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What's the staus on Same-Sex Romances?

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What's the staus on Same-Sex Romances?

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10.27.2012 , 06:28 PM | #131
Come on, people just wanna know how it's going, much like hey, where's the Cathar? Even MMO players don't always post insisting that the company drop everything until everyone else's class is nerfed

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10.27.2012 , 06:38 PM | #132
Quote: Originally Posted by spookysage View Post
Come on, people just wanna know how it's going, much like hey, where's the Cathar? Even MMO players don't always post insisting that the company drop everything until everyone else's class is nerfed
Hope for the best, expect the worst.
So i'll just say that i doubt this will be implemented.
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10.27.2012 , 06:56 PM | #133
I think out of the million things this game desperately needs in future updates I think I'll put same sex relationship with companions at the bottom of the list. Why is this such a needed addition to the game. It's just dialogue and kiss animations. Is that REALLY what the SWTOR needs right now. Are you actually staring at your companions all day sadly wanting to get it on with them. Seriously Bioware, take all the time you want on these SGR's.
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10.27.2012 , 07:01 PM | #134
Quote: Originally Posted by Rayla_Felana View Post
Assuming that the writers have anything to do with bug fixing or anything but the story, yehhhhh.

I seriously hate it when people rinse and repeat reasons this should be way down the list despite the fact that reason has been debunked a thousand times before.
Pretty much this. I love how some people assume that there can only be one department at a time working on things.

Because that's the way an MMO works, right? /sarcasm

The bug fixes will still get worked on. So will PvP, gear balance, Ops and HMs. They are different departments and they like to have everything as polished as possible. This will not take away time or resources from other departments. The money has been spent and it would be a waste to put this optional content on the back burner for too much longer. Plus, it's been promised and it is coming.

My question wasn't rhetorical. It was very serious and the second time I've asked in this thread. I'd like an answer to that question that isn't a "priority" answer or an answer that isn't solely based on disgust.

Edit: Wanted to add this...

Dev: "We're going to have Makeb, with all new questing and story content!"
Player: "Sweet! More story! Let's discuss possibilities!"


Dev: "Same gender romance is going to be in ToR, possibly coming with Makeb."
Possibly the same Player: "How can they waste the money/time for this story crap when the rest of the game needs fixing?"

Yeah, way to stay consistent.

Give us a sign BW! It's apparent that a status update directly from the horse's mouth is needed right about now.

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10.27.2012 , 07:18 PM | #135
Quote: Originally Posted by Galbatorrix View Post
Yay, it's THIS thread again! You guys keep on fighting the good fight. I'm sure you'll get your 10 minutes of romantic dialogue plus two blacked out screens eventually.
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10.27.2012 , 07:31 PM | #136
Quote: Originally Posted by lornalove View Post
I think you underestimate the amount of fade-to-blacks Doc can pull off on single ship visit.
A lot of blackouts, you say? Might wanna get a doctor to look at that-- ah-ha, it's a vicious cycle!

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10.27.2012 , 08:31 PM | #137
I don't think I can stress enough that BioWare needs to address the entire player base about SGRs.

There is going to be anger, confusion and some hatred for the game when this comes out. There'll be cheering, clarity and some love for the game when this comes out. BioWare needs start talking about this now. Letting it sit until the patch that contains SRGs to come onto the Player Test Realms is really doing them harm.

All the players in this matter, whether they be for it, against it or indifferent to romance content in the game all together, deserve to hear what is going on from BioWare. Not just regarding this, but for other matters too.

However, those other matters are not the point of this thread, as was stated many times.

Darth_Haderach's Avatar

10.28.2012 , 07:16 AM | #138
I feel that there was a huge underestimation of the SGRA's along with some other game features which were considered a "niche". The discussion and player demand for that content had been going since 2008 and the threads were extended countless times due to reaching the post limit. Not to mention the expectations from a BioWare game came to a bitter end when it was finally clear that we will not have SGRA's any time soon.

BioWare had been building a strong social profile in the past years. Even Mass Effect which was initially not intended to have same-sex romance had that fully included in the final installment of the trilogy. Looking back now we can only see the massive positive reception of Bio's stance on SGRA's in their previous games. And I believe it's easy to understand how their biggest project, namely The Old Republic, felt like a betrayal to a lot of people for whom that content felt very personal.

I think that for a discussion that's been ongoing for 4 years and now 1 year into the live game, it's very justified to ask and to expect to receive a definitive statement on the status of same sex romances.

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10.28.2012 , 07:52 AM | #139
Speaking as someone with no personal interest in SGRAs, I would of course prefer that they focused on other issues that affect the majority (as I suspect they have done). That being said SGRAs have been promised to be implemented since before launch, so it does not surprise me one iota that people looking foward to this being added want to know what the situation is after nearly a year of waiting.

The fact that Bioware have said it will be included post launch pretty much nullify any arguments of wether it should be included, the position is that it will be. If it bothers you that much go play something else. I also think in this instance that people clamouring for it are not being entitled, they were promised something that has yet to appear. I'm sure the announcement of SGRA inclusion influenced some people to purchase the game. As such it does need to be looked at and included at some point.

The only thing to be said against these claims is afaik no specific date was actually set, and there are other things that have also been promised (like the super secret space stuff, guild capital ships etc). Whilst I'm sure all of us that want to see these things included would love to know when they will hit live if they haven't set a date there is not much to be done but wait patiently and ask a perfectly valid question every now and again. I mean Heaven's they are only just getting to implement HK-51 next month, and we've all been waiting how long for that?
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10.28.2012 , 07:52 AM | #140
Quote: Originally Posted by Rayla_Felana View Post
Except they have, they stated that this year we would see SGRA content, lead PvP designer Gabe Amantangelo(Hope I didn't butcher that) also said he believes it is in the Makeb patch, Hall Hood later stated on Twitter that what he said was correct, though that tweet was later removed, all we want to know is if that is true, if SGRA content is in Makeb, once we get that answered I imagine we can all move on.
I guess you are another person who either didn't get the countless "Its coming" memos, or just can't accept that its coming til it happens.
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