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Frame rate too high (yes, too high) on ship...

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Frame rate too high (yes, too high) on ship...

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12.19.2011 , 09:50 PM | #1
I submitted a bug ticket about this, but my frame rate goes over 100fps only while on my ship. I understand there's not a lot of stuff to do, but what gets nasty is when I watch a cutscene on my holo-transmitter. If the camera is zoomed in close to the holographic projection my video card (GTX570) starts heating up rapidly as the GPU usage hits 100%, while still holding around 90fps. If I walk over to the galaxy map my GPU usage drops to 15%... I view this as unnecessary stressing of the hardware. I have a brand new video card but all of the other components are an average of two to three years old. The power supply has enough juice to run the GTX570 under the listed TDP but at full load plus the rest of my system kicking into overdrive, my PC shuts off. I'm aware any overclocked settings that may be enabled are too much for it to handle. And no, my computer does not have a colony of dust bunnies.

I realize a newer system and/or higher watt power supply (or simply a newer one) would remedy the issue, but my concern/request is that there's simply a frame rate cap implemented.

Has anyone else had similar overheating/shutdown problems? I'm not sure where the thermal limiter is on my GTX570 but it goes from an idle temp of ~38-42 to 70+. I haven't watched the exact temperature when it shuts down but I suspect it's higher than that.
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12.19.2011 , 09:54 PM | #2
Just turn on vsync if you want to cap it at 60 fps.