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Merc - Hybrid PvP Spec

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12.19.2011 , 09:39 PM | #1
I have been playing a Mercenary and currently lvl16 and although I'm only a lowbie atm i have started specing Bodyguard as i mainly play PvP heal's and found the lack of healers withing WarZones.

This is the spec ill be aiming for;

13 Bodyguard / 28 Arsenal / 0 Pyrotech

This is a Hybrid spec and i choose it for these reasons;

Healing side of things
1/1 Kolto Missle
AoE Heal and 5% healing buff for 15sec

1/1 Power Sheild & Surgical Precison System
Reduces Push back by 100% when Shield active and 70% when not.

1/1 Kolto Vents
When ever you vent heat you pretty much heal for 7% of total health over 10secs (handy top up)

2/2 Empowered Scans
Imporves healing done by 6% and helps build charge for CSC

1/1 Supercharged Gas
Give's me that 1min CD for an extra 10% healing & dmg on tho's clutch moments

2/2 Integrated Systems
2% healing received and done

2/2 Custom Enviro Suit
Increases total Endrance by 2% and all healing received by 6% (nice little bonus).
All in all that gives me essentially 19% + healing base and 29% when CD's poped and 100% non-interupterable casting, if you want to count Mandalorian Iron Warheads as base healing too that gives me another 20% + healing on top of that for your Kolto Missle.
(that 49% + healing on Kolto Missle for 15sec, Just crazy).

DPS side of things;

I didn't go all out for DPS as in 31 to Heatseeker Missles i sub'ed out some 3 points out of Arsenal to gain Kolta Missle instead in the Bodyguard tree. (more viable in my play style and like to heal).

I focused on 3 primary DPS moves heres the break down;
Trace Missle

3/3 Ironsights
9% increase in Aim (Increases both Dmg and Healing)

2/2 Mandalorian Iron Warheads
6% + dmg to all missles

1/1 Upgraded Arsenal
3% extra Tech crit chance (will be maily using CSC)

1/1 Muzzle Fluting
Reduces heat cost of Trace Missle by 9 (nice when i am spamming it)

3/3 Stabilizers
No more/less interupts in channeling Unload and Trace Missle

2/2Target Tracking
30% Crit Bonus dmg on Unload (very nice for 2pts)

Obviously 1/1 Trace Missle (a given)

2/2 Power Barrier
100% chance to grant 2% dmg reduction over 15sec when using Trace Missle (as i will be spamming this i ability i thought it was worth it 10% dmg reduction is handy).

2/2 Jet Escape
Reduces the CD of Jet boost by 10sec and Determination by 30sec
(As i am aiming for a range build both Jet Boost and Determination are vital in my build to get away and to knock back to get a quick heal or range on a target).

1/1Tracer Lock
Tracer missle increases dmg to your next Rail shot by 6% stacks 5 times
(Thats a 30% increase in dmg on your next rail shot so as i spam Trace Missle then boom finish up with a heavy hitting Rail shot after stacking it 5 times).

1/1 Riddle
Simply and sweet 33% increase in dmg on Unload

3/3 Barrage
Tracer Missle has a 30% chance to reset to CD on Unload and increases the dmg by 25%

1/1 Light'EM up
Additional heat Sigature
(This helps and adds to your Rail shot burst).
Let me know what you think of the spec if you do end up trying it and just to stress my point again this is aim'd at PvP.

Would like to see other spec you guys have come up with too.

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12.19.2011 , 10:19 PM | #2
It's interesting idea which I thought about before as well, even if you plan on not being mostly a healer.

Merc damage in warzones can be tough to get out once melee get on you. The Power Shield talent gives you an easy way to nuke. Pop energy shield once melee get on you and just face tank to get off several tracers and an unload. I wonder if its worth not getting heatseeker missiles as an offensive hybrid pvp spec?

I've also thought of a hybrid between arsenal and pyrotech in order to help increase mobility since arsenal has poor abilities to keep melee off of you. Plus it gives you an extra instant missile shot to use on the run with incendiary missile. You also got 2 dots rolling as well.

So by getting sweltering heat to get a 50% snare on your shots and using combustible gas cylinder instead of high velocity gas cylinder for that snare and for heat management.

Also degaus in pyrotech lets you remove a snare when you pop energy shield.

Something like this:

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12.19.2011 , 10:50 PM | #3
TBH i don't like the look of the Pyrotech tree at all, it seems to revolve around close combat and reducing CD's. Maybe it's just my personal pref, but if i wanted to play close combat i would of rolled a Sith Warrior haha.

But then again i could be wrong i haven't actually tried out Pyrotech and as i said in my previous post i am only lvl 16 so have alot to see & learn i guess.

thanks for your input tho mate

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12.20.2011 , 01:13 PM | #4
Yeah I like casting things and staying ranged too. Pyrotech definitely has a lot more instants and dots.

I'm low level too, only 14 (I play the BH mirror, Trooper Gunnery spec). Very fun.

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12.20.2011 , 03:21 PM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by andrewperk View Post
Yeah I like casting things and staying ranged too. Pyrotech definitely has a lot more instants and dots.

I'm low level too, only 14 (I play the BH mirror, Trooper Gunnery spec). Very fun.

What you made is inspiring Yay for builds that actually let you MOVE a bit
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12.20.2011 , 05:06 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Fet-ta View Post
What you made is inspiring Yay for builds that actually let you MOVE a bit
Yaay for the TECH build that does no damage
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12.22.2011 , 12:21 AM | #7
I was thinking something similar but unsure how much of each. I like the heals but tracer missle looks awesome too.

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