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Information Request: Crashing to Desktop

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Information Request: Crashing to Desktop
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Kuhner's Avatar

02.16.2013 , 11:16 PM | #1041
So this has been going on for atleast 6 months, it seemed to start with update 1.3. Sent in countless tickets in game and not 1 person has given me anything to try to fix this. On My operative healer (Frostical and I 8 Level 50's) I get kicked to DESKTOP randomly, but almost always, several times during an opps run or hardmode. I have already done repairs serveral time never do I see where any files are or have been repaired. I have ran SFC /scannow and have found no windows errors registry erros or anything else pointing to a windows problem.

So here is everything you have asked for for this post.

1) server is Shadowlands
2) Frostical (95% of the time) sometimes Rryla or Searra
3) Frequency very random, IE sometimes in open world quest, mostly in opps/hardmodes
Was kicked to desktop 5 times last night in SM opps (once logged back in and with in 1-2 mins kicked again)
4) Helpful info: happens when fighting/healing , standing there wait for the fight to start, you name it I have been kicked doing it.

5) DXDiag Info:

6) Reliabilty, as for this I cant save it. When I do it is a 0KB file and there is nothing it and the view reliabilty history stops responding. So all I can tell you it when I click the the X's that say SWToR they all say Stopped responding.

I hope this can be resovled quickly, I have already cancelled my account and hope to renew it but not if this keeps happening 6 months is to long to deal with this.


Gallum's Avatar

02.16.2013 , 11:42 PM | #1042
1 Name of server. : Ebonhawk
2. Name of character(s) affected. Irandi, Buzzshot, Gallum ....
3. Frequency of crashing – how many crashes, how often? 5 crashes on the 2/`15/13, 5 crashes on 2/16/13
happens mostly in combat


Critical failure data


MstrMoxWorthy's Avatar

02.17.2013 , 01:57 AM | #1043
this thread with the following information:
1. Name of server. Harbinger
2. Name of character(s) affected.Inimox, Jaaney, Lokimox, Niryi
3. Frequency of crashing – how many crashes, how often? few times a day of playing
4. Any potentially helpful information about crash triggers, what you are doing before a crash, etc. usually when travelling to different areas, from ship or transferring between instances. occasionally it'll just halt for no reason when I'm running through then boom CTD.
5. Your DXDiag in spoiler tags

6. Reliability report

7. Please specify that this is indeed a crash to desktop, not a disconnect to server select screen or a logout to character select. yes windows 7 just says it's stopped working and i have to force quit the program.

OwenBrooks's Avatar

02.17.2013 , 03:22 AM | #1044
Too help your crash issues in Win 7 32 bit and 4Gb ram every 1 - 2 hours

I have Win 7 64 Bit and no crashes, for those with 64 bit only suggestion I have is test your Ram and ensure they are matched pairs ie. not different timings or voltage etc , also ensure task scheduler is not doing something when you run.

Mitzleplick's Avatar

02.17.2013 , 08:55 AM | #1045
1. Name of server. Prophecy of the five
2. Name of character(s) affected. shoxswithfinger
3. Frequency of crashing – how many crashes, how often? occasionally
4. Any potentially helpful information about crash triggers, it crashes to desktop upon travel from the black talon flashpoint back to drummond kass. this is now the second time that it crashed at the exact same point in the game.
5. Your DXDiag in spoiler tags

I have windows 8 and you have no reliability instructions that work with that

Miltiades's Avatar

02.17.2013 , 09:05 AM | #1046
I've posted in this thread before, reporting crashes every 1.5-2 hours on a 32-bit Win7 where before patch 1.6 I'd get crashes but no sooner than 5 hours into playing (so the issue has always been there from the start, I'd think). As many people already pointed out, the crashes may disappear if you switch to 64-bit. And so it did for me: I just installed a 64-bit version of Win7 a couple of days ago and playing a maximum of 4 hours straight so far, no crashes.

Savino's Avatar

02.17.2013 , 10:07 AM | #1047
1. Shadowlands
2. All characters
3. Pretty frequent although it tends to happen in bunches.
4. Most of the time it is during class quest dialogues or phasing into story modes. However sometimes it is completely random.
May the Force be with you....especially if you steal something from an area that I just cleared!

primedfortorment's Avatar

02.17.2013 , 02:28 PM | #1048

swtor.exe Failed
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Arcolaz's Avatar

02.17.2013 , 04:24 PM | #1049
I have been getting frequent crashes as well. Basically I am playing then the chipset goes haywire and sounds like a machine know the sound....See more info below as well.....
This last crash reported the following:



TrooperZulu's Avatar

02.17.2013 , 04:48 PM | #1050
Server: Irrelevant, just from reading it seems to be happening on all.
Character: All

For me, the game only crashes when there is an interruption in my net connectivity.