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Galactic Pub Crawl [Rolo Edition]--Beginning November 7th

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Galactic Pub Crawl [Rolo Edition]--Beginning November 7th

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10.25.2012 , 06:36 PM | #1
Where: Cantinas across the Galaxy [Voss-Ka]
When: Every other Wednesday at 8:00 PM EST (Beginning November 7th)

Yes, the Pub Crawl is back! Everyone's favorite Scoundrel will now be hosting the Galactic Pub Crawl! Returning on Wednesday, November 7th the Galactic Pub Crawl will run every other Friday at a new Cantina/Bar every week!

Following the basics of the Original Pub Crawl ,it will be a place to meet new people, socialize and pick up a couple well deserved free drinks.

I will attempt to find as many cross-faction locations as I can without the locations becoming repetitious, but the Cantina's will usually be Republic based.

The next Galactic Pub Crawl will be at the Voss-Ka cantina.

(Large shout out to Craft who came up with the Original Pub Crawl!)