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The Life of Lieutenant Pierce

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11.03.2012 , 05:35 PM | #21
well, you are a good writer... so why are you still just "Aspiring"? You could probably write for the star wars EU... But you might want to wait and see if it gets reset with episode seven, so until then just give us more of peirce. Or preferably quinn and jaesa.
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11.03.2012 , 09:22 PM | #22
Thanks so much man. Ha-ha, you got it.

Chapter 9

Pierce and Methic returned to Black Hole’s cantina after a few hours of combat. Jerking his helmet off, Pierce walked over to the table where Broonmark and Vette were sitting.
“How’d it go?” Vette asked.
Pierce had no idea what Broonmark was saying, so he just nodded.
“It went good.”
“Where’s Methic?” Vette asked.
Pierce jerked a thumb over his shoulder. “Talking to Jaesa and Quinn. Hey, you notice those two have been talking a lot lately?”
Vette nodded. “Hey, it can get lonely on that Fury. When Broonmark here speaks unintelligibly–”
Vette nodded.
“–Broonmark here speaks unintelligibly, so the only people to get acquainted with are you, me, and Methic. Quinn knows and–no offense–hates you, he’s not fond of me, and Methic’s had him at arms’ length since ‘It’ happened. As for Jaesa…you’re too violent, I’m to greedy, and she’s shy with Methic.”
“Still, they used to never talk. But now…”
Vette shrugged. “Don’t read too much into it, Pierce, or this’ll turn into a bad story where the well-meaning best friend tries to hook up a boy and a girl who want to be friends but the friend thinks like each other.”
“Relax,” Pierce said. “I’m a horrible matchmaker, anyway.”

Methic put his hand on Quinn’s shoulder. The man looked up at him. Methic gave him a nod and made a motion toward the other side of the cantina.
Quinn stood and followed Methic. Methic glanced around, and took a table with no occupants nearby.
“Lord Methic?” Quinn asked.
“I need you to do something for me,” he said. “And I need to know if I can trust you.”
“Of course you can.”
Methic glared at him. “I believed that, before ‘It’ happened.”
Quinn didn’t ask what ‘It’ was, because he knew. If he had asked, Methic probably would have slapped him. Or choked him.
“I have apologized often, my Lord.”
“You have,” Methic confirmed. “And you have done quite well in proving your loyalty. But that does not mean I will drop my guard immediately.”
“Nor would I,” Quinn admitted.
“A typical Sith Lord would have skewered you,” Methic said. “Turned you into something that looked as if it had been bitten by a rakghoul.”
Malavai swallowed. “I know.”
Methic nodded. “Good. Now, regarding your new assignment, this is very important. Failure is not an option.”
Quinn nodded. “I understand completely.”
Methic paused a beat. “At the Battle of Ilum, it was brought to my attention that there is someone of…past importance…to me in the Jedi Order, which I was unaware of.”
Quinn frowned. “My Lord?”
Methic leaned in close. “Jedi Master Gareb, the newest member of the Jedi Council. I want you to go to Tython. Watch him.”
Quinn looked as if Broonmark had slapped him. “Tython, my Lord?”
Methic nodded. “Tython. I will convince Jaesa to give you an access code to land on the planet. You will disguise yourself as a Republic soldier assigned to the Jedi Temple security detail. Watch Gareb when you can, but don’t make it obvious. He can sense it, just like me.”
Quinn nodded. “I…see, Lord Methic.”

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11.04.2012 , 03:57 AM | #23
Wow, I never thought I would like your story that much when I first read the title. I even enjoyed what you wrote about Pierce even though he never left the ship while I played my SW
It's totally funny to read and it's just getting better with every chapter.

Can't help thinking that Broonmark is saying terrible things to all of them while they are only nodding

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11.04.2012 , 12:40 PM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by kalistea View Post
Can't help thinking that Broonmark is saying terrible things to all of them while they are only nodding
Who knows...

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11.04.2012 , 02:38 PM | #25
Chapter 10

Quinn, dressed in the white plastoid armor of a Republic soldier and wearing a helmet that resembled that of a fighter pilot, goggles down, walked through the Jedi Temple and tried not to sweat through his bodysuit.
He didn’t belong here. It was made obvious by his badly hidden accent, his unfamiliarity of Republic standards and tradition, and the fact that he was constantly getting lost in the Temple.
Miraculously, the Jedi never said anything to them and so far he’d only spoken to two: one on his initial landing, when the young Padawan had given him directions to the trooper in charge of Temple security, and once when he’d gotten lost and accidentally gone into the Temple’s ramshackle cantina rather than the armory.
Now, Quinn was outside in the courtyard, and practically shaking in his boots as he watched his target, Jedi Master Gareb, walk through the trees with his Padawan, Nadia Grell.
Quinn had a spycam installed in his helmet where the spotlamp should have been, and he activated it with a blink of his eye. The camera snapped a holo of Gareb and the girl. Quinn moved to a different angle, trying to look like he was on patrol as he did. But, try as he might, he was a military officer, not a blasted Intelligence agent.
“You, trooper!” called a voice.
A dark-skinned Jedi Master approached, hailing Quinn. Malavai’s heart nearly stopped, for he was sure the Jedi had discovered him somehow.
“Trooper,” the Jedi said. “I need you to report to the Gnarls. There’s been an injury, and I need you to heal the injured.”
Quinn was thankful he’d chosen armor with a medic’s patch on it–who knew what he’d have done if the only armor available had been a demolitionist’s kit.
“I’m on my way,” Quinn replied.
As the Jedi walked off, Quinn pulled the spycam from his helmet and activated its auto-roll feature. Then, pointing it at Gareb, he set off for the Gnarls.

Malavai found a group of Jedi kneeling over a girl with red-brown hair. She didn’t appear conscious, and upon further inspection, Malavai realized that she appeared to have been bitten.
“A poisonous snake,” one Jedi explained. “Come on, Kira. You can’t die.”
Malavai’s heart skipped a beat. Kira. That was the name of Jaesa’s friend. Could it be the same girl?
He couldn’t take that chance.
Kneeling, Malavai wrapped a bandage around her upper arm so the poison wouldn’t flow from her wrist anymore.
“Stay strong, for Jaesa,” he whispered to her.
Then he pulled out a manual removal system and planted it over the wound. As he turned it on, it began to suck out the poison.
“She’ll be fine,” Malavai said to the man beside her. “Master…?”
“Jasin,” the Jedi replied. “Thank you for saving her.”
Malavai nodded. “Let’s say I did it for a friend.”

It was time for Jaesa to visit Nomen Karr again, and this time Pierce was assigned to guard her. They met on a neutral space station above Nal Hutta.
Pierce clipped his rifle over his shoulder and nodded for Jaesa to enter the room. Karr was inside, his hands clasped in front of him and his head down as if ashamed. A pair of Jedi, each with a lightsaber drawn but not ignited, guarded him.
“Jaesa,” Karr said. His face brightened. “Good to see you.”
Jaesa smiled. “And you, Master Karr.”
“I’m sorry, Jaesa. I was a horrible Master…I was a hypocrite and if not for me, you might still be with the Jedi.”
“No, Master Karr. The Force guided us to this. I am with perhaps the only Sith Lord who is aligned with the light side of the Force.”
“Impossible,” Karr replied. “The Sith only draw on the dark side.”
“Remember, Master?” Jaesa insisted. “He could have killed you, but he did not. And he did not try to corrupt me with the dark side.”
Karr snorted. “He tricked you, Jaesa. He learned from Baras.”
Jaesa shook her head. “I have traveled with him for two years now, and he has always acted fairly, even to his enemies. Your old apprentice, Master Timmns, worked with us to stop Darth Ekkage. My Master had a chance to kill him, but he did not, in honor of our alliance.”
Karr hesitated. “Timmns told me. I found it hard to believe…but your story matches his.”
“So you believe me?”
Karr shrugged. “I am not certain. Maybe.”
“Master Karr, your time is up,” one of the Jedi said.
Karr nodded, then looked at Jaesa. “Be safe, my child.”
She nodded. “Be safe, Master Karr.”

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11.04.2012 , 08:54 PM | #26
Chapter 11

Quinn was in the Temple Security Force’s barracks when Kira came to visit him. She had a look of concern on her face and for a moment he wondered if she had come seeking more medical help.
“You know Jaesa?” Kira asked.
Quinn tensed. He hadn’t realized she’d been able to hear him–he’d thought she was unconscious. He sighed and turned to her.
“I do,” he said.
“Your accent…you’re Imperial,” Kira said.
Quinn nodded resignedly. “I am. Are you going to arrest me now? Because I would prefer a quick death to what will happen if my Lord finds out I was taken alive.”
Kira shook her head. “Tell me what you are doing here, on Tython?”
“I cannot divulge those details,” Quinn replied, and his hand unconsciously wandered toward his blaster.
Kira raised a hand. “Don’t.”
He sighed. “I would rather die fighting than be captured and forced to tell you why I’m here.”
Kira nodded. “I figured. Just tell me this: are you going to kill anyone?”
Malavai shook his head. “No, I will not.”
Kira nodded. “Then do what you have to do. But be gone in a day.”
Quinn nodded. “Thank you.”
Kira began to walk away. “And tell Jaesa I said hello.”

Methic’s crew was currently docked on the Ziost Shadow, because once again the Sith Lord was off on a mission of critical importance…which apparently was too important for Pierce to participate in.
All he knew was that Methic had gone to deal with an alien race called the Gree, and that is was so hush-hush he didn’t even know what planet it was on.
So Pierce went back to his new favorite place, the training grounds. Not surprisingly, Kaliyo and some of the others were there. She had her crossbow, but it was strapped across her back and she was currently punching the dummy.
Talos Drellik, a scrawny little man, was sitting in the back corner of the room, deciphering glyphs on a stone tablet that looked like it dated to the reign of Marka Ragnos.
“Does he ever do anything else?” Pierce asked Andronikos.
The pirate shook his head. “Unless he’s with Lord Nox, no.”
Pierce shook his head, then pulled out his rifle and began shooting at the target. Khem Val, the giant Dashade, entered and stormed toward Andronikos.
“You,” the Dashade said. “You were the last one to see Ashara. Where is she?”
“Who’s Ashara?” Pierce asked.
“One of Lord Nox’s apprentices,” Andronikos replied. “I don’t know, Khem. She told me she was staying on the Fury.”
“She lied,” Khem said flatly. “She is gone.”
“You don’t think she made a run for it, do you?” Andronikos asked. Then, for Pierce’s benefit, he said, “Ashara used to be a Jedi, but was captured by Darth Nox. She has served him well so far, but she detests his acts of cruelty.”
“So you think she’s making a run back to the Jedi? Or just away from Nox?”
A voice said, “No. I’m right here.”
Ashara entered from one of the back hallways.
“I was on the command deck, observing Lord Nox’s mission. It…isn’t going well. The Gree have summoned a giant…thing. A…terror.”
Pierce shook his head. Methic, my friend, I hope you are okay.

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11.05.2012 , 03:19 PM | #27
Chapter 12

Methic and the rest of the strike team returned the next day, many of them wounded and torn to tatters. Methic’s armor was shredded, his black cape torn and only reaching his waist where it had once been to his ankles. His armor was scratched and dinged, and his helmet had been destroyed, forcing him to cast it off.
In addition, his lightsabers had been his with a kind of interference wave during the battle, damaging the blue crystal in his offhand weapon. Thankfully, his primary saber had been undamaged, but he had been forced to fight that…Terror…with only a single weapon.
He looked at his gear in disgust. The credits he would have to spend to repair this damage…he hoped the Gree suffered from their defeat for a long time to come.
“How you feel, boss?” Pierce asked.
“Would be better if I didn’t feel vulnerable,” he replied.
He stripped off his armor and put on a simple black cloak, tying it at the waist with a red sash. He clipped his sabers into the sash and threw the dented armor into the pile with the rest of the gear that was to be sent to an armory, including the armor Pierce had been wearing the day he’d been assaulted by the Mandalorians.
“Been months since that happened,” Pierce said in a little disbelief. “I’m recovered. It all seems so long ago, and yet at the same time, so…recent.”
Methic nodded. “Sometimes it seems just a few weeks ago I was an acolyte on Korriban waiting on Overseer Tremel.”
Pierce inclined his head. “The war is passing us up, boss.”
Methic nodded. “It won’t,” he said. “One day, it will end.”
“Then we’ll throw a party?” Pierce asked with a smile.
“One that will spread over all Dromund Kaas,” Methic said.

Quinn took off his armor and put on a set of civilian clothes. He was ready to depart Tython. He had some footage of the Jedi Master Gareb, hopefully enough for Lord Methic.
Once, he might’ve sabotaged the armor so that the next user would be injured, or even killed. The old Quinn sometimes scared the new Quinn.
“Where to, buddy?” asked the pilot.
“Neutral space,” Quinn said. “Nar Shaddaa.”

* * *

Methic and Vette stood at the Upper Promenade, waiting for Quinn’s speeder came in for a landing. As the man, dressed in a trenchcoat and technician’s visor, approached, Vette turned away to give them some space.
“I have all the recordings of the Jedi Master here, Lord Methic,” Quinn said, handing over what looked like a spotlamp.
“Good job, Quinn.” Methic patted his arm. “Let’s go.”
He led Quinn to the Lower Promenade cantina, where Pierce, Broonmark, and Jaesa were waiting. While they had been waiting for Quinn they had gotten a message from Nomen Karr. No one had opened it yet; they were waiting for Quinn.
Suddenly a Jedi appeared from nowhere–a Shadow!–and grabbed Quinn. Then he used the Force to cloak himself and Quinn, and they were gone.
“I think we better find out what Karr wants,” said Methic, grimly.

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11.05.2012 , 04:21 PM | #28
Only one more chapter to go after this!

Chapter 13

“By the time you open this,” Karr said, “your spy will be in my hands. I let him leave Tython due to the wishes of a Jedi named Kira Carsen. Now that he is offworld, he cannot be permitted to give the Dark Council information on the Jedi.
“If you want your man back alive, bring me the information he gave you, and never speak of it again. Oh, and one more thing.” Karr’s face looked bleak. “Give Jaesa back, or the man dies. Come to these coordinates on Hoth. Nomen Karr out.”
Jaesa had tears welling in her eyes, and Methic could sympathize. No doubt she was thinking that Quinn’s capture was her fault. Rage grew in his gut, and he whirled to her.
“Jaesa, it’s Karr, not you.” He patted her arm. “Don’t worry, we’ll get Quinn back.”
Jaesa nodded. “You’re right. Because I am going to go back with Master Karr.”
Methic shook his head. “I beg to differ.”
“It’s the only way!” she exclaimed.
“Maybe not,” Pierce noted. “Listen, hear me out–a classic double-double cross. We go to Karr’s place on Hoth, and we bring Jaesa. But after we do the deal, I bring in Broonmark and Vette and we put the smack down on Karr.”
Methic considered. “I don’t like trickery; I much prefer straight out dealings. But I will not risk either Jaesa or Quinn.”
“It could work,” Vette admitted.
Methic nodded. “Okay, here’s how we do it…”

Quinn struggled against his restraints and wondered who these blasted Jedi were. Had Carsen betrayed him? He snarled and tried to reach a small knife lying on the floor a few meters away.
“Now, now,” a voice said. “We can’t have that.”
Suddenly the knife flew through the air and into the hands of a man too familiar for Quinn’s tastes.
“Nomen Karr,” he snarled.
Another man joined him. “Master Karr?” Master Timmns said. “What is this? This is that Sith Lord’s companion.”
“I know,” Karr replied. “He was caught spying on the Jedi on Tython. We captured him and demanded the Sith Lord return the data.”
“That Sith Lord was the most honorable I ever met,” Timmns argued.
“But he is still our enemy!” Karr roared. “He will use every opportunity to hurt us!”
“Master Karr, you are not well,” Timmns insisted.
“I’m fine,” he snapped. “Or at least I will be once that data…and Jaesa…are in our hands.”
“Jaesa?” Quinn asked. “You touch her and I’ll murder you, you sadistic piece of trash! You ever come near her and I’ll–”
“Oh-ho,” Karr said. “It appears we have some attachment here. See, Timmns? It’ll be better for Jaesa to be away from such a man.”
Quinn shot to his feet and tried to approach, but Karr roughly blasted Quinn into the wall of the cave. Timmns quickly stood between them.
“I don’t like this, Karr,” Timmns said. Quinn noted he’d dropped the honorific title ‘Master.’ “But I’ll hear you out if you leave this man alone.”
Karr nodded. “Fine, he’s not my target anyways.”

Methic and Jaesa approached the cave. Jaesa looked nervous, and with good reason. Methic had not missed the change Jaesa and Quinn’s friendship had taken.
“Relax,” he said. “He’ll be fine. And so will you.”
“Thank you,” she said quietly.
They entered the cave. Methic drew his lightsaber and shone its red blade around, wishing he had his blue blade, but it was still damaged and he’d been unable to procure a backup in time.
“Karr!” Methic called. “We’re here. I have the information. Bring out Quinn. Now!”
Karr appeared, lightsaber in hand. Quinn knelt next to him, and Karr’s lightsaber was in front of his throat.
“Malavai,” Jaesa breathed.
“Forget him, Jaesa,” Karr said quietly. “You can come home now, and never worry about these people again. I’ll get help for you and the Jedi can heal your brainwashing.”
“I never brainwashed her, Karr,” Methic said.
“I wish I could believe you, Sith. Now hand over the information and back out of the cave.”
Methic pulled the tube from his belt and tossed it to Karr. Jaesa crossed the room to stand beside him, between him and Timmns.
“Back out, Sith,” Karr repeated.
“Give me Quinn, first,” Methic argued.
“If I do that you may just attack and take back Jaesa and the information. No, you leave the cave and I’ll send him out to you. I’m a Jedi. You can trust me. Go.”
“You’re corrupt, Karr. You just can’t see it.”
Karr raised his blade. “Last warning, Sith. Go now or die.”
“Now!” Methic said.
Pierce, Broonmark, and Vette charged in. In a flash, Timmns drew his lightsaber and deflected the blaster bolts sent by Pierce and Vette, while Karr leapt at Methic.
Methic blocked Karr’s blade and redirected it, and then kicked the man in the gut, followed by a pommel strike to the chin. Karr went with the blow, letting the momentum spin him in an arc and cutting his blade toward Methic’s neck.
Methic brought his lightsaber up to block the blow, whishing again he had his second blade. He Force pushed Karr back against the wall.

Quinn looked up in surprise as Jaesa slashed his shackles. Thankfully, he leapt to his feet and took his blaster from her.
“Thank you,” he said.
She nodded happily. Quinn watched as Timmns battles Broonmark, all while deflecting bolts from Vette and Pierce.
“Vette!” he called. “Pierce! Forget Timmns!”
Suddenly, Karr used the Force to disable Methic and leapt at Quinn. Surprised, Quinn didn’t have a chance to move. Karr’s blade neared his throat…and Jaesa’s lightsaber lit and blocked it.
“You are corrupt!” she said. “He was right.”
Then she began to battle Karr.

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11.05.2012 , 06:26 PM | #29
Jaesa vs Karr.... i can't wait.

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11.05.2012 , 09:12 PM | #30
Chapter 14

Pierce was surprised when Timmns lowered his lightsaber, and even more surprised when Broonmark also lowered his vibrosword.
They were all turned toward Jaesa and Karr, now. The two were dancing across the room, three green lights brightening the dark cave. Jaesa blocked every one of Karr’s strikes and returned it twofold.
Pierce watched as Jaesa redirected Karr’s saber to slash into the wall, melting ice and making the cave shift dangerously. Then she used the Force to blast him across the room. His lightsaber deactivated and clattered to the ground.
Timmns walked over to Karr and pointed his blade at Karr’s throat, surprising everyone.
“Stand down, Master Karr,” Timmns warned. “This is not you.”
Karr nodded, and slowly stood. Timmns kept his lightsaber carefully angled.
“I am sorry,” Timmns said to Methic and his crew. “You have done no wrong to deserve this. I suspect what your captain here recorded was of no consequence to the war. Correct?”
Methic nodded.
“Then go in peace,” Timmns said.
Methic, Vette, Quinn, and Broonmark started to walk away.
“NO!” Karr yelled.
He kicked Timmns over, grabbed his lightsaber, and leapt at Methic. The Sith Lord turned, but too slowly. Karr was within centimeters of decapitating Methic, when a blaster bolt sheared through his head.
Pierce lowered his rifle.
“I am sorry,” he said to Timmns.
Then, as one, the crew left–Quinn and Jaesa hand in hand.

The End...for now