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SW:TOR-RP Community, Jung-Ma

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10.17.2012 , 10:56 PM | #1
Hey. So I'm going to be bringing some old friends of mine on to Jung-Ma when SW:TOR goes F2P. In light of this, I'll be making an RP-Community Forum for this specific server, and I have written up a set of rules that the community is going to follow. Any of the rules below are always subject to change. This is for the community that I WILL BE BRINGING, and the community that WE WILL BE ESTABLISHING on the server. In no way shape or form, would you have to follow these rules if you are not part of this community. We will not enforce those rules upon you in any way shape or form as a result. However, I would like some feedback on things that I should either change or add, so I look to you, Jung-Ma, for that feed back.

Okay, so here's how the Role Play could work for SW:TOR once it hits live for F2P.

The RP PvP Server I have chosen is Jung-Ma. This is because almost every server has been merged in to super-servers. It increases the population and makes it so that many more players will be there to participate. This Server, while it is a US East Coast server, should be capable of supporting AU and UK Players well enough to have an enjoyable experience. If not, I'm sure something else can be arranged.

US Server:
Jung-Ma RP-PvP

TOR-RP Rules:

Basic Information:
- Out of Character [OOC] Must be held in brackets on the "say" and "shout" channels when in the presence of role players. This does not include other channels that are broadcasting, such as world wide broadcasts.

- Meta-gaming is not allowed: [Example: I didn't not acquire information enough to find the location of my enemies in a role playing scene, yet I instantly travel there and begin my assault.]
* Finding information in-character in the game before you make a big decision or move is vital to keeping a sense of realism and fairness in the role play!

- If somebody in the community is harassing you, please let the community members know on the forum, or a Guild Officer in the game. Toleration of trolls and those who
wish to ruin your playing experience is unacceptable.
* Please provide proof of their actions, via screenshot or chat logs. Witnesses should be taken with a grain of salt unless there are more than five.
* Punishments will be divied out in the form of major wounds, forum post bans, and ultimately, community ban. Bullying will not be tolerated.

- Aggressively camping a player character for more than ten minutes is considered a removable offense from the role play.
*Camping a player character involves consistently killing their character in the open world for no real in-character reason.

- You may use either quotes "" or no quotes when speaking in-character.

- You do not have to participate in combat in order to be a role player in this community.

- It is recommended that if you are being harassed by somebody, you ignore them, and report them to the nearest in-game TOR-RP Official, or Moderator on the forum. Don't stoop to their level, or you are capable of being held accountable for your actions as well.

The Senate:

The Senate is a designation of Ten, Twelve, or Fifteen Role Players selected by the community from each participating faction in the Game. Senate discussion will involve OOC Changes to the rules, what path to take in the story line, how to improve the role playing community, and so on.

- You must be elected by popular vote in order to participate in the Senate.
- Senate Elections will be held every Six Months.
- You may only serve on the Senate Twice.
- Every Senate Meeting will be held on the Capital of Coruscant in-game, within the Grand Rotunda, even if you are a Sith, so it is wise to create another character capable of traveling to Coruscant in order to attend the meetings.
- If you are inactive from the game for more than thirty days, you are automatically impeached from your position.
- In order to change a rule within the Role Play regarding in-character situations, you must first discuss the rule change and delegate with your members for at least twenty OOC days.
- Alterations of the rules in order to suit your character or faction in-game will result in the immediate expulsion from the community and the senate provided there is proof of your actions.
- There will be a Senate Meeting every Friday, Saturday or Sunday, depending on the necessity of active participants.
- There must be at least seven active Senate members within the meeting for it to begin on schedule.
- A record of each meeting must be recorded and displayed on the forums afterward.

There are no power positions within the Senate in an OOC fashion. Every Senate Member is an equal voice for the people, by the people. You are in a position of responsibility should you choose to accept it. Please act accordingly.

The SW:TOR-RP Factions

While there are only two in-game factions provided, there are a plethora of groups you are capable of creating, permitted you have required participants in the role play to join in. The Factions would be organized through guilds. Faction names are subject to change.

- The Galactic Republic Senate [10 Required Role Players, Any Galactic Republic Class.]
- The Grand Jedi Order [8 Required Role Players, Either Jedi Class.]
- The Grey Jedi Order [4 Required Role Players, Either Jedi Class.]
- The Rule of Two Sith [2 Required Role Players, Either Sith Class.]
- The Imperial Sith [8 Required Role Players, Either Sith Class.]
- The Order of Mandalore [5 Required Role Players, Bounty Hunter Class.]
- The 505th Legion of the Republic [5 Required Players, Republic Trooper Class.]
- The Smuggler's Allegiance [4 Required Players, Smuggler Class.]
- The IIN [Imperial Intelligence Network] [4 Required Players, Agent Class.]

IMPORTANT: Once a faction reaches below the minimum threshold of required players, it is considered an abolished faction. An abolished faction should be recorded on the forum under the "Time Line" section, which will record major historic events. Once it is abolished, players must wait a minimum of five days before they can restore balance to that faction, at which time those who participate in restoring the balance will be recognized as its new leaders.

Character Restrictions

- You may have Three Force Sensitive Characters and 3 Non-Force Sensitive characters at a time, no more or no less. They may be either Republic or Empire.


- When an enemy player draws a weapon, either a form of blaster, sword, stave, or light saber, it means that they are prepared for combat.

- Unless it is for role playing purposes, you may only engage a player in combat who's drawn their weapon.

- It is only considered courteous and not a requirement to wait until after an opponent is done speaking to begin your assault in a scene.

- It is only considered courteous and not a requirement to request entrance in to a scene of another player's.

Battle Explained: Because of the way combat is conducted in SW:TOR, and TOR-RP, it should be known that you are not limited to engaging in battle. You should also be aware that it goes the other way around for anyone you try to engage in battle. There is no punishment for ignoring your attempts at constant aggression, and there is no punishment for your constant aggression, unless it involves camping the participating parties/harassing them.

Death Explained: It is considered to be a very serious matter in the role play. You may die four ways in TOR-RP.

* When the duel you are in is a "Duel of Fates".
* When you agree that your character is killed off either through combat, or natural causes.
* When you lose a challenge for a rank within a faction, or you are impeached from that rank through aggressive force.
* You can not bring your character back after he is permed. He or she is dead, forever.
* If you are force sensitive, you have the capability of choosing "The Force" over death.

"The Force" Explained: This is a pathway on the same line as death for a force sensitive. However, it allows force sensitives to continue role playing on their characters as force spirits, guiding the younger generations toward victory without directly influencing them.

*You must be Master Rank to choose this capability.
*This option is both available to the Jedi and the Sith.
*If you choose "The Force" over Death, combat with that character is considered invalid.
*You may only possess somebodies character if they agree to it.
*You may not choose this path if you lost a "Duel of Fates".

"Duel of Fates" Explained: This is a specific duel concerning two or more parties. It is a way of creating a greater sense of importance to battle and your character. It should not be used lightly, at all.

*Every "Duel of Fates" is to be recorded on the Forum, with a list of names who had participated, and a screenshot to show victory or defeat.
*The Losing Character of a "Duel of Fates" is permanently removed from the role play, without capability of using "The Force" as a death option.
*The Winning Character of a "Duel of Fates" is given a generous compensation reward from the Guild Bank of the faction they are in, the reward itself is in the hands of the winner to choose. It can not be more than one item, unless it involves credits, and the credit limit per win is 50,000.
*You may only participate in a "Duel of Fates" once per week if you have not been defeated in one.
*"Duel of Fates" are completely in-character, and should be treated as such.

Challenging Explained: To prevent constant shifts in power, a harsh system has been implemented in order to ensure security.

*The challenge must be recorded and posted on the forum.
*There must be at least two Faction Officials to have seen the challenge take place.
*You must wait one month [thirty days] before challenging again if you have lost your previous duel for that rank.
*You must wait one month [thirty days] before challenging the victor of the duel for a specific rank.
*After four official losses with that specific character, in consideration to the same rank, that player's character is permanently killed, with the option of using "The Force" instead of death.

Impeachment Explained: If a person within a Faction is doing a poor job, you are capable of impeaching their position in power.

*The impeachment must be recorded and posted on the forum.
*You must have at least four Faction Officials with you in order to impeach somebody from their position through aggressive force.
*The character being impeached must face each of the Officials in 1v1 combat.
*If an Official loses their duel, they are permanently killed.
*If the one being impeached loses their duel with any of the Officials, they are permanently killed.
*You must wait one month [thirty days] before impeaching somebody through aggressive force.
*The same characters are incapable of impeaching a character through aggressive force more than twice.
*Only the participating Officials in that impeachment are capable of replacing the old, dead leader. It is entirely up to them which one is chosen to take their place.

[Subject to Change]

Kontraz's Avatar

10.18.2012 , 08:28 AM | #2
Though this sounds like a fun idea, I would suggest trying to work with the guilds already established rather than try to forge your own community within an already small and tight-night community like the one we have.

Chiltonium's Avatar

10.18.2012 , 01:07 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Kontraz View Post
Though this sounds like a fun idea, I would suggest trying to work with the guilds already established rather than try to forge your own community within an already small and tight-night community like the one we have.
thats what I told him when he asked in general chat.
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10.19.2012 , 09:26 AM | #4
So you're not going to be emote dueling?
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10.21.2012 , 12:47 PM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Kontraz View Post
Though this sounds like a fun idea, I would suggest trying to work with the guilds already established rather than try to forge your own community within an already small and tight-night community like the one we have.
I have to agree with Kontraz here. Perhaps mixing your ideas in with the already existing Guilds here on Jung Ma is the best route for this :P.
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LucisAbyssus's Avatar

11.03.2012 , 02:13 PM | #6
I understand. It would be rude to simply waltz in and set some form of guide line/order up. I will bring this up with role playing guilds on the server. I'd like to be a community member of equality, not below or above anyone.

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11.04.2012 , 06:54 AM | #7
I would also suggest taking a look at: SWTOR-RP Jung Ma Forums. That would be a good place to help organize the server .
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11.04.2012 , 08:35 PM | #8
I think it's a fair attempt at setting up some guidelines but as a member of the RP Community on Jung Ma, there's one big thing in this list of suggestions that bugs me.

- You may have Three Force Sensitive Characters and 3 Non-Force Sensitive characters at a time, no more or no less. They may be either Republic or Empire.
This. it sounds like you want to force members what characters to make, and only 6 of them? there are 12 character slots total and it seems like this piece here is trying to force it for no apparent reason.

Like everybody else is saying though the system is well thought out, but some of the things not many people are going to agree with. I do like some of these suggestions though and think they could be implimented in some way if you asked the right people.
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11.06.2012 , 12:30 PM | #9

Leave the rules for guilds and inter-guild relationships. Do not make the RP community one large clique that shoves off people from the entire thing when they piss off one or two individuals, because if we're good at anything as roleplayers it's drama. I swear, we're worse than raiders.ops players with their loot distribution drama.

People should be able to roll up, find roleplay, and not give a **** if they say something to the wrong soldiifed character all of a sudden they're going to be ****ed and pushed out of the community. I've seen this happen before.

It closes the community. Good intentions or no. No.

EDIT: some dumb things.

Don't limit people's classes thy can play, this is personal preference of one roleplayer seeping in and diminishing the playground that is here for everyone. If I want to play 12 sith warriors who are all brothers, I can damn well do so, I don't need you telling me no. If you don't like somebody's character, you can approach it in an ICly or an OOCly manner, you can ignore it or call ******** IC. Don't push the guy out of the community. Some people are young and make "stupid" characters, I remember ten years ago when I first started roleplaying, and boy were my characters

Oh and also, rule of two didn't exist yet buddy, Bane hasn't even been born yet.

EDIT: and what about those people who don't RP what their class is? Like the smugglers in Alpha who are just 'scouts' but are still considered troopers.
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11.06.2012 , 02:01 PM | #10
Especially with the cartel adaptable armor you'll be able to have many classes that aren't actually RP'd as what their classes...

I mean off the top of my head you'll be able to do..

Class - RP Profession
Knight/Warrior - Melee Soldier/Bounty Hunter/ Non-force warrior
Smuggler - Republic Trooper
Smuggler/Trooper - Bounty Hunter
Trooper - Smuggler
Trooper - Bounty Hunter/Mando
Smuggler - Noble, Security
Trooper - Security
Bounty Hunter - Smuggler
Bounty Hunter - Imperial Trooper
Agent - Imperial Trooper
Agent - Bounty Hunter/Mando

I can't f'ing wait for it =D FREEDOM CRY FREEDOM!
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