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Rakata Stalker or Black hole Striker?

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Rakata Stalker or Black hole Striker?

Sarkos's Avatar

10.30.2012 , 07:52 PM | #1
Hello fellow Assassin dps!
for a time now, i am facing a difficult choice. Should i stick to the Rakata Stalker's set or start farming the Black Hole Striker's set? please take into consideration that none of the sets have augments, i'm talking about pure stats vs pure stats.

I appreciate your help and your recommendations
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Ferkles's Avatar

10.31.2012 , 06:11 AM | #2
Take the black hole pieces out and put them in your stalker set. BH > Rakata, but it lacks set bonuses.
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10.31.2012 , 08:07 PM | #3
I skipped from Columi to rakata on most items so I'm not sure about the make up of the stats, but the BH pieces are heavy on endurance. Only the boots and gloves have more willpower. It's still an improvement but just a heads up.

When 1.5 hits you can buy the armorings which contain more willpower and the set bonuses

Eternalnight's Avatar

10.31.2012 , 09:29 PM | #4
Its really not that hard...

FIrst of all, using any of the full sets with the original mods is doing it wrong.
They are mostly badly itemized all of them.

Even when gearing up with rakata gear, you need several armorings and mods from either Force-master or Force-mystic sets enhancements from where ever to get optimal stats and you need to place them inside the armor shell of the Stalker set gear, to still have the Stalker set's set bonus This is of course just used when you don't yet have enough comms for all the blackhole stuff you need. Eventually they get all replaced by blackhole/campaign or higher modifications

Likewise with the blackhole gear you there is even less reason to stick to just striker items as they don't even have set bonus. So no matter which blackhole item you buy, you are going to pull out all the modifications and put them inside of tionese/columi/rakata Stalker set's armor shells to keep the Stalker set bonus.
Again there to get any kind of good stats, you have to take and combine mods and armorings and enhancement from from different pieces of Striker, Force-lord and Force-healer items.

Since Black Hole gear does not have set bonus, so you should completely ignore the names of the blackhole items as and only look at which pieces have the stats you need, and place their armorings and mods inside your old Rakata/Columi/Tionese (does not matter which) set gear.

Like for example, as a dps you want Resolve armoring 26 or better for every piece of armor you have, but even a Resolve Armoring 25 is better (better=more willpower) than a Force Wielder armoring 26, so don't buy any pieces with a Force wielder armoring unless it is to take just the mod and the enhancement from it, and if the piece you are looking does not have the right armoring you may need to grab one from a different piece of gear.