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Premades are ruining non-ranked warzones

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Premades are ruining non-ranked warzones

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11.27.2012 , 09:02 AM | #1261
Quote: Originally Posted by Elfa View Post
Just restrict group PVP to ranked matches, not that hard a fix, besides, that's where grouping matters anyways. If your people are fully augmented and WH geared, you shouldn't need a pre-made to beat *** or else you suck.
Yes lets stop people playing with their guild mates because people insist on solo queuing and refusing to play the game as it was intended.

Unranked warzones are not for solo queuers, they are for everyone.

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11.27.2012 , 09:07 AM | #1262
Quote: Originally Posted by CommanderKeeva View Post
Just by having a healer a premade team has an unfair advantage. Healers are a resource that both or neither sides should posess on the same basis. If I PuG whether or not I have a healer is a matter of luck, an RNG roll. Premade teams have a healer by a matter of course and fact. If my team's healing capacity is dependant on a random number, why should the enemy team have a 100% chance of having a healer. I'm ok with an RNG number. But then have the enemy team composition depend on luck as well. This can decide matches even before they began.
Seeing as you have plenty of replies already, I figured I would take this little nugget out as it has nothing to do with premades. What will you do in your solo queue when the other side has a healer and you do not? This is the exact philosophy of every person advocating for a solo queue. They have a laundry list of things they feel to be issues that will all be resolved if no one can group.

If you really need a healer that bad, then maybe you should take on that job yourself. 100% chance to have a healer on your team. The biggest problem with the solo queue mindset is that you only care about yourself since you do not know anyone else in the warzone. Most people don't want to heal in PVP without knowing they have support; tank classes that taunt and guard, DPS that can focus fire. What you are asking for in your statement here is to have good team composition to make the games more competitive. Easiest way to do that: group with your friends. What a surprise.
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11.27.2012 , 09:30 AM | #1263
Quote: Originally Posted by Elfa View Post
Just restrict group PVP to ranked matches, not that hard a fix, besides, that's where grouping matters anyways. If your people are fully augmented and WH geared, you shouldn't need a pre-made to beat *** or else you suck.
Do you even realize how hard it is to get eight consistent players together? Let alone in the right classes and with decent gear? Most nights we can only get four people, with people coming in and out of the group as they log on and off. Ranked is just unrealistic for most players.

And besides, this is a freaking mmo. The battlegrounds are a team game. Why the hell shouldn't people be able to group with their friends? For Christsakes, stop crying, make some friends of your own/join a guild that does pvp, and queue the hell up.

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11.27.2012 , 09:56 AM | #1264
Do you have any idea what the ranked queues are for?

Yes getting eight together is difficult at best and time consuming , and whats the point?

They have been pre-season since they were introduced. I have seen no recent information that this status will be changed.

Make ranked premades of 4 + 4 to incentivise the pre-mades to get out of normal and leave the new players and soloers to have their fun their way.

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11.27.2012 , 10:09 AM | #1265
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthRaika View Post
I don't want swtor pvp to die and I think it will if it stays as is so if x server isn't a possibility then I would go with split q at this point. However, if you do split q with the current system current premades will get in vent and q up at the same time and often get on the same team.

However, if we make a simple matchmaking system WITH MIXED FACTION TEAMS then that won't happen. Also, think about whether the times you are angry about premades are you really angry about only 1 premade? No, likely you are facing several different ones. This system would stop this and it would def stop the sync q which happens sometimes. With the lowered gear gap of 1.6 and if they did something like this I think our problems would be fixed. I would also be fine now with a wait of up to 10mins for premades. Hopefully it would be faster (and most of the time it would) but this way it would be pretty rare for premades to fight a pug (and I think more rare than it would be if we do split q because its pretty easy to game the current system)
I like this mixed faction idea and I fully support it. So far I support the following.

Cross server queue's
Solo bracket and group bracket
Mixed faction pvp. Maybe adjust for RP servers if you wish.

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11.27.2012 , 10:11 AM | #1266
Quote: Originally Posted by TridusSWTOR View Post
I like this mixed faction idea and I fully support it. So far I support the following.

Cross server queue's
Solo bracket and group bracket
Mixed faction pvp. Maybe adjust for RP servers if you wish.
also add 'we don't guard nods' bracket and 'siths and giggles' bracket
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11.27.2012 , 10:16 AM | #1267
Quote: Originally Posted by Wainamoinen View Post
Could you show me the quote where Bioware state that this is in the game?
When you log in the game and join a pvp queue, you eventually get put on a team.

What the game does is match you up with people that want to pvp as well, in order to make a game.

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11.27.2012 , 10:24 AM | #1268
Quote: Originally Posted by PloGreen View Post
If people want to play fisher-price pvp where they never want to meet anyone better geared or organized then they are not really ever going to be happy because in what world will that happen? Its a team based mode of play based on gear progression. Solo queue will not stop them meeting better players with better gear, it will not teach them to play as a team either and pvp is all about team work, not heroic rambos trying to make a difference on their own.
Nor being stomped into ground by a pre-made of seasoned players will teach a rookie how to play. Now that we defined the extremes can we please meet somewhere between those extremes? Plenty of suggestions have been thrown inside this very thread on how to improve the match making. Of one thing I'm sure the actual " mix everyone up" and just draw 16 randoms to start a match is getting senile and sometimes provide matches that are just simply fun absent. It might have been OK in the game's infancy but now at its puberty will just make the player base have tantrum fits .
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11.27.2012 , 10:26 AM | #1269
I think we should put this thread on hold until 1.6 comes out and everyone will be full WH in absolutely no time at all which then "pre-mades stomping pugs in recruit gear" will more than likely go away.

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11.27.2012 , 10:26 AM | #1270
Quote: Originally Posted by Doomsdaycomes View Post
Are you a dev of this game?
Do you know the current matchmaking code?
Do you have facts and data to prove that the current matchmaking is working?

Since the answer is probably no, the truth is that -real- matchmaking would fix the problem. I do not know what system is in place now, but from my experience it grabs the first 16 people in the queue and puts them together. This is how double premades manage to get on the same team vs 8 pugs. If the system matched by some criteria (gear, valor, win/loss ratio, HGA, Medal Ratio, etc...) and had enough population (Cross server queue's) queue times would be low, and balance would be high.

And I'm sick of people claiming players like me, who organize, learn the game, and coordinate don't want competition. It is solo people who don't want competition, or they would man (or woman) the **** up and take the simple steps to make themselves competitive.
Glad you couldn't answer any of my questions. Hence debunking everything you said to begin with.

Unlike you though, I don't go off speculation on the current matchmaking system. Like I said before, is a match being made? Then I guess it's working. Proved you wrong again.

Moving on, throwing a tantrum doesn't help you get your point across, so try to keep it reasonable. You want competition, go ranked.

Why can't you do ranked? Because it's too "hard".
Why is it too hard? Because most premades don't want the challenge.
So where do they go? Normal queues to pugstomp
What happens then? People don't queue up.
And then? You don't get new blood in pvp, you don't get potential new teams and you are left with a dead ranked bracket.

You may be all for competition but most premades aren't, so who really needs to start stepping it up? I thought so.