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*PUB guild looking for a couple more for weekly progressive ops!*

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*PUB guild looking for a couple more for weekly progressive ops!*

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10.24.2012 , 10:14 PM | #1
<Time Lords> is a Republic PvP / PvE / End-game guild that focuses mainly on operations, although we do random PvP a lot and have done ranked and WBs and such. This is my first recruitment ad, so bear with me if there's too much info.

We have about 30 lvl 50 characters right now and about 130 members total. Ops are currently Thurs & Fri @ 7EST, but that's subject to change with new arrivals and their availability. We are currently only 5/5 EV/KP HM and 4/4 EC SM, but that is changing weekly. We just have only been doing ops for a short while, but we have been one-shotting almost every new ops boss we come to. Within a month or so, we should be doing HM EC and HM TFB, but currently only about half the active players are geared and ready. The rest are rapidly on their way, and the groups all have much potential. My personal progression is much further along than that of the guild, but mostly imp-side in the past. (HM EC / Asation)

Anyway, although there are 30 lvl 50 characters, not all of them are always available, and we will need a few more. Most of them are alternates for ops, and can only raid on the occasion to fill in a spot. If you join, you're guaranteed a spot to raid at least once a week. We need a few more dps, and 1 healer, and maybe a tank for some days. But anyone that would like to join is welcome. We have 3 tab guild bank, and use Mumble server for our VoIP. We have some that are geared and waiting for weekly HM TFB, just looking to find some more and continue our rapid progression to get more of the members to that point.

Reply to post, or PST or in-game mail to Dekkard (republic) for an inv or for questions or more info about us. Replying in-game merits a faster response time.