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Does anybody do a HM/Normal mode Flashpoint in full anymore?

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Does anybody do a HM/Normal mode Flashpoint in full anymore?

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10.17.2012 , 12:16 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by ronniehenlau View Post
I was in a group where your first point happened.. One of the dps hadnt done it before (was FE HM). I was the tank, and the dps said 'I've never done this before, so I could use some help with tactics. If its ok with everyone, I'd like to see the cutscenes'. I said 'Sure, its fine by me '. The healer, instead of saying anything, used the vote-2-kick button, I hit decline and the other dps agreed to the vote. I asked them why they did it, and they didnt want to be teamed with a noob having to watch the cutscenes. I told them they were ******es, wished them good luck in getting a new tank, left the group, invited the dps to group with me and went with him for 2 hardmodes. :> Needless to say, the other dps and the healer got on my ignore list ^^
It only takes a few people to make the whole group looks bad, so thanks for sharing that and standing up for the person who got kicked out like that .
What I really dislike about this behavior is the unnecessary rudeness about it. I mean, I can totally get that people like to do flashpoints 20 times on fast runs, only for the end loot, skipping everything else; even if i do it only once for the story, and sometimes more if people need help doing it. To each their own way of playing. But if at the start someone would have just told me: "look, we would really want to do a fast run, and we have no time and patience to show you the tricks ..." I would have said: "sure, let's split now, I'll try another group". No need fur insults or kicking someone like that.

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10.17.2012 , 12:36 PM | #22
I figured I'd add my two cents to this thread:

I have 2 healers and a dps which I run HM's from GF on. I'm pretty much full BH on two of those characters so the only reason I'm doing the HM is for the BH comms. That being said, at the start I greet everyone and make sure everyone is ok with a speed run, if not that's great too because I love helping the newbies out (we were all newbies at one point in time and someone had to show us the way). I also don't mind watching the cut-scenes either, I just want to know before hand (so I can watch them too, might as well). Really the only thing that gets under my skin is when people don't know the fight and either refuse to take suggestions or "neglect" to ask for strat on a boss.

Moral of the story is, if you're new or unfamiliar with a FP you should say so at the beginning so people like me don't turbo off assuming you know the paths and the strats. Some people are going to be rude (other words fit better, but I'll keep it clean) and boot you for not knowing, but odds are you don't want to run with them anyway; because they are rude.

As I mentioned above, I have 2 healers and 1 dps, one of the healers is an imp (the other are pub). I was queued for the Foundry (which is an imp only FP). Upon receiving a group, I announced that I did not know the FP and would need help on strats and received an "OK" and a boot from the group. That's fine, clearly two of those people were jerks, because when I requeued and got a new group I said the same thing and they walked me through the whole thing explaining as we went (except someone forgot to tell me Revan has a knock back...oops).

Keep trying on HM's and do SM OPs, they are awesome for gearing. Also OP if your guild isn't interested in helping you gear up, sounds like it might be time to switch to a more friendly guild (just my opinion though).
Quote: Originally Posted by Xiij View Post
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10.17.2012 , 01:49 PM | #23
My main is a healer and I often partner with a tank friend of mine to run daily HMs. We've gotten a wide variety of DPS, matched with us in the groupfinder: well-geared or in greens, experienced or inexperienced, disruptive or productive.

I assure you that the most important of these distinctions is whether they are disruptive or productive, by which I mean the DPS in question is capable of following strategy to work as a team to complete the flashpoint.

I much prefer an inexperienced new 50 in greens over an experienced well-geared ******e who disregards strategy, fails to drop threat if he's pulling regularly, fails to avoid avoidable damage (such as targeted AOEs), acts like a jerk, and generally is not a productive member of the group, no matter how much damage per second he's managing. I am happy to help the new 50 learn fights and gear up. However, I can't fix stupid.

I also can't read minds. If asked politely, I am usually happy to do bonus bosses, and my tank friend is willing to slow down enough to let you catch your breath if it's needed. (I say usually because sometimes we desire to do a quick HM before dinner or such, and thus no time to linger, but we're happy to explain that if you ask.) Seriously, though. You have to ask at the beginning or we're going to assume that you have run it a billion times and just want your coms as fast as possible.

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10.17.2012 , 04:17 PM | #24
I feel the OP's pain. My main is a bounty hunter shieldtech who has two columi armor set pieces (with BH mods), rakata bracers/belt (from my armortech ability), and several lvl 24+ mods from the cash i earned running dailies... I have over 20k health and good tanking stats BUT I have not run the FPs nearly as much as a lot of other guys I group with. In fact, there are several FPs I havent done at all yet (including all the LI + level FPs).

Luckily I'm a tank and if some punk dps doesnt like it, they can go que for another 20+ mins while I instant replace them (hahahahaha). While I wont hold my pug grp back and insist we kill all the trash mobs / boss, I prefer to take a little more time than speed running through it. If there are any peps on the Jedi Covevant who are interested in making FP runs around 8pm - 1am CST let me know. I'm part of a super small guild of adult players who are really laid back and easy going. You dont have to join the guild or anything (unless you want to!), but if you're a little newer and want to take things slower consider hitting me up in game And, if you're a healer, we will literally instant que
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10.17.2012 , 09:36 PM | #25
Never had a problem with any FP run when somone mentions from the get go that they are new to a FP. Just make sure to let them know, most are reasonable. Alot of the time people will show you the time saving skip points. Sadly for most players, the FP are just a quick hassle to get the daily 5 BH comms and are no longer fun due to insane amounts of repetitiveness. If you are a tank or a healer, it would be wisest to run each FP as a dps first just to learn the encounters before respeccing and running them as a heal or tank.

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10.18.2012 , 02:06 AM | #26
It's the developers own fault. They give incentive (black hole coms) for geared players to ignore their team and just rush through flash points as fast as they can...heaven forbid somebody wants to actually read the dialogue. The wow culture that permeates this game is part of the reason is has been a relative failure and the developers have exacerbated the problem by catering to these socially-bankrupt cretins.

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10.18.2012 , 05:32 PM | #27
Remember, hardmodes are for experienced people.. I see time and time again fresh fifties show up in Lost Island hardmode in levelling gear and go "I've never been here".. Go learn in normal mode.. If you queue for hardmodes it's pretty much expected you know the instance.. You can say it's your first hardmode run and you need a heads up on what's different from normal mode..

If you're new to the instance, then do it storymode.. If it's a lowbie one you can even go do it alone to figure out the shortcuts or help out a lowbie group..
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