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oct. 10th ticket, concerning by accident abandoned planetary quest

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oct. 10th ticket, concerning by accident abandoned planetary quest

Aenear's Avatar

10.31.2012 , 06:33 AM | #1
Dear Customer Service,

I currently have an open ticket since the 10th of October, i.e. three weeks ago. Should I just continue to wait for a response in-game or should I re-issue another ticket at this point? I updated the ticket twice, the last time on the 19th of October. Until now, I did not issue additional tickets to avoid further work, but honestly, there is only so much patience you can ask for.

Regarding the ticket itself, the issue is that, by accident, I abandoned a planetary quest. The accident being that I had an urgent late night e-mail from work to help out with some calculations, and being distracted thinking about that lost a fight in the 'spirit' instance of 'The Trials', at which point the quest seemed to jump over part of the storyline. Being tired and trying to wrap this up quickly, I abandoned the quest instead of resetting, which had resolved an issue before on another quest without problems. In retrospect, I am aware that resetting would have been the better choice. Anyway, here is more data on the ticket:

Ticket: 6597197
Server: Progenitor
Character: Dagon
Instance: Voss
Quest: The Trials (Empire)

I read about a problem of reinstating abandoned planetary quest lines after the problem occurred, and in particular the issue that a whole planetary quest line might be lost when a single quest that is part of it is abandoned. If this is still the case, I would like to know. Also, I would appreciate any information on whether this is an issue that is being actively worked on.

Thanks in advance!

joshselvidge's Avatar

10.31.2012 , 02:50 PM | #2
If they tell you it's a known issues it's highly unlikely you'll get much more than that.
You COULD keep submitting and hope you get a rep who's willing to work with it but honestly with "known issues" you just kinda have to wait until it's patched, which sucks.
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Aenear's Avatar

11.01.2012 , 05:54 AM | #3
To update the situation: I now got an in-game reply to my ticket.

Of course it was not what I wanted, stating that customer service cannot give missions to players and suggesting to make another player at the same stage of the quest share it, which I might try. At least it is an answer, though.

Regarding the issue of abandoned planetary mission quests, I was never told whether this is a known issue or not. Of course other players experienced the same problem, but at various points in time it was stated as either something that is looked into or something that is working as expected, the latter being more recent and of course meaning that absolutely nothing is done to correct this. One statement I heard and that I found particularly insulting to anyone capable of reasoning thought was that this is part of the "actions and consequences" philosophy of the game. I would just like to know whether this is truly Bioware's policy on that, since then I can think of some consequences of my own.