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Proactive solution to APAC pop issue

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Proactive solution to APAC pop issue

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10.17.2012 , 01:44 AM | #1
Heya peeps

Silber here from the Master Dar'nala Oceanic PVP server.
I have begun a thread on our server forums regarding an idea to re-roll alts on a selected APAC server to consolidate our communities (other ideas are also welcome), prior to a hoped for merger of APAC servers or until F2P solves the population issues this may be a good way to improve our playing experience.
The idea is also to provide a backup plan if neither of the above happen or are succesful.

Please pop over to the thread

and join in the discussion about what we as players can do to help ourselves.



PS. It would be helpful to consolidate all discussion regarding this issue to the one thread on the Master Dar'Nala forum for the sake of convenience. Thanks
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