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What Is the Current State of Your Guild?

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What Is the Current State of Your Guild?

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10.29.2012 , 12:02 PM | #1
How is your guild doing in the state that SWTOR is in at the moment?

On July 31st, EAWare gave us a very vague response on the amount of subscribers in SWTOR. SWTOR had over 500k subs but less than 1mil, and I'm guessing that now the subs most be somewhere around 500k or possibly lower. I have no clue, but since the servers got merged last month and since this game has still been bleeding subs I want to know how your guilds have been doing.

Also, feel free to post what you think might be killing your guild, and what features are missing that are not helping guilds. Post whatever you need about your guild so EAWare can get a sense of what they can do better with guild features and mechanics.

Note: Please do NOT implement any recruiting messages in your post! This is a thread to discuss the state of your guild; not to recruit others! Please go to the Server Forums and recruit there. Thank you.

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10.29.2012 , 02:04 PM | #2
My guild used to get quite a few members, but people just quit for no apparent reason. Honestly i don't even feel like playing any more, the game just seems focused on the endgame when all i came for was the story.
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10.29.2012 , 04:09 PM | #3
I'm in two guilds on two different servers. I'll start with WoF which launched early on The Harbinger. Most of us were WoW transplants and RL friends, so you can guess where a lot of the guild has gone to over time. However, we did also lose some people early on simply because of the lack of group finder, buggy quests and graphical problems, frustration over pvp with their class, or at end game, a lack of a place in an operation team.

Right now we're trying to rebuild a bit. We still run HM operations every week, but it's not like it was several months back when there was always someone online leveling an alt, or doing warzones. I think most people got burned out on pvp. But everyone in the guild still loves the game and enjoys doing operations. We expect we'll get at least a few people back when f2p rolls around.

I could say a lot of the same things about AIE, though it is a very large gaming community that extends to many different MMOs. Because the community is so big and strong in general, I think it will be around in SWTOR for a good while, though it has certainly had a major dropoff in the past couple of months. They are good about scheduling group events. It's also cross-faction, which kind of splits up the population a bit. I'd love there to be some way that affiliated cross-faction guilds could communicate with each other.

There is definitely a "domino effect" in people who leave the game. With the people that I know personally, very few left the game out of anger, or ill feelings, but just sort of a silent resignation as one friend or family member went over to another game, and they followed, and because couple A left, couple B went with them, and then friend of couple B left too, etc...

I feel that adding some good guild benefits would definitely help guilds in general. Players need more incentive to join a guild, and stick with it. I know other games have done some good things in this area.
I hate to just borrow ideas from these games, but the idea of credits earned donating a percentage automatically to the guild bank would be great, so that we don't have to rely on the richer members to fund everyone's guild repairs.
Also giving experience boosts, social boosts, pets, mounts, and items for accomplishing things together as a guild are always nice incentives.

Still waiting for that guild capital ship too
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10.29.2012 , 05:33 PM | #4
We had 89 members, drawn mostly from our active and inactive members from LOTRO. We didn't like the pre-launch guild placement, so we had to move servers at launch. We had, at peak, 40 members online, playing nearly 300 characters, between our Republic and Imperial faction guilds. Within two months, we were down to less than a dozen between both guilds. Less than half of the characters leveled beyond lvl 25. Then the server merge of Lord Adraas to Ebon Hawk. Only about 30 characters made the jump, played by about 8 people across the Republic, Imperial, and now All-Trooper guilds we started.

Many of our people went back to LOTRO. Others have started divisions in Star Trek Online, Guild Wars 2. The game just wasn't "sticky enough." The game didn't have even close to the fluff or guild friendly tools we were used to. We couldn't find hooks in how the game was built, to do events as we were used to. The content wasn't just easy to get through, it was nearly unrewarding for many to do, no achievement felt in anything. Now we are also a casual group, RP friendly, and aren't fans of PvP to the point of being called anti-PvP in jest. So all the talk about warzones, raids, ops, PvP, just isn't what sucks us in.

As to where we are at now? We are as big and strong as ever in LOTRO, growing in STO and GW2. Some of our inactive SWTOR players are planning to return when they don't have to pay for what they have decided isn't worth $15 a month, and to casually wander about an otherwise nice Star Wars MMORPG. We have a lot of SWTOR natives we recruited, who are waiting out things in LOTRO looking to return....for free, casually. There are also a lot of LOTRO members who have been explicitly NOT playing SWTOR because it was a subscription game to start. Some don't like hearing that, but it was and is true. Not everybody wanted this as a subscription game and for multi-gaming people, it was $15 too much.

We are recruiting again, looking ahead. I and others still want a Star Wars fix. But since guild management isn't something requiring subscription, I may even drop my monthly payment so long as it doesn't impair guild functions. I expect that if this game does survive another five years, you'll find a healthy active group of our members here.

But they really really really missed a chance to capture hearts and minds among many guilds we knew in-game. That chance won't come again, no matter how much they try.
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10.29.2012 , 06:44 PM | #5
Please bare with me it is a big of a long post

Our guild has has a presence on both factions. We are located on Dalbora. In the beginning when I joined we had 400 people + because at that time we were solely in it for the social aspect. Also at that time we had NO 50's so endgame was not a factor nor was PVP actually. What started our downfall was that we started picking up random jerks who made racist and sexist comments in guild chat and that did not sit well with our young members. Next was our then leader was incredibly power hungry and made very autocratic rules regarding Ranks, Officers etc. This started power struggles and arguments which started a decline in our numbers again. Then we introduced a Facebook page as well as website which did make people happy and our numbers rose again for while. Next our leader had to take time off and put someone else in charge which completely changed the atmosphere in a positive way. This leader did away with the tedious rules and started just making players feel welcome and happy. Then we introduced our voice chat and in our case it was mumble. With Mumble people began to speak and real friendships began to form. However, this brought a new issue and that was clicks, groups of players who would be alone in channels and not talk to anyone else. So this went on for a few months until we saw a rise in level 50's so we naturally transitioned to endgame with our first OP's team. As this picked up more level 50's expressed interest in raiding so we made two more raid groups but at this stage our casual numbers were dwindling and we lost 200 members in just over two months.

At this point our guild stands as close knit community of dedicated raiding players, we have cleared everything except HM TFB and NIM EC. Our numbers are around 130 casual and non talkative members. With our most vocal members being our raid teams being online everyday speaking on mumble. We are either leveling alts, doing our dailes or HM FP's so it is always something to do. So overall our guild is in a good state.
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Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
As theUndead mentioned, I can't exactly spell out all of our policies in depth, but that should hopefully cover your concerns.

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10.29.2012 , 06:47 PM | #6
Curious how different groups actually like some things which are not vital or secondary to others.

They still need to improve the guild systems in this game, which we've known since beta.

We'll see what they say about subscriptions during the earnings call this week.
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10.29.2012 , 07:09 PM | #7
well my first guild was a guild of 3. two others i met on these forums here before prelaunch and i. eventually, the other two left the game (i think shortly after 1.2) to go back to WoW/play the GW2 beta, and i was left to wander solo for a bit. it was during the Rakghoul event when i received an invitation to join my current guild. i have been with them since.

our small guild has been through a lot of changes, and our core group was pretty close. we've had a couple leader changes. at one point, all the active members broke off and started a "new" guild. most of the active members were level 50, so we did HMs and dailies regularly if we weren't leveling alts. there usually weren't many of us online all at once since we were very, very small. i think the usual number was around 6. we managed to invite a couple more loyal members, which was great because now we had enough to run our own guild ops....which only happened once, lol.

nowadays, i don't tend to see my guildmates online often, for various reasons. our current guild leader has been very busy with work, and at least one guildie has to devote time to school. i'm not able to log in as much as i'd like either, due to my PC breaking. i have to borrow another computer in order to play now until i save up the money to buy new parts for my machine. so while we're not quite dead yet, i guess you could say we're in some sort of hibernation? coma? i dunno.
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10.30.2012 , 07:21 AM | #8
Our guild is in good shape atm, we run ops/fp's/pvp/events regularly and have a tightknit community. The one problem we have is that our guild leader has been away for a few weeks due to rl commitments, although he keeps in touch with us and the guild runs smoothly with the officers, some little problems have arisen.

I believe a guild can run with a team of officers, so I would like to see the option for guild leaders to give officers the same rights as themselves ie. to change guild bank access rights, buy tabs/setting ranks etc. I think this would help guilds to continue to run smoothly in the absence of a guild leader and, as it would be the guild leader granting this status, we can assume he/she would choose trusted officers to enable this.

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10.30.2012 , 01:36 PM | #9
Sorry to hear so many guilds are in trouble. Republic University is for new players and those leveling. We help them learn the game, level to 50, gear up for operations, and then find a permanent guild. We are on the Shadowlands server.

Our recruiting is overwhelming. New blood is coming into the game at a fast pace. We have 130 active members, and purge inactive members after 45 days.
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10.30.2012 , 07:24 PM | #10