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What's the staus on Same-Sex Romances?

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What's the staus on Same-Sex Romances?

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10.29.2012 , 12:51 AM | #161
No, it won't.

Don't expect anything different from how opposite-gender romantic options are already offered now. That is perfectly fair.
Quote: Originally Posted by CommunitySupport
As a gentle reminder: Discussion of the implementation of toggles to filter same gender romance options is considered discriminatory language and is neither appropriate nor allowed on the forums. Posts along this vein of discussion will be removed.

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10.29.2012 , 01:00 AM | #162
If you don't use [flirt] then you won't be in any kind of romance That is the simplest way to avoid it if you wish to.

I really look forward to it being implemented, this is a BioWare game, have had a ton of fun romancing Leliana, Merrill, Samantha with my FemSheps and FemHawkes. I am however in no stress for it, have so many characters that I will to lvl than I got plenty to do before that. But there are many of us who are waiting for it.

Have fun on the forum.
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10.29.2012 , 02:29 AM | #163
Quote: Originally Posted by Uluain View Post
Less than six months. HK-51 was announced July 16. If we get 1.5 in the next week or two, that will be about three and a half months since the announcement. And people were making threads every patch to ask about him. And those threads weren't locked, nor were they trolled by hostile players.

And in fact, we have been given a ballpark figure for the inclusion of same-gender companion romance, from former lead writer Damiel Erickson at the Guild Summit last March. We were told the content will come this year. Now, that is over seven months without a word, going on eight.

A lot has happened since then, both in the studio and in the direction of the game. Development times are necessarily elastic and plans do change. So asking if we are still on track for this year, or whether that content is, as was rumored, coming with Makeb, seems reasonable to me.

And if the original poster never knew there was a dedicated thread in Story and Lore to asking, then it is valid for him to ask here. And if that thread, which has been running for ten months, over seventy-five hundred posts and half a million views, has never gotten a response, I think that even those of us who know quite well that is is there can be excused for feeling that posting to a thread in General Discussion is apt to be more productive.
As to the HK-51 thing, we've all been waiting on him since before launch. He was cut from release, but we all knew he was coming. Also I wrote:

I also think in this instance that people clamouring for it are not being entitled, they were promised something that has yet to appear. I'm sure the announcement of SGRA inclusion influenced some people to purchase the game. As such it does need to be looked at and included at some point.

So I'm not entirely sure how you think I am not on your side in asking about this.
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10.29.2012 , 08:08 AM | #164
Hello everyone! Because we already have two threads dedicated to asking for more information about this topic, we ask that you please continue the discussion here: or here: Thank you!