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For us RP Troopers, list your squad

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For us RP Troopers, list your squad

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10.14.2012 , 01:14 PM | #1
For many of us, we like to do fan fiction. So for you troopers out there, what is your squad? The name, what it specalizes in. rankes, personnel?

Ground rules: 1 you are not Havoc squad, nor do you have any of their personnel. 2. you can be a Major if you want, but if you try to go any higher, kinda a wast of a rank for a squad leader. 3. If you want to lead more than just a squad hey knock yourself out!

I'll lead off for my Vanguard

Republic Special Operations squad 214 Code name: Talon Squad.

Specializes in:
1. Search and Rescue behind enemy lines
2. High Value prisoner rescue and retrieval
3. Embassy Evacuations
4. High value intel retrieval behind enemy lines.

Baiscally put Talon Squad goes in, kicks down the door, and rescues PoWs, senators , or intel lost and brings it back to friendly lines. Think the Movie "Predator" and what Arnold's squad did.

Squad list:
CO: Lt Stomvhal Skirrata[my toon] aka Talon Lead, or just Talon. Male Cyborg
XO/heavy weapons: Sgt Jervan Horvac expert AKA Hammer. Male Devornian
Medic: Corporal Sarah Jenkins AKA "Doc". Female Human
Mechanical: Sgt Ugar aka Wrench. Female Zeltron
Demolitions: Corporal Stein Rickman aka Boomer. Human Male
Infiltration: Sgt Talsa Vieridan aka Ghost. Female Twilek

Second squad is for my planned Commando

Republic Special Operations squad 272. Code Name: Wrecker Squad.

Specalizes in:
1. Close Quarters Combat situations
2. Demolitions
3. Planetary Drops
4. High Risk Assault

The Wreckers are sent in when even Infantry Divisions can't storm and clear a target. Their job is to kick in the door, clear all hostiles, secure the objective, and if necessary destroy the target.

Squad List:
CO: Lt Sonjya Skirrata aka Boss. Female Mirlian
XO: Sgt Gardan aka Stripes. Male Mirlukan
Demolitions 1: Sgt Tribec aka Scorch. Male Zabrak
Demolitions 2: Corporal Erica Dale aka Mother[short for Mother Frakker]. Female human
Medic: Corporal Ungar Halcon aka Sticks. Male Mirlian
Droid: M1-X8 aka Mate. Heavy weapons.
Pretty, so what do we blow up first? -Wraith Squadron Motto
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10.14.2012 , 01:54 PM | #2
Spec Forces Squad 210, Bravo Squad, specializes in operations in support of Jedi initiatives. Working closely with the Jedi order, Bravo Squad is renowned for obtaining the greatest strategic advantange with minimal use of force. Its commander, Lt. Tyonn Jesen, is known as a frank and patient negotiator as well as a gifted tactician.

Recruits to Bravo Squad join in the understanding that the achievements of this unit might not ever become common knowlege and that if fame and glory is their goal, they would do better eleswhere. Instead, Bravo Squad accept those who find the greatest satisfaction in precision, efficiency and effectiveness and success as its own reward.

relonthegreat's Avatar

04.02.2013 , 10:05 PM | #3
Ezik...Specialty:A former Ace Pilot
Destroying Imperial Vessels Transferred to Infantry.
Rank: Sergeant Ezik
Squad:5th Legion Squad
Specialty:A Spec Operations Troop
Personnel: Age 23,Height 5'8,Weight 190 Pounds,Born on Makeb,Male.
Vehicle and Technology Expert:Recruited into the Infantry for his work saving 42 POW's by bombing Imperials convoys'.
Squad Purpose:To recover stolen Tech and rescue POW's. ((Prisoner's of War))
the 5th Legion Squad never gives up on those who are Missing they rescue,those who went through hell
and will not tolerate if one citzen or republic or jedi is being harmed in the galaxy.