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SW:TOR Acronyms and Terms

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12.19.2011 , 09:27 PM | #1
Special Note: Any item highlighted in Blue* is an important abbreviation or acronym relating directly to the game SW:TOR. Although the other acronyms may be found in SW:TOR, they are generally seen in many types of online games.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ ________________
  • A
    Abilities: Player character learned abilities; an effect (power, skill, or spell). See Skills
    Active: Active is short for Activate. An ability, skill, or power that requires activation to work.
    Add: Additional Mobs
    AC: 1. Advanced Class* or 2. Asheron’s Call (
    AE: Area Effect (See AoE)
    AFK: Away From Keyboard
    Aggro: To gain attention of a mob or the amount of attention.
    AH: Auction House (an ingame place to buy and sell)
    AI: Artificial Intelligence, relating to the difficulty of a mob
    AKA: Also known as
    Alt: A players additional avatar or character. Usually secondary characters.
    AM: Short for Armormech, (a crew skill)
    AoE: Area of Effect (See AE)
    AoC: Age of Conan (
    APB: All Points Bulletin (
    Art: Short for Artifice (a crew skill)
    AT: Short for armstech (a crew skill)
    ATC: After the Treaty of Coruscant*
    Arch: Short for archaeology (a crew skill)
    ATK: At the Keyboard
    Attribute: Major statistic(s) for a character which reflect directly on a character's capabilities.
    Attunement: Gaining access for locked doors or content such as an Instance (see Keyed)
    Avatar: A players controlled Toon or Character

__________________________________________________ ________________
  • B
    BA: Short for bioanalysis (a crew skill)
    Bantha Fodder: A suggestion that the one to whom the phrase is applied is dead or as good as dead.
    Bashing: Hostile and insulting interaction between Internet users. (see flaming)
    BBY: Before the Battle of Yavin*
    BC: Short for biochem (a crew skill) (See ALSO BA and BIO)
    BF /BG: Battlefield / Battleground (See Warzone)
    BH: Bounty Hunter (1 of 8 classes in SWTOR)
    BioWare: The Developer of KOTORs, TOR (this game) and ME (
    Bio / Bio Break: Euphemism for biological break (bathroom break) - (SEE ALSO BA and BC)
    Bio-link: Another term for Bind or Soulbound.
    Bind: 1. To make an item usable only by the player who binds it. 2. Also sometimes to set a location as default.
    Blizzard: The developers of WoW and Diablo (
    Blue milk run: An ordinary and uneventful mission or quest.
    BoE, BoU, BoP, BoA, BTA: Bind on Equip, Bind on Use, Bind on Pickup, Bind on Acquire, Bound to Account
    Bot /Botting: A form of illegal (against the EULA) gameplay, where actions of a character can be automated with minimal input from the player.
    BRB/BBL: Be Right Back / Be Back Later
    BRT: Be Right There
    BTC: Before the Treaty of Coruscant
    Bubble: A spell which grants temporary immunity to damage.
    Buff: A helpful increase in stats
    Bug: A glitch or problem with the game.
    Burn down/burn: To Focus all group damage on boss or target
    BW: BioWare

__________________________________________________ ________________
  • C
    Camp /Camping: Remaining in the same area with intent to attack opposing faction.
    Cantina: A ‘hangout’ in the Star Wars World
    Cap: Maximum – Usually referring to level or attribute bonuses
    Cast: Preforming combat spell actions (Casting heals, casting spells, casting buffs)
    Caster: A character which can cast (non-melee damage, heals, spells, buffs)
    Carebear: A derogatory name given to players who avoid or do not support PvP
    CC: Crowd Control
    CE: Collectors Edition (of SW:TOR)
    Class: A Class determines the set of abilities and statistics for your character.
    Cleanse: General term for abilities which remove Debuffs from players (usually a healer ability).
    Client: The game data and program stored on a players PC. Allows access to the game Server.
    Cooldown: The time between using an ability and the time it is ready to use again.
    CO-OP: Cooperative
    Con: Consider, to judge the difficulty of a mob
    Companion: An NPC which fights or supports alongside your avatar (similar to a pet.)
    Corpse /Corpse Run: 1. A dead NPC or Player. 2. The act of retrieving ones avatar who has died.
    Crew Skills: The skills you have that your companions use; split into three groups: Gathering, Crafting, and Missions.
    Crit: Critical Hit, a hit which does additional damage. Usually a multiplier (1.5x, 2x, 3x)
    Critter: A non-combat creature which generally is common spawn.
    CS: Customer Service
    CT: Short for Cyber Tech (a crew skill)
    CU: Combat Update/Upgrade relating to SWG.
    CUL8R: See you later

__________________________________________________ ________________
  • D
    D&D: Dungeons and Dragons
    Damage Mitigation: A players ability to negate or stop damage (dodge, block, absorb)
    DAoC: Dark Age of Camelot (
    DC or d/c: Disconnected see LD
    DD: 1. Direct Damage (spells or attacks which deliver immediate damage upon use) 2. Sometimes also "Digital Download"
    De-buff: Negative effects on attributes.
    DKP: Dragon Kill Points (artificial currency created to determine who revives loot from party content.)
    Ding: When a player has leveled, they will announce it by saying, "Ding!" (named after the noise you hear in most games when gaining a level).
    Dip: Short for Diplomacy (a crew skill)
    Direct Damage: Damage done directly and or immediately to a mob
    Dirt Nap: Slang for dead. Most corpses lie on the ground when killed.
    Dispel: The act of or ability to remove a harmful effect on the target (diseases, debuffs, poisons)
    DMG: Damage
    DND: Do Not Disturb
    DoT: Damage Over Time
    DPS: Damage Per Second (Damage)
    DSP: Dark-Side Point or sometimes Dark-Side Power
    Drop: Loot off a mob
    Dropped: Connection lost, see DC or LD
    Duping: An exploit which creates multiple items from a single source

__________________________________________________ ________________
  • E
    EA: Electronic Arts (
    Emote: A player gesture or action that expresses emotion
    Endgame: Content available to characters once they reach the level cap
    Ent: Entertainer (a SWG class)
    Epeen: Slang for ego, pride, or attitude in a virtual sense. Slang for the "whose is "bigger" argument."
    EQ: EverQuest (
    EULA: End User License Agreement - contract a player accepts before they are allowed access to a game.
    EV: Eternity Vault (an Operation in SW:TOR)
    Exp: Experience / Experience Points
    Experience: An artificial currency acquired through completing tasks/quests, killing mobs, or various other achievements in games.
    Exploit: A beneficial (although illegal) in game action, exploits a game system

__________________________________________________ ________________
  • F
    F2P: Free to Play (no subscription fees)
    Facerolling: Used to describe an encounter that is too easy (IE.. using face on keyboard to finish it)
    FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions (
    Farm /Farming: Continuously camping something for the purpose of gains.
    Fear / Fearing:An ability that causes loss of control of your character see CC
    FFA: Free For All (a typical loot system)
    Flag: A status change, "Flagged for combat," "Flagged for PvP." Also an item for some pvp contests.
    Flaming: Hostile and insulting interaction between Internet users. (see bashing)
    Flash Point: A critical point in story driven content, only accessible to those in your party. (See Instance)
    Focus: to focus all damage on a specific player or npc (see, Burn/burn down. train)
    FoTM: Flavor of the Month. Relating to the common occurring class changes of players who keep switching to what is deemed the current most popular or powerful setup or class.
    FTW: For the Win (exclamation after successful attempt at something)
    FTL: For the loss (exclamation after an unsuccessful attempt at something)

__________________________________________________ ________________
  • G
    Gank: Engaging in PvP in which the attackers far outnumber (in rank, level or numbers) the opponent
    GCD: Global Cool Down - See "Global Cooldown"
    Gear: Anything a player can equip
    GF: 1. Good Fight (exclamation of praise after a duel). 2. Sometimes "Go Figure")
    GG /GJ: Good Game / Good Job (sometimes derogatory to the loosing opponent)
    Gimp: Actions (usually necessary) with Talents or equipment that makes your character ineffective. (See nerf)
    GL: Guild Leader or sometimes and exclamation of "good luck"
    Global Cooldown: The minimum time ALL Abilities have to wait between use and the next time it is ready to use. See GCD and Cooldown
    Glowbat /Glowstick: a somewhat derogatory term for a lightsaber weapon, and their wielders the Jedi or Sith
    GM: Game Master (In-game support agent) or Guild Master
    Grave-yard: The area you goto when incapacitated
    Grief: Harassing another player usually though Camping, Ganking, Exploits or some combination.
    Grind: To specifically gain experience via farming mobs, often repetitive and mindless.
    Group: A temporary combination of players for mutual benefit
    GtG: Good to Go / sometimes "Got to Go"
    GUI: Graphical User Interface (the games interface) pronounced "Gooey"
    Guild: A player association (collection of like minded players with goals)

__________________________________________________ ________________
  • H
    Hate: See aggro
    Healer: A player who is capable of restoring lost health.
    Hitbox: The invisible target-able area around a player or creature in-game
    HoT: Heal Over Time
    HP: Hit Points / Health Points
    HUD: Heads Up Display (relating to UI)

__________________________________________________ ________________
  • I
    IA: Imperial Agent (1 of 8 classes in SWTOR)
    IC: In-Combat or In-Character when used with Roleplaying
    IMBA: Short for Imbalanced. Relates to a player being overpowered (or appearing to be.)
    IMO/IMHO: In my opinion /humble opinion
    Imp: Short for Imperial (Faction relating to The Empire)
    Inc: Incoming (heads up for approaching mobs)
    Interrupt: An ability which will stop (Interrupt) the casting of a spell.
    Instance: An ingame location that is only accessible by a player and their group. (e.g. some Flashpoints)
    Inv: Short for Investigation (a crew skill)
    IP: Intellectual Property (Complete work or invention that is the result of creativity, such as a manuscript or a design, to which one has rights and for which one may apply for a patent, copyright, trademark). For example: "Star Wars" is an IP.
    IRC: Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a form of real-time Internet text chat.
    IRL: Meaning In Real Life

__________________________________________________ ________________
  • J
    JC: Jedi Consular (1 of 8 classes in SWTOR)
    JK: 1. Jedi Knight (1 of 8 classes in SWTOR) 2. Sometimes meaning "Just Kidding"

__________________________________________________ ________________
  • K
    Keyed: Having access to content (doors or instances) which require a pre-quest or key. (see attunement)
    Kite: keeping an enemy at distance while applying damage, like a kite on a string. Running around.
    KK: Shorthand for "Ok" or "I understand" (from EQ "k" for chat menu and "k" short for ok)
    KoS: Kill on Sight
    KOTOR: Knights of the Old Republic
    KOTOR2/II: Knights of the Old Republic 2: Sith Lords

    KS: Kill Steal (taking credit for a mob that was first claimed by another player)

__________________________________________________ ________________
  • L
    L2P: Learn to Play (derogatory comment used to insinuate the receiver is a noob)
    LA: Lucas Arts (See LEC)
    Lag: Delays between the action of players and the reaction of the server (hardware/software issues)
    LD: Link Dead (player disconnected but his avatar remains ingame for a short period of time.) sometimes referred to as "Logged"
    LEC: Lucas Entertainment Company (See LA)
    Leech /Leach: A player who goes inactive in a fight or AFK just to benefit off the accomplishments of the other members in the party.
    Leet Speak: Alternative alphabet used by gamers. (L337, L8er, CUL8r, QQ)
    Level: A characters ranked progression in a game or the act of increasing in rank in that progression.
    LFG: Looking For (a) Group
    LFM: Looking For More (for a group)
    Lmao: Laugh My Arse Off
    Log /Logged: The act of or process of exiting the game. Logging Off
    Lol: Laugh Out Loud
    Loot: The action of or the items acquired off the corpse of mobs.
    LOS: Line of Sight
    LotRO: Lord of the Rings Online (
    Lowbie: A player of a lower level regardless of skill
    LSP: Light Side Point / Light Side Power
    LTB: Looking To Buy
    LTS: Looking To Sell
    LTT: Looking To Trade
    Lvl: Level

__________________________________________________ ________________
  • M
    MA: Main Assist
    Macro: User-made macros, or scripts that can automatically send messages, cast spells, and a variety of other functions. Mainly used to automate things that are repeatedly done to expediate gameplay.
    Main: Someone’s first and/or most advanced character
    MC: Mind Control - a form of CC where a player controls another character for period of time.
    MDPS: Melee Damage Per Second (Melee Player)
    ME/ME2/ME3: Mass Effect 1-3
    Melee: Direct physical combat at close range (hand to hand or weapon combat)
    Microtransaction: Small available ingame purchases to enhance gameplay or offer cosmetic rewards.
    Min/Maxing: Optimization of a character through examination of games combat system.
    MMO: Massive Multiplayer Online
    MMORPG: Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
    Mob: Mobile Object - An NPC or creature / usually attackable.
    Mod: Moderator or Modification
    MOG: Multiplayer Online Game
    Mount: A ride-able object (creature, bike, car) which transports a player
    MP: Mana Points, Magic Point
    MT: 1. Mistell/misstype (sending the wrong message to the wrong person). 2. Main-tank
    Mule: An alt used to hold extra gear / items.
    Multi-boxing: Using 2 or more PC's to play the game at the same time (controlled via a single player)
    Multi-client: Using 2 or more copies of the game one one PC (controlled via a single player)

__________________________________________________ ________________
  • N
    NC: Non-Combat
    NDA: NDA is short for a non-disclosure agreement, also known as a confidentiality agreement.
    Nerf: When a class or ability has its effect reduced (term from Nerf toys -soft foam)
    Newb/Newbie: New Player generally not an offensive term
    NGE: New Game Enhancement (see SWG)
    Ninja: A player who loots an item out of turn or without permission before others can stop them
    NOM: Simulating the sound of eating... NOM NOM NOM NOM
    Noob/Nub: Derogatory term used to call a New Player (or Veteran player) bad at what they do.
    NP: No Problem
    NPC: Non-Player Character
    Nuke: High dps casters, AoE or single target Burst damage.
    NVM: Never Mind

__________________________________________________ ________________
  • O
    OGRA: Opposite Gender Romance Arch
    OMG: Oh my god
    OMW: On My Way or sometimes Oh My Word
    OOC: Out of Character (meaning out of role playing mode and in real life talk)
    OOM: Out of Mana
    OOR: Out of Range
    OP: Original Post or sometimes Over-Powered
    OT: Off tank or sometimes off topic
    Over/Under-Geared: Having gear not appropriate for the encounter (over: too good, under: too bad)
    Own/Pwn: Leetspeak for a major victory over someone or something (See Pwn)

__________________________________________________ ________________
  • P
    P2P: Pay to Play (has subscription fees)
    PA: Player Association (see guild)
    Party: A group of players.
    Passive: An ability that is always active and doesn't require user interaction to use.
    Pat: Patrol / Pathing Mobs - Mobs moving or approaching (usually re-spawns)
    Pet: An NPC or creature which accompanies your avatar.
    PBE: Point Blank Effect
    PC: Player Character
    PK: Player Killer, Player Killing
    PM: Private Message (see Tell)
    Pop: The reappearance of a creature (see spawn)
    Port: Short for Teleport
    Post-CU: After the Combat Update of SWG
    Pot: Potion, used to describe most positive effect consumable
    Powerlevel: Using higher level or well geared players to quickly level up other characters.
    Pre-CU: Before the Combat Update of SWG
    Proc: Procedure, an effect triggered via another action; combat orientated
    Progression: Recognition for increasing completion of a games feats. Usually registered as guild progression of successful completion of end-game content.
    PST: Please Send Tell
    PTP: Pay to Play (describing a subscription type.)
    PUG: Pick Up Group (a group formed on the spot)
    Pull: To acquire the attention of a mob at range, usually separating from other mobs
    PvE: Player Versus Environment
    PvP: Player Versus Player
    Pwn/Own: Leetspeak for a major victory over someone or something (See Own)

__________________________________________________ ________________
  • Q
    QFE: Quoted for Effect
    QFT: Quoted for Truth
    QQ: Simulates a pair of crying eyes (usually used as an insult)
    Quest: Pre-written objectives with challenges and rewards or sometimes the act of completing them.
    Queue: The list or act of joining a list to wait for some ingame event or login

__________________________________________________ ________________
  • R
    Race: Similar to Species, the Race determines the attributes of a player
    Racials: Traits specific to classes which provide benefits unique to that class, examples include abilities or special stat bonuses.
    Raid: A max level instance traditionally designed for groups of 8 or more people to complete
    RDPS: Ranged Damage Per Second
    Reb: Short for Rebel Faction
    Regen: Short for Regeneration, an increase to replenish-able attributes (such as health or force.)
    Rep: Short for Reputation - a players level of recognition or hatred with a given faction.
    Res: Short for "Resurrect" see Rez
    Resistance: Ability to negate or mitigate damage and effects from various non-physical attacks.
    Respec: Short for Re-specialize, a player may Respec to change their main skills and or attributes.
    Rez: Resurrection - A skill that revives a character from incapacitation.
    RMT: Real Money Trade - the sale of ingame assets or accounts for RL money.
    Rofl: Roll On (the) Floor Laughing
    Roll /reroll: 1. To choose, as in "Rolling a jedi" = choosing to play as a Jedi. 2. Also Roll of a die.
    Root: An ability that prevents or constricts movement (a debuff)
    RP: Role Play
    RPG: Role Playing Game
    RvR: Realm versus Realm (method of PvP found in the games DAoC and WAR consisting of two opposing sides engaging in PvP combat over objects such as keeps and relics.)

__________________________________________________ ________________
  • S
    Sap: The ability to put a mob to sleep
    School: The classification of abilities into base groups. For example Fire, Arcane, Ice and so on. Physical damage is also considered a "school" even though it is not technically "magic."
    Server: The game data stored on a system accessible by a player when they connect through their client. (See Client)
    SI: Sith Inquisitor (1 of 8 classes in SWTOR)
    Silence: A debuff which temporarily interrupts spellcasting
    Skills: Player character learned abilities; an effect (power, skill, or spell). (See Abilities)
    Skill Tree: Hierarchical structure of skills where the organization resembles the branches of a tree. Skills at the "top" are only accessible by choosing (or spending talent points) on skills lower down on the branches.
    SOE: Sony Online Entertainment (
    Solo: Playing by ones self, without the aid of other players.
    Soulbound: Linked or, the act of linking an item to a player. (See Bind)
    Smug: Smuggler (1 of 8 classes in SWTOR)
    Snare: An ability that can slow or prevent movement
    SP: Skill Point or Spell Power
    Spawn: The appearance or location of NPCs and creatures as they are generated/regenerated in the game.
    Spec(s): Specific Skill build / Specialization of talents for a players class.
    Speederbike: Any Star Wars single-person or multi-person repulsorlift conveyance vehicle.
    Squishy: A character who dies easily (undergeared or a class which uses gear with less protection)
    SS: Screen Shot or Soul Stone (a WoW ability)
    SSD: Abbreviation for Super Star Destroyer.
    Stack: 1. The maximum amount of one item that will fit in one storage slot (amounts vary). 2. Or the accumulation of stats, buffs, debuffs or effects.
    STAP: Abbreviation for Single Trooper Aerial Platform, a Star Wars vehicle
    Stat: Short for Statistic, usually minor attributes of a character
    Stealth: The ability to become invisible or undetectable for a period of time
    Stun: A debuff which inhibits a player from action for a period of time
    SW: 1. Sith Warrior (1 of 8 classes in SWTOR). 2. OR Short for Synthweaving (a crew skill)
    SWG: Star Wars Galaxies (
    Swoop: A modified speederbike (faster).
    SWTOR: Star Wars: The Old Republic ( (this game)

__________________________________________________ ________________
  • T
    Tag: Marking mobs so as to receive credit or loot once they are killed
    Talents: A players specialization via spending talent points on skills/abilities. See Skill Tree
    Tank: A Class That Is Defensive. Abilities to mitigate damage and or generate threat.
    Taunt: Increasing threat or acquiring the interest of a targeted mob
    Teleport: Instantaneous Travel
    Tell: A private message (see PM)
    TH: Short for Treasure Hunting (a crew skill)
    Threat: Amount of interest a creature or NPC has in a player. See aggro
    Tier Gear /T#: Gear ranked in Tier's acquired from various end-game content. The harder the raid, the higher the tier. Example T1 gear would be from the first progressive endgame raid. T2 would be from the next progressive.
    TL/DR - tldr: Too Long - Didn't Read
    Toon: Someone’s Character
    TOR: The Old Republic
    TP: Short for teleport - Instantaneous Travel
    TPS: Threat per Second (see threat and aggro)
    Train: 1. Learning new abilities 2. To have aggro of many mobs which trail behind the player in a "train" like formation. 3. To focus all damage on a specific player
    Trash: Somewhat useless gear or creatures (Trash Mobs, Trash Loot)
    Troll / Trolling: Slang for someone who posts inflammatory or off-topic messages.
    TS: Tradeskill or Teamspeak
    TSL: The Sith Lords
    Turbine: The producer of LotRO, AC and D&D (
    Twink: An alt made more powerful by items supplied via a more powerful main account.
    TY: Thank You

__________________________________________________ ________________
  • U
    u50: Short for "under 50" (premade pvp group for the level 10-49 warzones)
    Uber: Meaning "Superior" above average; or very powerful
    UCT: Universal Cutting Tool - slang for a Lightsaber.
    UI: User Interface (the intractable visual elements of a games system)
    Under/Over-Geared: Having gear not appropriate for the encounter (over: too good, under: too bad)
    UT: Short for Underworld Trading (a crew skill)
    Utinni: Exclamation made by various Jawas. Translates roughly to "yay!" (adapted to a claim which translates roughly to "I claim this."

__________________________________________________ ________________
  • V
    Vent: Ventrilo (a VOIP software)
    VOIP: Voice Over Internet Protocol (voice chat software)

__________________________________________________ ________________
  • W
    W/: With
    W/O: Without
    W8: Wait
    Walking Carpet: Derogatory term for a Wookiee, referring to its shaggy coat.
    WAR: Warhammer Online (
    Warzones: PvP instances
    WB: Welcome Back
    Whisper: Same as PM or Tell, to send or receive private messages
    Wipe: A group (or Raid) fail which leads to the deaths of all players.
    Woot: 1. An exclamation of excitement or sometimes. 2. We Own the Other Team
    World First: Recognition for a player who achieved a server first feat (such as finding an object, getting a number of kills or looting an item.)
    WoW: World of Warcraft (
    WTB: Want to buy
    WTG: Way to Go (usually an exclamation of distaste resulting from another's actions with negative effects)
    WTS: Want to sell
    WTT: Want to trade

__________________________________________________ ________________
  • X
    XOXO: Hugs & Kisses
    Xp: Experience/Experience Points

__________________________________________________ ________________
  • Y
    Y: Why? or sometimes Yes

__________________________________________________ ________________
  • Z
    Zerg: From the game Star Craft: Having many people rush a point (such as monster) at the same time.
    Zone: A specific area in an mmo, or the act of loading into that area. In some cases the difficulty w/ loading into an area.

__________________________________________________ ________________
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12.19.2011 , 09:48 PM | #2
Thanks for reposting
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12.20.2011 , 12:47 PM | #3
NP - Now that the game is live, many ingame terms should start rolling in!
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12.20.2011 , 12:49 PM | #4
Was wondering when this would come back. Mods need to sticky again.

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12.21.2011 , 01:51 PM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Dasffion View Post
Was wondering when this would come back. Mods need to sticky again.
I agree alas all we can do now is wait
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12.25.2011 , 04:34 AM | #6
Updated the post to include some terms I have been seeing used a lot now that the game is live. (mostly Crew skill abbreviations)
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01.05.2012 , 05:48 AM | #7
I came across this one today and had to google it:
BiS: Best in Slot
Presumably means the optimum item to equip in a particular character slot.

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01.05.2012 , 05:55 AM | #8
Actually SW:TOR have created a new one for OOM: Out of Mana

OOF: Out of Force
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01.10.2012 , 07:39 PM | #9
Bump, and vote to sticky.
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02.14.2012 , 03:08 PM | #10
This is an excellent list of swtor abbreviations. The only one that I see that's missing is EotT - Eye of the Tiger.