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Concerning Set Bonuses, a solution enabling customization at all tiers

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Concerning Set Bonuses, a solution enabling customization at all tiers

Kirazy's Avatar

10.19.2012 , 01:04 AM | #1

- Create additional modification slot on gear.
- Bind set bonuses to an all new, stat-free modification component.
- Component requires level 50

- Allows all players to customize their character visually as much as they want without sacrificing for set bonuses.
- Makes the set bonus system consistent at all tiers, from Tionese to Dread Guard, Battlemaster to Elite War Hero.

- It's a new system, not a quick fix.


Let me begin with an explanation of my present situation. I am an Operative Healer, part of a TFB HM hardcore raid group, that demands the very best out of your character. To get the very best out of my specialization and class, I need to combine both the PvP and PvE set bonuses.

Currently Set Bonuses come in two forms, 1) they are attached to the armor shell of a given piece, be it a boot or a chest or 2) they are attached to the armoring, and supersede any bonus that is given by an item shell. I am currently in Rating 61 gear, using crafted armorings in Battlemaster shell pieces to get the PvP bonus, and armorings with the set bonus for the PvE bonus.

I will literally be prevented from upgrading to Rating 63 should I get those drops in HM TFB until such time as a crafted version of the Skill Armoring 27 is available on my server.

Further, I am forced to use the Battlemaster shell pieces for my appearance, drastically limiting my appearance customization options. This game has a very customizable system that is easy to use from level 1 through level 49. As soon as you hit 50, however, because of the way set bonuses are handled, you are almost mandated to wear very specific pieces of gear, restricting the customization options available to you.

Thus far, Bioware, you have chosen to address this by, going forward, having the set bonuses on the armorings.

I propose that you go one step further, embrace customization, and do the following:

Add to every customizable piece of gear (that already carries a set bonus, or is eligible to carry a set bonus), an additional modification slot. This modification slot will be used for one thing and one thing only: A component that carries the set bonus. This detaches the set bonus both from the shell of an item, and from a given PvP/PvE armoring. Restrict the component to level 50 characters, and you have no risk of the set bonus being used outside of contexts that it was not already able to be used in.

What this enables is for total customization of a character's appearance without forcing a player to wear the famously unattractive end-game gear, and without impacting a player's viability in end-game PvP or PvE. It also allows players to combine PvP/PvE set bonuses to achieve optimal combat potential, without sacrificing their desired appearance to do so.

I would note that PvP and PvE players alike already combine PvP/PvE set bonuses, and that all this would do is allow them to so combine these set bonuses without having to forgo a custom appearance.

Implenetation of this extra component, dedicated to a set bonus, could be done retroactively to all currently equpped gear. Since it is a NEW component within existing gear, you can take all gear as presently existing in game, and move the ACTIVE set bonus in a given piece of gear (assuming said gear has the bonus on both the shell and the armoring in the shell) and move it to the set bonus component slot.

Alternatively leave existing gear with a blank set bonus slot, and mail the player set bonus components that they are eligible for based on the gear they have equipped, in inventory, etc. And just as armorings are locked to the piece of gear they were extracted from, you could do the same for the set bonus components. In fact, I would recommend it.

I stress that this should be retroactive and supersede the current system, so as to remove complexity and achieve comprehensive customization at all levels. Presently the set armorings are available only AFTER Rakata/Battlemaster gear, and thus a player must slog through quite a bit of end-game content to be able to even begin to customize their character at end-game.

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10.19.2012 , 01:12 AM | #2
With regards to Xenotech, Exotech, Black Hole and Havok level gear items being equivalent in rating, and in some cases the same stat distribution, as Tionese, Columi, Campaign and Dread Guard gear, and the only difference being the presence of a set bonus, I say the following:

People already extract the mods of those items and place them in gear that has the set bonus of their choice, circumventing any need to go and run end-game Operations to get tiered gear. Lack of a set bonus option in equivalent sets has not been an obstacle for anyone; they just are compelled to put the mods, armorings, and ehancements in the very cheap, very easy to acquire Tionese shells.

Aital's Avatar

10.19.2012 , 04:47 AM | #3
I'm pretty sure the dread guards/war heros are attached to the armoring instead of the shell so you can do put them in another look and have the bonus.

lpope's Avatar

10.19.2012 , 08:16 AM | #4
I fully support the idea of separating the bonus from the armoring / shell by using something similar to augments. There are some really nice PVP bonuses that would be good for PVE and vice versa. Each bonus could require a weight depending on the value, is some could require 1 slot or up to 5 depending on how powerful it was. This way we can tailor our character to our specific play style.

Kirazy's Avatar

10.19.2012 , 02:04 PM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Aital View Post
I'm pretty sure the dread guards/war heros are attached to the armoring instead of the shell so you can do put them in another look and have the bonus.
The PvP bonus attached to War Hero armorings have PvP STATS too. PvP stats are optimal for PvP, they are massively sub-optimal for PvE, so no, if you want the PvP bonus you must use Battlemaster shells, which compels you to use the Battlemaster visuals. And because the PvP bonus is on the shell, and Campaign/Dread Guard armorings carrying the set bonus would override the PvP bonus if you put them in the Battlemaster shell, you must find someone to craft you a 26/27 armoring.

So under the current system, to have the look I want, I must sacrifice any hope of a PvP bonus (Or a PvE bonus if I am a PvPer) if I want to have best-in-stat armorings and mods. Hence my suggestion, which would enable any player to have BIS items, while also having the look they want, and the set bonus(es) they want.