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Ebon Hawk Advanced * 26/27 Craftable List

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Ebon Hawk Advanced * 26/27 Craftable List

Shakell's Avatar

10.19.2012 , 11:01 AM | #11
Now crafting:
Advanced Potent Mod 26 - 100k w/ Mats
Advanced Acute Enhancement 26 - 50k w/ Mats
Advanced Adept Enhancement 26 - 50k w/ Mats
Black Hole Striker's MK-1 Motivator - 100k w/ Mats

Send mats and/or questions to Daharel or Joressa.
The Ebon Hawk
Pyrrho <Beskar>
Daharel <Aisthesis>

JephosMispir's Avatar

10.19.2012 , 03:03 PM | #12
For the ease of potential customers and of Decipere who is compiling the lists, I humbly recommend that all crafters include either a stat description of their items or use a link to for the item. Thank you.
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Decipere's Avatar

10.19.2012 , 05:06 PM | #13
This thread has been updated with listings from all postings so far. I've cleaned up the first page to only use links instead of stats. It's a little more consistent this way and the items stand out a little better. I've done my best to alphabetize things as well.

sPamus's Avatar

10.20.2012 , 11:32 AM | #14
I can craft the Advanced Bastion Enhancment 27

And my guild can craft Skill, Reflex, Might, Resolve, and Guardian Armoring 26's and a slew of mods. Only mod we don't have is High Endurance / Low Willpower. I don't have a Republic toon so contact Ghoste for enhancments/mods and Dryst or Nitlly for the armorings/mods

Galihadd's Avatar

10.22.2012 , 02:20 AM | #15
Jar'axel mods [Imperial]
Artful Mod 26 - 100K/500K
Keen Mod 26B - 100K/500K
Deflecting Mod 26B - 150K/600K

Kotl Enhancements [Imperial]
Adept Enhancement 26 - 100K/500K
Bastion enhancement 26 - 125K/550K
Battle Enhancement 26 - 125K/550K

First price listed is mats+ cash, second is to purchase outright. I do accept COD orders.

KeyboardNinja's Avatar

10.22.2012 , 08:59 AM | #16
Blayze/K'ron has unsubbed. He should probably be removed from the crafter list.
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Decipere's Avatar

10.22.2012 , 05:37 PM | #17
Removed Blayze from the list. Updated the list with the new Might Armoring 27 Isthia learned. Grats!

Satedbuffalo's Avatar

10.22.2012 , 07:38 PM | #18
Sammoj is crafting Advanced Deflecting Mod 27. 400k crafting fee with mats.

Also crafting Advanced Deft Mod 26B. 100k crafting fee with mats.
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Jedi_Thran_Kuro's Avatar

10.23.2012 , 08:40 AM | #19

I can craft:

Advanced Potent Mod 26 (53 Str, 32 End, 41 Crit)
Advanced Battle Enhancement 26 (27 End, 41 Crit, 57 Surge)

Crafting costs 100k plus materials (price lowered)

In game, contact Thran (republic)
Coruscanti Aegis -

Rep Toons: Thran, Ooteenee, Andara, Ati-Tood, Janaara

Imp Toons: Arath, Smurfit, Akanei

Decipere's Avatar

10.23.2012 , 09:30 PM | #20
Updated with the new Deflecting Mod 27 (Grats) and other updates. Keep REing everyone! Soon we'll have all the 27s!