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Crashes and load times after 1.4


valeita's Avatar

10.18.2012 , 05:48 PM | #1
I've been having major issues after 1.4 i've already posted 3 customer request in game but i received no answer. The major problem are the crashed, every hours or so the game crashed (usually during loading time, but occasionally also in game or during conversations), it's really frustrating and I don't feel confortable anymore doing fp knowing that it can crash anytime.

The other issue is load times, today switching instances took 4 minutes and 30 seconds, in wz usually i finish loading just a 30 seconds before it kicks off and i'm always the lates one in flashpoint. I didn't have any of those problems before 1.4 though and i haven't installed anything particular on my pc. Also the lags are a big problem, but it's relative related to those.

And i know my pc is outdated, by it was able to run the game just fine before this patch...

I run windows xp 32bit
nvidia G8400GS
2gb RAM
2.66Ghz (e6750 intel)
My graphic setting is set to minimum.

If you need any other infos(maybe the log - i know know where to find it) let me know.

cshaff's Avatar

10.18.2012 , 06:39 PM | #2
I'm having the same problems i try to get out of a flashpoint and it just stops loading and a certain point and I cant do anything. I dont know whats going on. Very frustrating.

AngryFloyd's Avatar

10.24.2012 , 05:09 PM | #3
Im also getting the same thing. I get kicked back to the server selection page saying error code 4001 cannot establish connection. It has happened to me 18 times in the last 24hrs. Ive been grinding warzones and it has happened to me in there as well. I have lost wz coms even if we were losing. SO DAMN frustrating! Contacting customer support many times, keep getting the same response- "we'll note your account" wth kind of answer fix is that?????????????


valeita's Avatar

10.25.2012 , 04:53 AM | #4
The problem is that they still haven't answered to any of my cs requests both here and in-game.

If it wasn't star wars and if i hadn't so many friends playing with me i would have quit long time ago...

chrisex's Avatar

10.25.2012 , 06:42 AM | #5
I am having random crashes after 1.4 aswell, from whats being said in other forums its a memory leakage problem that bioware has never truly fixed since launch. This game eats up RAM and when it maxes out it crashes, its a shame MMO's survive by being as accessable as possible (able to play on many diiferent spec pc's) this isn't. Upgrading to the most powerful pc currently out there might resolve the crashing problem but then again knowing how Bioware/EA have messed this up probably not.

LetoAtreidesII's Avatar

10.25.2012 , 10:09 AM | #6
USEFUL Cut and Paste Advice:

If you're getting the memory leak crashes that many/most of us have, the advice Bioware Customer Service gives may very well be of no use to you and you'd be well advised to ignore it. Instead, do the following:

1. If you have 32-bit Windows, either upgrade to 64-bit or use this method to remove the RAM cap:
This will allow your system to use more than 3.5 gigs of RAM, which is the hard-coded limit in 32 bit Windows.

2. If you already have 64-bit Windows, install more RAM in your system.

3. Increase your GDI object cap; for Windows 7 users only (adapted from Slaxinexx's original post here

a. Start up your registry editor (Start -> Run -> regedit)
b. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows
c. Optional: click on the key (windows) and export it to any new file name to create a backup
d. Click on GDIProcessHandleQuota
e. Click on Decimal under base
f. The value should be 10,000 (default). Change this to 20,000.
g. Exit registry editor and reboot

More RAM available to the system will allow you to play for a much longer period of time before the memory leak causes the client to crash. It seems that for most people, this is so effective that they don't crash at all, or at least not very often.

This issue has been reported and discussed in the following threads without any official acknowledgement:

In each case where Bioware CS has responded to these threads, they have treated it like a new and unknown issue and thus applied their ineffective standard troubleshooting protocol. In the meantime, much of the community has correctly identified the problem. As such, it stands reason to assume that Bioware is unaware of the problem and is not working on a fix. If they were aware of the issue, Bioware CS should respond with "this issue will be fixed in an upcoming patch" instead of useless troubleshooting advice. Since a fix by Bioware is not forthcoming, users would be well advised to use the three suggested fixes above and ignore Customer Service's troubleshooting tips.

If my three suggested tips are not possible for or useful to you, there is still some hope. It is possible that Bioware will eventually acknowledge and fix this issue, since they have done so before. The memory leak crash was acknowledged and largely fixed sometime back in 1.2, unfortunately, only to reemerge in 1.4. As bad as this may seem, this is a much better track record than Trion had with Rift, which had a similar issue which was never acknowledged or fixed, at least at the time when I quit that game back in January.