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[Republic Guild] Corvus

Greywatcher's Avatar

10.14.2012 , 02:24 AM | #1
Greetings all,

Some of you might be looking for a guild, others might simply be reading this out of curiosity... Whatever the reason I wish to introduce our guild Corvus (and Korvus) to you all.

Corvus is run by myself, Moonstorm, and my husband Rouphus and was formed with the help of some of our old WoW guildies (Bye bye Nagrand) who had moved over as well. We were formed when Dalborra was opened and started focusing on the Guild after our Bounty Hunters had hit 50. We have grown since then and now have a lot of great members that make Corvus what it is.

We define Corvus as a social guild with a core group of Raiders and PvPers while all players of the guild are welcome to take part in any activities/ops/war zones they wish to sign up for on the Guild Website

We have an Imperial Guild called Korvus which is more of an alt/social/leveling guild however we do Operations on Thursday nights, 8pm NZ time.

If we have enough numbers on and interested people on Wednesday night we try to form in-house Ranked Warzone teams so players can enjoy themselves and learn about their class and PvP. If not then we just PvP either in the 10 - 49 bracket or in 50 Warzones.

For those interested in finding out more please visit our website at:
For Guilds wanting to work together be it for community events or what not we are interested so just contact me in game.

Stop by our website to gain more information on Operations times, Rated Warzone information and what not ^_^
Thank you for your time.
~ Moonstorm ~

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12.11.2012 , 04:55 AM | #2
Hey Dalborrans,

Corvus is currently looking for PvPer's who would be interested in joining our guild particuarly for ranked warzones. All classes/roles are welcome to join our ranks but we have particular need for Dps.

Our current aim is to form a competitive ranked warzone team to go against other teams/guilds but we currently lack geared Dps to form a viable team (we have more than enough healers).

We currently run inhouse ranked warzones on Wednesday nights to help gear our PvPer's.

If you are interested in joining our ranks send Xami or any other Corvus member you see PvPing a tell.

See you all ingame,
Xam Xam Mercenary BodyguardXam Xam Xami Commando Combat Medic
Website: - Introductory PvP Guide -
PvP Healers Guide to Cleansing - 5.6 PvP Gearing Guide -
5.6 Mercenary/Commando PvP Healing Guide
~ Satele Shan | Darth Malgus ~

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02.04.2013 , 11:43 AM | #3
For those that wish to know, our Raid Times are as follows:

Sunday 8pm NZ: 16 Man Ops (Usually for the Weekly Ops missions)
Thursday 8pm NZ: Korvus (Imperial) Ops (For the Weekly Ops missions and as much of SM TFB we can squeeze in)
Friday 10:30pm NZ: Corvus 8 Man Ops

Our Progression Team is Saturday and Sunday 2pm NZ (see our Guild Website for progress)

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03.28.2013 , 11:24 AM | #4
Guess its time to update this as the merge looks to be set in stone. *gloom*

Corvus/Korvus will be moving to the Harbinger.

Latency wasn't too bad (i had worse in WoW) and we know some people over there so hopefully the pro's outweigh the cons.

I know some guildies will follow, some will leave. I wish to say to the current members whatever your decision it was a pleasure having you as a member in guild and should you leave only to find yourself on our doorstep again know you are welcome in.

To those still looking for a guild know our doors are open and our destination is set.
Moonstorm - Knight Commander of Corvus/Korvus
Check out our recruitment thread here

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06.13.2013 , 03:07 AM | #5
Guild has moved to Harbinger and has kept the names Corvus and Korvus.

So /who Corvus or Korvus and whisper anyone for an invite ^^

Farewell Dalborra and I hope too see some of you lost guildies soon =)
Moonstorm - Knight Commander of Corvus/Korvus
Check out our recruitment thread here