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Premades are ruining non-ranked warzones

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Premades are ruining non-ranked warzones

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11.20.2012 , 01:32 PM | #1021
Quote: Originally Posted by TridusSWTOR View Post
So you want someone to join a guild. Alright to all you solo queuers out there, apply to the best or one of the best PVP guilds on your server.

Wait...they won't take you? Why?
1. You aren't the right AC
2. You don't have the Gear
3. We already got our people.
4. You are a commando.

Yup you offered some valid suggestions, it's a shame they don't actually work. I'm glad you admit that Gear> Skill as far as pvp goes though.
Where in anywhere did he say apply to the best guild on your server PvP wise? It appeared that he said socialize with like minded people. Obviously there will be the guilds that are full up, have there rosters, don't pick players based on class/AC/gear whatever. There are plenty of guilds (at least on my serve) looking for casual to serious PvPers of all skill level who have the goal of running ranked warzones one day.

Also we have a BH on our rated team who we like for heals because he is boss at it and quite good for doing dps as well.

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11.20.2012 , 01:45 PM | #1022
Quote: Originally Posted by TridusSWTOR View Post
So what you are saying is, grouping with the same 4 people and doing pvp is a group activity.
Actually, the word was "social" activity, not "group" activity. And playing with friends is more social than playing on your own. But if we're going to shift the subject to which is more "groupy", trying to claim solo-play is more of a group than group-play obviously isn't coherent, let it drop.

Quote: Originally Posted by TridusSWTOR View Post
You got a solo queuer making new friendships with other new players...possibly forming a new group.
Glad you accept that if you make friends in-game it's fine and fun to play with them. As a group.

You appear to have gone off on a rant having convinced yourself I said that solo-queueing must be stamped out, I don't think I said that anywhere. I said I usually solo-queue. You *can* meet new people, and if you're good, establish a reputation with other PvPers inside and outside established guilds. But you can't honestly deny that the experience in a typical pugged warzone is one with little communication, and that often negative.

As I said, advocating a separate queue for puggers is a valid argument, which people can agree or disagree with. Rather than accept where I said that together with the point that groups are obviously more social than solo-play, you preferred to default to a rather wild attempt to refute things no reasonable person can disagree with. That's not a constructive approach.

If you can't even admit you were talking baloney when you claimed solo-play is more sociable than group-play then go ahead, it'll mean I can save time skipping your posts because I'll know there's no reason involved, only an egotistical need to "prove" you're right, never mind you know you were wrong.
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11.20.2012 , 01:45 PM | #1023
I solo PUG a lot I have a VR 100 and rarely did ranked except when heal spec'd (DPS scoundrel not wanted in ranked go figure) and I can see why they want their own queue it's the same people that want to ignore the objectives and just have a team death match.

I can't count how many times I've seen 0-0 huttball matches with the winner decided by who has the ball last or Civil Wars with sides being capped with no inc calls. I've actually seen people complain about not having heals since they refuse to peel for the healers they do have and in turn get blown up by a melee gank squad. It's these selfish players (usually melee DPSers) that make WZs a nightmare for the "other classes".

So how do players that play to the objectives deal with PUGs that play "solo"? We group with like-minded individuals and use teamwork to beat the solo-minded players easily with teamwork like peels for healers and guard for those getting focus fired.

So if you're probably wondering how to tell who's a team player and who's a solo player. I create little "tests" like if I mezz someone to cap a node and if the player next to me breaks my mezz to do DPS on mezz'd opponent then that player is what many people like to call "bad" and only cares about their stats if that same player leaves the mezz'd guy alone until the cap finishes then that player is "good" and if the same player uses his own CC after mine expires to improve the chance of a cap then that person is a great player and usually the kind you want in rateds.

Also when most of us are in vent/mumble/skype or w/e we usually don't really talk about the current warzone usually it's just random crap that is amusing to us. Occasionally we'll chat about the WZ and how bad some of the players are.

As for other complaints about full WH geared opponents in regulars, please remember that not all classes are wanted in rateds DPS scoundrels/commandos/sages these players like myself have been on their toons since the beginnning and have no intentions to retire them due to uselessness in rateds but we still want to PvP with them so yes you will often run into these BiS underpowered classes that can faceroll your FOTM and soon FOTY. This doesn't mean the class doesn't need help because these players have mastered their toons and can wreck your face in PUGs. So until we stop seeing the usual "rated" composition and give some other classes a usefulness in rateds then I will gladly stomp your solo-minded PUG face into the ground then you can come here and complain about us needing nerfs or your own bracket. Just remember we pay the same 15 dollars as you do and have right to play as we want to as well.

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11.20.2012 , 02:24 PM | #1024
I had a match yesterday where 4 pugs went to snow... snow being on our left. (The easy node) and then after capping it with no contest. ALL 4 OF THEM LEFT AND WENT MID!!!

Why would you want a queue that promotes this kind of game play. Things like this happen often and I have no clue how people would rather PUG. At least I can control the skill level of half of my team. Even when the guild isn't on I look for friends online so I can lower the chance of dealing with stupidity. 90% of pugs are horrible!!!

Do you want a pug only queue so you're going up against more horrible players or so that you can stomp the horrible players?

And don't say "why aren't you queuing for ranked then."

I would... if it wasn't so damn hard to find decent players in the game. Having 8 online of good composition is tough. Having 2 guilds do it at the same time is tough. There are too many horrible players out there.

Which is why I LOL at the gear > skill arguments. Some games maybe... this game.... NO. Put WH on one of the MANY keyboard turning clickers and any decent player will stomp that guy naked. Stop sucking... group up.... be a team mate... focus on objectives. Just get good FFS. These ideas promote nothing but more casual, crap play and it's annoying that so many people promote a crap bracket.

If you can't tell... I'm kinda annoyed by this now.


Oh yeah... it doesn't matter... they will never implement one.

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11.20.2012 , 04:24 PM | #1025
Premades does not ruin the game. It creates a greater experience for more players than the single person who soloes and has a bad experience. That's the price you pay "willingly" to pvp on your own.

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11.20.2012 , 04:34 PM | #1026
I'd be happy with a separate F2P WZ and a Sub WZ, doesn't seem fair to either F2P'ers or Subers to have to play in the same WZ's

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11.20.2012 , 04:39 PM | #1027
Aint it neat how ALL OF THIS NONSENSE would be fixed if there were cross-server queues, with separate solo and group brackets?

Then, there would be no problems. None. No, everyone would not click "Enter" at the exact same time, every single time, and somehow cancel it all out and make everyone wait longer.

It. Would. Fix. All. Problems.

What a bunch of wailing and crying and lying over such a simple fix. And it would be a fix. (makes me think it's really about something else)

Also makes me wonder why one side really doesn't want this to happen. (guess which "side"?)

Actually, don't have to wonder much at all.

ps. if you're not sure which side don't want things to change, the next time you queue solo and go against a PreMade, isolate someone on the other side. Go 1 on 1. You'll find out real quick which side is frantically lobbying against a fix, and why.

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11.20.2012 , 04:56 PM | #1028
You are correct it is such a simple fix and everything else is a distraction in my opinion to ensure that things stay the same for the guildish cliques that are firmly ensconced in their particular servers.

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11.20.2012 , 06:24 PM | #1029
Quote: Originally Posted by TridusSWTOR View Post
So you want someone to join a guild. Alright to all you solo queuers out there, apply to the best or one of the best PVP guilds on your server.

Wait...they won't take you? Why?
1. You aren't the right AC
2. You don't have the Gear
3. We already got our people.
4. You are a commando.

Yup you offered some valid suggestions, it's a shame they don't actually work. I'm glad you admit that Gear> Skill as far as pvp goes though.
Exactly doesn't matter how well I play, I see it in general all the time "Forming a group, must be well geared." Guess I should just sit on nodes to collect the max amount of comm's possible from the PUG stomping so I can have gear and be a ****** player if that's what it takes to actually join a group then I can build up my skills.

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11.20.2012 , 07:01 PM | #1030

I pug 95% of the time because I absolutely despise pugstomping. The only time I do premade is occasionally on my pub chars since I know I will usually fight an imp premade during primetime.


I don't premade often unless I know I will fight other premades. I prefer to premade since it is an mmo and teamwork is fun, however there is no teamwork needed to stomp recruit pugs and that bores even faster than getting pugstomped since at least then I can have some challenging fights and really work on my skills.