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Not satisfied with game experience since 1.4

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Not satisfied with game experience since 1.4

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10.16.2012 , 06:42 PM | #1
Despite the longer loading times now with 1.4, the thing that has annoyed my gaming experience is game freezing during loading screen.

That is to say, what occurred was that our Ops group had wiped and we all went to respawn, well in the midst of respawning, my loading screen would not go further past a certain point (despite the little thing spinning). So since I was stuck I pressed alt+F4, waited a couple of minutes to log back in, and try the same character again, and it still was stuck at the same loading point. I've tried this for the past 15 minutes to no avail.

I have an ops group that is waiting on me, and now probably that I've taken too long (it was a pug group) they've probably found someone else to replace me, which means it'll be that much more difficult to complete the op now that I've already finished most of it, essentially wasting more of my time...

This also happened to someone else in an ops group during a previous night. We were at least kind enough to wait, but it still also took 15 minutes... It's just not fun with the bugs and waiting...

I don't usually complain such as this, but I thought you ought to know. I've otherwise enjoyed the game thus far, I just wish it was a much more smoother ride...