash to desktop


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12.18.2012 , 03:54 PM | #425
  1. The Harbinger
  2. All. Nyccii, Nyc's, Thera'py, Alystria I play the most
  3. Several times a day
  4. Very random crashing. Load screens, War Zones, running on fleet, turning
  • Your DXDiag in spoiler tags

  • Your reliability report in spoiler tags

  • Please specify that this is indeed a crash to desktop, not a disconnect to server select screen or a logout to character select.

Game disappears, goes straight to desktop. Everything else works fine. I don't lose internet, mumble or ventrilo. And many have asked if I get horrible lag first, but no, I don't.

I have noticed a subtle pause, in game just as it crashes, but there is no warning, no error messages, no lag. Just poof, game is gone. Doesn't matter what I'm doing. And it happens on all 3 different computers. However, this is the computer I play on the most, and would prefer this one fixed.

This started happening as of 1.4, however back then it was only on load screens and I could still be reliable enough to do stuff with the guilds. Since 1.5 it crashes very randomly, and because of that, I am unable to do rated or ops games. And that pisses me off.

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12.18.2012 , 04:49 PM | #426
fix please
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12.18.2012 , 05:59 PM | #427
Here's a few stats for you to think about.

For most of us this problem began with Update 1.4

Update 1.4 launched on September 26, 2012

There have been 14 patches/updates since Update 1.4

To date they appear to have done nothing about this issue other than a canned statement that they know about it.

My subscription runs out next month and I really would love to have a reason to resubscribe and enjoy some of the new content which I haven't even been able to use since 1.4. I simply can't enjoy any game that crashes every 45mins or so.

When my sub ends you will have had over three months to fix this problem. If you can't fix it by then I am guessing you likely will never fix it. You seem much more intererested in your precious Cartel Market.

I know you view me as just a "small insignificant player in a larger group", but I will be deleting this game in February for good. There is simply no point in even trying F2P since it will likely crash just as much.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this once and for all.

I am a Star Wars junkie and it breaks my heart to see myself testing out other games to play next year.

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12.19.2012 , 12:39 AM | #428
I am waiting to buy the expansion till thy fix this problem. Have had this since 1.4 came out. They know about it because this sticky post is here. If they don't fix this in te next few patches I'm not going to continue here. I love this game, have been ere since launch, and want to play it but cant with all the crashing!

Please please fix this!!
Bring it on Sith, the Jedi shall prevail!

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12.19.2012 , 05:40 AM | #429
1. Waun (Foroli; Sem'mus)
2. Begeren Colony
3. From often, about every 30 minutes to 45 minutes, to almost constant.
4. I have been doing nothing other than waht i have always done. NO CRASH TRIGGERS.
5. DXDIAG as follows:


6. Reliability Report (?)


EDIT: You know, I had problems/crashes since a couple of patches ago, also. I just did not worry too much about it because it was not as often as it is now. Now, basically, the game is unplayable.

eddythewerewolf's Avatar

12.19.2012 , 05:46 AM | #430
so even though i've sent in my logs and everything else as well as called i realized like so many others that the crashing is due to memory leaks from my ram. i tried to troubleshoot everything i can think of under the sun and like some others i only have 4 gigs of ram so i crash about two hours on the nose to desktop. so i'm wondering if i had 8 does that mean it'd just crash after 8 hours or would it stabilize at a certain point? hmmm tough to say, but since 1.4 i've been having this problem so obviously they raised the minimum hardware reqs and made the game even more of a strain on all of us especially with only 4 gigs of ram and a 32 bit os/motherboard. so bioware/ea my question to you in all seriousness is that is this something you can fix on your end, or as you keep going with new patches/expansions is the hardware reqs going to just keep increasing until peeps need 12 gigs of ram? now i plan on buying a new comp in a couple months with 8 gigs so i hope that's enough for awhile, but i really do hope, and not just for me but all of us making all of these posts, that you guys can reduce the strain so we can actually play. gets kind of frustrated running end game content or space and getting dc'ed in the middle of it. especially in an op where you'll get vote kicked and even if they don't you won't get your daily box if you're doing the ev/kp story.

bump my post if you like and let's hope they can do something on their end to lessen the strain on our comps....but tbh with you bioware this kind of technical problem, among the many you have, is why so many people i knew that played this with me went back to their original mmo or something different. you just can't keep releasing patches and hope and pray that one of them will band aid the issue. you actually need a tech support team to work on this..if there is one i dunno for i have never spoken to them i just sit on hold forever on the phone till i get hung up on.

so anyways i'm not even upset while writing this or anything i'm just stating simple facts and examples of what i go through and i'm sure alot of us on this forum go through and it really prevents me from logging in sometimes because i know i only have a short window to play before i'm dumped. and even though i'm starting to ramble on at this point just keep bumping my post so they can see it and address their memory issue and also there server stability issue like 9000 which i still get from time to time.
Peace is a lie, there's only passion.