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The Life of Lieutenant Pierce

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11.02.2012 , 09:37 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by iamthehoyden View Post
Had to giggle at Pierce's convalescence. Guys are such bad patients, and Pierce would be awful!
Thanks. Loved putting that part in there.

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11.02.2012 , 10:27 AM | #12
Chapter 6

The next day, Methic returned, but they did not depart the Ziost Shadow, because Methic had to go on yet another mission–this time on an operation the Empire had dubbed “Explosive Conflict.”
Pierce returned to the training dummies, and this time he brought Vette with him. The two of them targeted the dummies for a while before others began to enter the training room. Torian and Gault returned with a spunky little Jawa called Blizz, and Gault made an offhand comment that Skadge was skulking in the ship because “that’s who he is.”
Kaliyo came back with Scorpio, and they brought a man with black eyes and a distant personality by the name of Vector.
“He’s buggy,” Kaliyo said. “Literally.”
“He is part of the Killik hive mind,” explained Scorpio, deadpan.
Pierce sighted his rifle and attacked the dummy. Vette raised her pistols and took a shot at its chest. Then, Torian leapt in at the dummy, avoiding all their fire and chopping it apart with an electrostaff at the same time.
Kaliyo and Scorpio went to work on the other dummy, and Blizz the Jawa joyfully assaulted it with a surprisingly large rocket launcher.
Pierce wondered where he kept such a thing.
Vector seemed disinclined to join in, sitting on the sidelines with a confused look on his face. He would occasionally speak to himself, and Pierce found it a little creepy, so he tried his best to ignore Vector.
After a few hours of training, the group once again went to the cantina. There a bald, dark-skinned man who called himself Andronikos joined them. He claimed to be a pirate, and yet also the pilot of the Sith Fury parked next to Methic’s.
“So you know Khem Val?” Kaliyo asked.
“Sadly,” Andronikos muttered.
Kaliyo and Pierce laughed, and Torian gave a small smile. Gault ordered another round of drinks for all of them, and put it on his tab. Pierce wondered how many time Gault’s boss had been on Shadow.
“I wonder how the boss is doing?” Pierce said.
“Did you get intel on their op?” Torian asked.
“I heard they were crushing a Trandoshan rebellion,” Andronikos added.
“Reminds me of the Battle of Wasskah,” Pierce said.
“You were there?” Andronikos said, surprised.
Pierce nodded. “I was. I was the Black Ops officer in charge of collapsing the Republic base.”
Andronikos gave an impassive look. “I was there, too.”
“You?” Pierce asked. “A pirate?”
“Well, I wasn’t a pirate then. I was, ah, a captain in the Republic Navy.”
“One of the starfighter pilots?” Pierce asked.
Andronikos nodded. “My buddies in the base you blew up…they all died.”
“Wish I could say I was sorry,” Pierce said. “But they were the enemy.”
“I don’t blame you,” Andronikos replied. “In fact, that battle was really the point I decided to leave the Navy.”
“Oh? You deserted?”
“No. It took me a year after that to quit. But that was what made my decision.”
Everyone got quiet after that. Kaliyo and Vector left for their ship, and Torian returned to the training dummies. Soon after, the group dispersed.

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11.02.2012 , 11:16 AM | #13
Quinn x Jaesa... I like!

Also, Your peirce is hilarious. Please give us more.
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11.02.2012 , 09:00 PM | #14
Ask and ye shall recieve!

Chapter 7

After Methic returned from Denova, the planet with the Trandoshan rebellion, the crew of the Fury went to Ilum, where the new war was breaking loose in frenzy like on no other planet.
“It’s cold here,” Vette muttered.
Broonmark bllorp-ed in excitement and ran out of the ship, his weapon at the ready. Pierce, though still wounded, had been cleared by Quinn to fight, so he sealed his helmet to keep out the cold and charged into formation with the other troopers.
Methic’s lightsabers, blue and red to symbolize his unusual status within the Sith Empire, leapt into battle, hacking arms and legs from Republic troops. Pierce wondered if Methic’s brother, the Jedi, was here.
“Keep your head down, blast it!” Quinn yelled at Pierce. “If you die Methic will have my hide!”
Pierce chuckled, lowered his head, and thanked Quinn silently when a mortar round exploded not two meters in front of him. Pierce lifted his rifle to eye level and picked off a pair of Republic troops.
“Jedi incoming!” Jaesa reported. “I refuse to fight them.”
“You cannot refuse,” Quinn said, deadpan.
“I can fight someone else! Lord Methic can more than handle the Jedi!”
“Aw, let her go, Quinn,” Pierce said.
“She has to decide her allegiance,” Quinn said firmly.
“I thought you were my friend,” Jaesa said sadly.
“I am! But friendships must be put aside on the field of combat. That’s why you must engage the Jedi.”
Pierce saw Jaesa, a few meters away, her double-bladed lightsaber deflecting blaster bolts into the ground or chunks of ice, never back at her opponents. He rolled his eyes and shot one through the throat.
“One less for you, girl,” he said.
“Lay off her,” Methic ordered. “I will handle the Jedi myself.”
He leapt in.

Methic slashed the arm from one Jedi and blocked the green blade of another. Then he impaled the Jedi, a Miraluka, through the chest. Two more Jedi came in, a sandy-haired man and a white-skinned female, possible an Arkanian or Sarkhai.
Methic locked blades with the male, who seemed familiar…
“Cousin Gareb!” he exclaimed.
Gareb’s face was hard. “Malakai?”
The girl advanced on Methic’s flank, and the Sith Lord twisted around and kicked her in the face. She went flying into a snowdrift.
“I knew it,” Gareb said. “I knew you were a Sith.”
“I am,” Methic replied. “But we do not need to fight. Go to a different position. I don’t care if you kill another Sith Lord, but you cannot attack my allies. They are my friends, and I will protect them.”
Gareb had a sad expression on his face. He slowly lowered his green blade.
“Jasin would be so disappointed.”
Then Gareb helped the Sarkhai to her feet and the two ran off to another position. Methic turned and blocked the blue blade of another Jedi and slashed him across the torso.
Gareb’s last words struck a chord with Methic. Jasin was Methic’s twin, a Jedi Master to counter Methic’s Sith Lord. The two had been separated years ago on their homeworld Phaeda, when Jasin had sided with the Republic, and Methic–then named Malakai–the Empire.
Since he’d discovered that his brother had become a Jedi, he’d only told two people: Vette and Pierce. The two of them were possibly the only beings in the Empire that knew of Methic’s unfortunate ties to the Republic–and the reason he was not as steeped in the dark side as the other Sith Lords.
A team of Republic troops opened fire on Methic and he deflected the bolts back into them. Jaesa came to his side and blocked bolts coming at his flank.
“Thanks,” he said.
“That Jedi,” she said. “You let him go. Why?”
“Another time,” Methic replied.
Then he went back to fighting.

Despite himself, Quinn saw Jaesa wade into the thick of the fighting and found that he was worrying for the girl. Standing, he snapped three shots from his pistol and killed the Republic trooper near her.
What’s wrong with me? Quinn wondered. She’s a blasted Jedi!
Broonmark was near Jaesa’s position, hacking the troopers to pieces with his vibrosword. Seeing the fuzzy white Talz in action would have been almost comical had the situation not been so serious.
“Fight on,” Quinn ordered over the comlink. “Command says we have successfully repelled the troops at our position, and that we are to move to the crystal caves and help the fighting there.”
“You heard the man,” Methic said. “Move out!”

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11.03.2012 , 09:57 AM | #15
I never would have thought it till I saw Fino's story, but I've come to love the Quinn/LS Jaesa dynamic. So funny!
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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11.03.2012 , 11:50 AM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by iamthehoyden View Post
I never would have thought it till I saw Fino's story, but I've come to love the Quinn/LS Jaesa dynamic. So funny!
I didn't even originally intend just kind of happened while I was writing.

Chapter 8

Pierce blasted a Republic soldier in the arm, and as the trooper spun around, he let loose with a volley to the trooper’s back.
“Good shot!” commented Vette.
Her twin pistols were working overtime, cutting down troops faster than they could rally. Methic and Jaesa leapt in ahead, using the Force to propel them, and Broonmark smashed into the defensive line.
“Take down those defensive turrets!” ordered Methic.
Pierce knelt and zoomed in his rifle’s scope on the left turret. It had an energy shield, but the power lines were visible in the snow…there. Pierce fired, searing the lines and destroying the turret. Broonmark, on the other hand, just ripped into the turret’s structure with his vibrosword.
“Command relayed new orders,” Quinn said. “We are to cut through the cave and sabotage the mines.”
“Pierce, Quinn, Broonmark: go!” Methic said. “Jaesa, Vette, and I will hold them off out here.”
Pierce raised his rifle and charged in.

* * *
Methic slashed into one of the last guards’ arms, and the man went down. Jaesa and Vette finished off the last guard together, and there was silence.
“Good job,” Methic said. “We’ll hold the line out here, while the others sabotage the mines.”
Jaesa nodded and sheathed her lightsaber, looking around nervously. Methic knew she had refused to engage the Jedi, and was hoping to stall confrontation over it.
“Lord Methic, this is command. When your men have the bombs set, get out of there. The battle is going well enough.”
“Understood, command.”
He waited.

Quinn ducked under a blaster bolt and snapped a shot at the attacker. The man dropped, a bolt through his chest.
“Plant the charges, Pierce,” he ordered. “Then we can get out of here.”
Pierce knelt by the central pillar and planted his charges. A team of Republic troops charged in, and Broonmark hacked them apart.
Quinn had no idea what Broonmark was saying, but he nodded, just in case.
* * *

When the group returned to the command center, Pierce returned to the Fury. His injuries had started to affect him in the battle, and he didn’t like it.
Grabbing a kolto injector from the medbay table, he injected it into his leg. The blood stream took the medicine throughout his body, relaxing his pain.
“Prepare for takeoff,” Methic said. “We just got orders from command: we’re headed to Corellia, more specifically the Black Hole.”
“What’s going on there?” Pierce asked.
“Combat over Corellia’s supplies.”
Pierce nodded. “All right. Let’s go.”

When the ship landed in the Black Hole, Malavai and the others were ordered to stay at the cantina there, and wait for Methic and Pierce to return. Quinn took the opportunity to get a drink. Jaesa sat at the bar beside him.
“Ah. Jaesa,” he said. “What would you like to drink? On me.”
“Just water,” she replied.
Quinn nodded, then motioned to the bartender. “One water and one Corellian ale, one of your best.”
The bartender nodded and went off to get Quinn’s order. Quinn turned to Jaesa. She lowered her head, as if knowing what he was going to say.
She probably does, he realized.
“Quinn, don’t.” She looked him in the eye. “I know you’re going to lecture me for not fighting the Jedi.”
“Wrong,” he replied. “I’m going to lecture you for going against a direct order.”
She laughed. “Like there’s a difference?”
“Absolutely, there is. Listen, Jaesa, I cannot find fault in your not wishing to do combat with your former allies. I understand, really. But when you go against a direct order just because of preference, you can get killed or someone else can. What if those Jedi had been too much for Lord Methic to handle?”
Jaesa didn’t respond for a moment. “I didn’t think of it like that. But Quinn…if I kill a Jedi, there’s no chance I can ever go back, and no way they would ever listen to me when I finally tell them…tell them about Methic. That he uses the light side.”
“Do you think they’d believe you without any evidence, anyway?”
Jaesa’s mouth opened, then closed. “I didn’t think of it like that. I just always assumed he would come with me if I asked him to.”
“Do you know how many enemies he has among the Jedi? He participated in the downfall of Jaric Kaedan, one of their greatest warriors. Even if you could convince them, Jaesa, they would not let him off without punishment.”
She shook her head. “I never…I didn’t think about that, I guess.”
Malavai patted her on the shoulder. “Don’t worry. If you’re stuck with us, I could think of worse people to have as friends.”
He smiled, and she smiled back.

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11.03.2012 , 12:26 PM | #17
AWWWWWW, jaesa x quinn is just so adorable!!

I now ship these two... when i'm not busy shipping light jaesa and dark jaesa...
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11.03.2012 , 12:40 PM | #18
Quote: Originally Posted by epicfear View Post
AWWWWWW, jaesa x quinn is just so adorable!!
Thanks so much.

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11.03.2012 , 02:03 PM | #19
Very enjoyable to read, nice job.

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11.03.2012 , 04:27 PM | #20
Quote: Originally Posted by Segastorm View Post
Very enjoyable to read, nice job.
Thanks man! As an aspiring author, comments like this make my day.